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Funny / Legend Of The Three Caballeros Dark Signs Of The Sun

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  • Sen, Sen and Sen again. He's essentially Seto Kaiba who took too many crazy pills and he has many hilarious moments.
    • During his duel with Tadashi, he constantly calls the latter "Tadashi-kun". To the point that Tadashi asks:
    Daisy: Ooh, ooh! He's done it six times! (everyone else looks at her) What?
    • Seto Kaiba crushing Hiro with a one-tone weight. Horrifying? Yes. Sen's reaction to this by rolling on the ground, laughing his head off? Hilarious. To this, Tadashi screams,
    Tadashi: After this duel is over, I'm gonna kill you ALL KINDS OF DEAD!!!
    Sen: I'd like to see you try! And nice The Spirit reference!
    • Tadashi tries to stop one of Sen's attacks with his Do a Barrel Roll card. He doesn't even get to finish its explanation before...
    Sen: Can't let you do that, Tadashi! (cackles) I always wanted to say that, and in the proper context too!
    Sen: At least I'm better looking than the me who has hair the color of your feathers, José!
    Seto: We never mention that world.
    Sen: But it was still—
    Seto: Oh not aga—(fight ensues)
    • And during said fight, he caresses Seto's face. Two seconds later, he's thrown into an urn.
    Seto: I'll pay for that later!
    • Then Seto decides to go for a Groin Attack. To which Sen replies:
    Sen: Seto, this isn't a bar fight. (Slasher Smile) Have some class!
  • Donald's reaction to Mono's letter is to scream in horror while running down the hall.
  • In the second chapter, Ren's favorite lullaby is The Cake Song. Thus Haruka, Kanata, Yugo, Yuri and Masato sing their own rendition of it. Yes, seriously.
    • Or the fact that, in this universe, Ren is the grandson of Haruka, Kanata, Yugo and Yuri. Those who have read the Alea Iacta Est story "Before the Storm" would chuckle at this.note 
  • When Jose tries to calm Haruka down on her anger against Harpie Ladies, he tries to compare her to Harpie Dancer (as Haruka is wearing a Belly Dancer outfit). That wasn't a good comparison.
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  • After Sen asks Illusion Dragon Priest to add his "two cents" to a bet that he and Seto are having, the Priest summons two coins from the sky. Sen's Illusion monsters laugh at this while Tadashi (wearing a mask) goes.
    Tadashi: In case you haven't noticed, but I'm rolling my eyes.
  • The fact that Seto addresses Hiro as "Hiro-boy"; seems as if Pegasus is rubbing off of him.
  • Donald Duck dueling isn't weird, but just try to imagine hearing his voice announcing the monsters he's summoning or the Xyz chants he gives them!
  • Jose encounters Yusei Fudo (disguised as "Daniel") and asks if Yusei is part of the Dark Signers. Yusei answers that he is and proves it by slicing his throat in front of the parrot!note  Jose has every reason to faint after that.
    • And after Jose wakes up and Yusei is concentrating on finding Panchito, he questions if Yusei is dead dead.
  • Upon seeing Shotaro and Philip (specifically, a version from one of the author's fanfics that are mannequins with nail teeth), Kanata comes to this conclusion:
    Kanata: I just realized something...they're killer clowns who want to eat us!
    • Even better? Yuri totally agrees with her.
  • During his duel with Shinji, Panchito activates Nutrient Z and gulps it down.
    Shinji: Huh. I always wonder what that tasted like
    Panchito: I'll tell you one thing. It doesnt taste like chicken.
    (Shinji starts laughing)
  • When Xandra duels against Shotaro and uses Amazoness Channeler to send his Contrast Hero Chaos packingnote , both Yuri and Donald Duck start laughing together at the predicament.

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