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  • From Soul Reaver 2:
    Elder God: Moebius is my good servant. I have many.
    Raziel: And if I told Moebius that he's worshipping a giant squid, do you think his faith will falter?
    • Becomes a bit of a Brick Joke later on, in Defiance, where we find out that it apparently does. A lot.
    • It's a bit funnier when you recall that Raziel, like most vampires, is quite eloquent - yet despite his vast vocabulary, he deems the Elder God deserving no better description than "giant squid."
  • From Blood Omen:
    Kain: (referring to Nupraptor's severed head) Alas, poor Nupraptor — I knew him well. Well, not really.
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  • From Blood Omen 2:
    Duncan: Restricted area. This passage is for night shift workers only.
    Kain: (dryly) I am the night shift.
  • In Defiance, after entering the cheat code to turn the Reaver into a cardboard tube:
    Kain: Fear... the tube!
    • The very act of smacking enemies around with a cardboard tube is also marvellous.
  • Also in Defiance
    Kain: Locked. What love of doors these pathetic humans have.
    • And again:
    Elder God: Here and everywhere. Now and always. I am the Wheel and its turning. I am the Circle of Life and Death.
    Raziel: And I am beginning to think the vampires only committed suicide to escape your voice.
    • The out-takes from Defiance are arguably even funnier than in Soul Reaver 2
    Michael Bell: And I said, "No more yogurt, Elder God."
    Michael Bell: (as Shaggy) YA DON'T EVEN KNOW WHERE IT IS, DO YEW?!
  • From Soul Reaver 2:
    Raziel: (referring to Kain) Oh, no. Every time you show up, something monumental and terrible happens. I don't think I've the stomach for it.
    • Even funnier when you consider that Raziel literally does not have a stomach.
    • And even funnier, Kain actually laughs at it.
  • The outtakes from the recording sessions for Soul Reaver 2 (can be viewed here) and Defiance (can be viewed here, here and here).
  • From Blood Omen:
    Moebius: ...The future says you die!
    Kain: But I am dead. (decapitates Moebius) As are you.
  • Moebius' wonderfully unfazed reaction to Kain killing him for the second time:
    Moebius: Master, my apologies, a momentary oversight. Somehow Kain still lives, and has unexpectedly dispatched me.
    • And just as he starts to say this, the camera pans round to reveal Raziel standing right behind him. Raziel looks really unhappy.
  • The beginning of Soul Reaver 2 has this gem:
    Moebius: I knew you when you were one of the Sarafan brotherhood, Raziel. We were even close.
    Raziel: Oh, please...
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  • Raziel's snarky response when he meets his human self in Soul Reaver 2:
    Sarafan Raziel: You're a righteous fiend, aren't you?
    Wraith Raziel: Apparently I am...
  • There is an Action Replay code for Soul Reaver 2 which makes Raziel gigantic. As a result, the cutscenes can be a bit bizarre. For example, at the first cutscene when Raziel meets Moebius, he pins Moebius to the pillar with his crotch instead of his claw. What's especially hilarious is Moebius's reaction: "Well, this is completely unexpected!"


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