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    "How it FEELS to Play" Series 
  • How it FEELS to play Spy, the beginning of Lazy's most popular series.
    LazyPurple: Good players are always looking for something to do. When they're not in combat, their priorities look something like:
    1. Don't get backstabbed note 
    2. Don't get headshot
    • LazyPurple and the Spy backstabbing each other at the end.
  • How it FEELS to play Scout. Note the numerous Sonic the Hedgehog references.
    • Lazy using a megaphone and hurting his ears doing it. "Attention Blue Team, I am on the middle point and prepared to engage in fisticuffs galore at your discretion. Ow, geez."
      • The stupid face the Scout has and the kazoo music during the shot when confronted by the Soldier, as well.
      • The entire "ultimate life form" sequence is one big Shadow the Hedgehog joke.
    • The Demoman sticky-jumping and faceplanting into a wall.
  • How it FEELS to play Heavy. The main focus for a good chunk of the video is around the Heavy's two main counters...
    LazyPurple: Hey you!
    Sniper: Me?
    LazyPurple: Yes, you, lad! I'm here to teach you how to position yourself against a Heavy.
    Sniper: Thanks, mate!
    (Hand comes down and moves the Sniper directly in front of a Heavy with a revved-up minigun)
    Sniper: Okay.
    LazyPurple: This is NOT a good position to be in against a Heavy.
    Sniper: Yeah, that seems about right.
    (Sniper screams as he's shot by the Heavy and the hand carries him off, putting him in the same sort of situation again)
    Sniper: No worries!
    LazyPurple: This is also not a good position to be in against a Heavy.
    Sniper: Thanks for the practice!
    (Sniper gets filled full of lead again as the hand drops him off a third time)
    LazyPurple: Let's see what you've learned: is this A) Not a good position to be in against a Heavy, or B) A good position to be in against a Heavy?
    Sniper: (chuckles and makes an aside to the camera) You're makin' this so easy... A!
    (Sniper gets riddled full of holes again while "correct" jingle plays)
    • The Sandvich segment starts with a clip of a Heavy using his sandvich just as he comes into the line of fire of a mini-sentry. Cue a clip of Heavy shovelling sandviches into his mouth in a desperate attempt to stay alive.
      • "C'mon, Heavy, why can't you eat your sandvich underwater? YOU'RE ABOUT TO DIE!"
      • The Medic attempting to attack a Heavy eating a sandvich. Guess how well that goes for him.
      • "Canyougivemesandwich?"
      • LazyPurple's incredulous reaction to a healthy Scout snatching up a Sandvich that he was trying to give to a nearly-dead Pyro.
    • While talking about how important teleporters are to a Heavy:
    LazyPurple: Lemme tell ya somethin', if Heavy could build his own Teleporters, he'd be 200% better! (Animation of a Heavy doing exactly that plays) Heavy + Teleporters = A SUPERIOR CLASS. (Image of a Heavy fused with a Teleporter with glowing red eyes explodes into view and dramatically vibrates) Heavy is slow and he needs Teleporters. So all you Heavies out there, be sure to thank your Engineers for building these! Make sure they know it isn't going unappreciated- [An Übered Pyro wielding a Phlogistinator suddenly appears] Wait, what the fu- HOLY SHIT!
    • The "Sentry-Heavy".
    • "In casual games, the enemy team might not even have a Sniper. Or at least, not a competent one."
    Cue a Sniper trying to shoot through a window in their spawn
  • How it FEELS to play Soldier. It's exactly what you'd expect a video about the Soldier to be.
    • The opening clip features a Soldier screaming like a lunatic as he rushes the enemy team… before getting promptly killed. And then resuming his mindless screaming as he rocket jumps across the map and captures the point, winning the game for his team.
    • How about the fact that an overly hammy national anthem of the United States plays in the background of most of the video?
    • "Soldier, otherwise known as Jane Doe, also known as the Rocket Launcher/Shotgun Guy."
