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aka: Lego Crossover Game

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Considering one of the main priorities of these games is to retell famous movies with Heroic Mimes in slapstick situations, you can expect a lot of these.

Lego Adaptation Games with their own Funny Moments pages include:
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     The LEGO Movie 
  • Many of the film's original hilarious moments are shown, but the game adds some more, too.
  • In the Escape from Flatbrush level, Emmet and Vitruvius have to climb a ladder to get to another train (because the one they're on is about to derail). They start arguing about who will go first, resorting to rock-paper-scissors... but then they realize that it's pointless because of their claw-hands.
  • Vitruvius' blindness is a gameplay mechanic. He can cross precariously thin passages over dangerous hazards just fine because he can't tell it's dangerous. Anyone else who goes close backs off. The game calls the mechanic "Blind Courage."
    • In the Old West hub, there's a small area with a stallion, and the guy near it warns that "he'll kick you into next week!" Only Vitruvius can go in and collect the instruction page, and when he does, the guy yells that Vitruvius is crazy. Vitruvius doesn't think that the guy is yelling at him.
    • The first few times the mechanic is used, Emmett becomes more and more convinced that Vitruvius isn't blind. Later, Batman echoes the same sentiments.
  • In the Broadcast News level, the opening puzzle is to press buttons in order while an episode of Where Are My Pants? is being filmed. The last button is for Rattling Off Legal.
    "'Where Are My Pants?' is a trademark of the Octan Corporation. Every time you say it, we deduct money from your bank account. We are always watching."

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