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  • Chisato has a lot of these in the story, most of them usually involving Saki or Hisao.
    • Her No, You response to Saki telling her to wait up when they go to the studio in Valse a Rosenthal.
    • Her liking of sugar free Ice Cream is hilarious just for the usually serene Saki to loudly declare her disgust for it.
    • Her moment of sitting on a chair backwards and Hisao's comment of how unladylike it is.
    • Sitting on the piano in the band room with her legs swinging free.
    • Goofing off in photographs, like being buried up to her neck in the sand during a beach trip.
  • During chapter Valse a Rosenthal at lunch, the girls discuss swimsuits and how often girls need to change their swimsuit. Hisao in his head pleads for Saki not to look at him to get his input. His response when Saki asks him?
    Hisao: “Normal clothes, yeah, but a swimsuit...just hang it on the shower curtain rod and it's ready to go the next day.”
    • Made even funnier to Saki's disgust at Hisao's response:
    Saki: “Ugh, boys,”.
    • Becomes a brick joke when after their first H-Scene they use the shower to wash their clothes off before Chisato and Mitsuru get back to their hotel room.
  • Chisato and Saki tease each other about their past boyfriends, with Saki promising that Chisato's body will never be found if she doesn't change the subject.
    • Well, parts of it may be found, but they'll never find the whole thing.
  • Hisao at the clothing store with the girls being asked to judge their clothing choices, him snarking hoping that his "brothers in arms" are having a better time than he is - just before Saki leaves him gawking with her clothing choices.
  • Hisao slamming his head into the wall of the pool during what should be his Rocky Moment.
  • Kittyhawk Hisao sitting in Saki's wheelchair, then wheeling it around in all childish glory, and then banging his left knee into a nearby table.
  • According to Hisao in Melting Pots
    Hisao "Government intelligence agencies have nothing on teenage grapevines."
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  • All of Hisao and Chisato's interaction in Melting Pot when it isn't being heartwarming or Tear Jerker.

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