    • (as he's rocket jumping) "WOO! Look at me go — oh shit that is ALL the bad guys." (gets ventilated and lands with a thud in front of his teammates) "Hey guys, good news! I found the enemy team!" (awkward laugh)
    Demoman: YA SUCK!
    LazyPurple: Of course, with all this rocket-jumping around, it'd be a shame not to mention a certain playstyle... (Manntreads, Rocket Jumper, and Market Gardener appear in his hands as a text-to-speech rendition of "It's Raining Men" starts playing)
    • This happens at the very end of the "It's Raining Men" segment:
    LazyPurple: I'm going for the Medic! Guys just hold on, trust me.
    he kills the Medic
    LazyPurple: YES! Got him!
    Teammate: YES! Oh my god!
    Announcer: YOU FAILED!
    Teammate, sheepishly: Yes!
    • LazyPurple eventually has to actually go into what can actually go wrong with rocket-jumping — namely, abruptly getting filled with lead by a revved-up Heavy or a Sentry Gun as you fly directly into their line of sight. This comes complete with a dramatic slow-mo of a rocket-jumping Soldier being shot to death by a Heavy (the exact same one he ran past in "How it FEELS to Play Scout") as he attempts to contest a control point, while various Soldier quotes are spliced together to make him say "Why are we still here? Just to suffer?"
      • "Okay, so you might die while rocket-jumping. But trust me, it only happens, like, uh, 80% of the time. (dramatic screenshot of a Heavy, Engineer, and Scout surrounded by Japanese characters gets superimposed onto the screen) As long as you don't jump into any of these guys, you'll be all right."
      • The above line is immediately followed by LazyPurple making an incredibly well-thought-out play by waiting to rocket jump until he hears a nearby Heavy spin down, extending his rocket jump off a wall to slip past a Pyro without being burned, dropping down behind the enemy Medic, catching him by surprise and forcing him to pop his ÜberCharge to avoid certain death... and then immediately getting killed by a Mini-Sentry that he didn't notice until it shot him to death, which he can only describe as "a slight miscalculation".
    • As he's explaining air shots:
    LazyPurple: [Besides,] there's so much luck involved with shooting someone thirty meters off the ground.
    Soldier: What!? Get with the program!
    LazyPurple: What?
    Soldier: This is AMERICA, maggot!
    LazyPurple: Oh! Sorry! Let's see…
    cut to him frantically typing "30 meters" in a unit converter as the American national anthem begins to play. Again.
    • Late in the video, LazyPurple waxes poetic about how the Direct Hit can kill Scouts and destroy Mini-Sentries in one hit, which briefly lapses into him advertising it as "Scout-B-Gone" in the style of an infomercial.
  • How it FEELS to Play Engineer was next, and it is full of hilarious moments.
    • The entire first minute of the video is dedicated to show how stressful and panic-inducing it is to play Engineer in competitive teams, with the Engy screaming almost all the time.
      • The Pyro hugging the Engy and shaking him to get his attention on the incoming attackers.
      • The enemy Demo missing his sticky jump and dropping down the cliff face behind the Sentry.
      • That Demo finally succeeding and, after all that hard work Lazy put in to keeping it up, destroys the sentry almost instantly with three grenades.
      • The only one who isn't featured is the enemy Scout, which is normal considering which class he's countered by. After seeing Lazy's presence up on the cliff, he blips out of existence to go play Minecraft instead.
    • The Pyro that crouchwalks all the way up the stairwell on Barnblitz to attempt to stay unnoticed, and manages to level up his sneak skill in the process.
      • "Okay, it seems everyone knows where my gun is. They probably think that [the room leading to it] is a safe spot where they can prepare an assault. But what if: it wasn't?" (Cue Twinkle Smile)
    • Lazy's ran out of metal, but someone's attacking his Sentry. The logical conclusion? Protect it with his body, and make it a Walking Shirtless Scene while he's at it.
    • The entire segment where LazyPurple feels like he's Surrounded by Idiots.
    • He mentions that, with the Gunslinger's mini-sentry, anywhere could be a feasible sentry spot. Like this enemy Scout's corpse! He then proceeds to "parasitise" it to create a mini-sentry. Horrifying, but also still hilarious at the same time somehow.
