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  • Halloween Romance:
    • In the beginning, when Ferdinand is coming up with explanations for things that are actually part of him being a vampire while dressed as a vampire for a Halloween party.
    • One of Selene's friends, who's in on the secret, ponders what would happen if they unleashed her full moon self on the football team.
    • "Oops. Now we have a cupholder."
    • Selene tries to scratch her ear with her toe after a difficult night.
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    • In the apartment he shares with the only people who (initially) know he's a vampire, Ferdinand's bedroom door is marked "Stay Away from the Lair!".
    • Ferdinand taking advantage of bat form to sulk, while hanging from the shower curtain pole.
    • A frustrated friend calls Ferdinand "[a] self-pitying emo douche!"
    • Selene's younger brother, Ben, makes repeated botched attempts to righteously slay Ferdinand when he visits her family. Ferdinand suspects something is up but finds it more annoying than intimidating.
    • Cassiopeoia "Cassi" Anghel, Ferdinand's sister, prefers calling him "Ferdy". This has since become a FanNickname.
    • When asked how he obtained a large sum of money, the sickly-looking Ferdinand explains he pretended to be stoned and/or drunk, went to all the gyms in town, and bet the biggest, toughest-looking guy there that he could bench more than him.
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    • Selene worries that a certain building may have rats. Ferdinand says he could always pretend they were "Capri-Sun juice bags with legs".

  • Bite Me:
    • A clueless receptionist flirts with Innocent Fanservice Guy Ferdinand, not realizing that he is older than he looks.
    • When it turns out Matthew's uncle is an old enemy of the Anghels, the adults get into a vicious volley of insults and accusations. Matthew's mother, having not heard a thing, then joins them and cheerfully offers the family drinks. After a pause Dianne asks for a soda.
    • Dianne narrates that the reason Matthew's mother doesn't check on his bedroom is because she lacks the safari equipment to get within ten feet of it.
    • Dr. Nat Silver insists on putting a Winnie-the-Pooh band-aid on Ferdinand when he's had a blood sample taken.

  • Waking Echoes:
    • Taylor tries to explain her very serious paranormal problem over the phone to her best friend Joy, all the while Joy is suffering from severe hiccups.
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    • This exchange:
      • Joy: "You can't give up. You're the morality."
      • Ty: "The mortality morality."
      • Joy: "The banality abnormality."
      • Ty: "Spec-i-a-lity."
      • Joy: "That's a stretch."


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