    • The entire enemy team fleeing once Lazy plunks down a single Wrangled mini-sentry.
    • Lazy is engaged by a Scout who thinks he's an easy pick without his sentry gun, only to regret it instantly.
    LazyPurple: Oh no, here comes Boy Wonder for his free kill.
    Scout: Yeah, you BETTER hide! Hey overalls, you suck!
    Scout: Oh god, what just happened. *dies*
    LazyPurple: I have. A shotgun!
    • During the Frontier Justice segment, Lazy leaves his Level 1 Sentry in order to finish off an injured Soldier. A quick glance at the kill feed after he finishes off the Soldier reveals that, during the short time he was away, said sentry killed four players, much to the audible surprise of Lazy himself. Cue an overlay of multiple Engineers laughing while a text-to-speech program says, "HOW IT FEELS TO PLAY ENGINEER".
    • Lazy with a pocket Medic and the Widowmaker, sneaking behind the BLU assault on Dustbowl and demolishing the enemy team. Meanwhile, Uncle Dane reacts with horror to Lazy's… unorthodox methods.
    Uncle Dane: Lazy what kinda defense is this?!
    LazyPurple: I AM THE DEFENSE.
    • The final scene, featuring LazyPurple panicking and dropping right into an area surrounded by enemies and setting up his levelled Sentry there.
  • Another side entry from LazyPurple's How It Feels series, How it FEELS to SUFFER in SFM, which is all about his troubles when working with the incredibly dated animation tool.
    • The whole video is presented in Faux Horrific style in the spirit of Halloween.
  • How it FEELS to Play Sniper. The first fifty seconds or so provide a slow-mo scene of Sniper!Lazy effortlessly headshotting three enemies in a row, only to head around a corner and, just as the scene gets back up to normal speed, get suddenly and mercilessly ambushed and gunned down by an enemy Heavy.
  • How it FEELS to play Pyro in TF2, perhaps LazyPurple's most supernatural and disturbing episode yet.
    • In general, LazyPurple plays the Pyro like a beleaguered Team Mom tirelessly keeping all of his teammates safe.
      Lazy: See, Pyro is the ultimate bodyguard. His guaranteed fire damage and ability to airblast both projectiles and people make him perfect at protecting a zone that I like to call DON'T TOUCH MY BABY!!
      • Lazy demonstrates that he feels guilty whenever he feels to save his teammates when letting Daniel2015933 walk into an obvious sticky trap.
    • Lazy aptly demonstrates the duality of playing Pyro:
      Lazy: Although I have to admit, my good intentions are somewhat corruptible...
      Angel Pyro: You're doing great, Pyro! Keep on using that airblast to save your Medic! By protecting him, you're making sure that the rest of your team gets healed. There is no cause more righteous than yours!
      Pyro: Hey, thanks! You're right!
      Pyro: Golly gee, I never thought of it that way! I'll be right back.
      Angel Pyro: NO, YOU DUMBSHIT! Get back here!
      • Cut to the corpse of his medic being burned by the enemy Pyro. Doubly funny when you realize said enemy Pyro did exactly what Lazy did.
      Lazy's Medic: Pyro, what ze FUCK!
    • Lazy gives the Direct Hit a Kids Next Door-inspired introduction.
      Computer Voice: Team Fortress 2 D.I.R.E.C.T.H.I.T: Diabolical Instant Rocket Ejector Carries Teammates by Harming Irritating Turrets.
    • "Part 2: Reflecting Enemy Projectiles. Or... in other words..."
      Baby Soldier and Baby Demo are playing with rockets and grenades, while Lazy!Pyro runs around the corner...
    • Lazy!Pyro trying to "teach" the enemy team not to play with explosives by deflecting their shots back at them. Especially once he gets to the risks of shooting explosives at the Pyro when teammates are around. Lazy is acting like he's running a day-care where the toddlers are the other team.
      Lazy: (scolding) Demoman, you weren't careful with your bouncy balls, and look what happened! (pans over to a screaming Baby Scout) Your friend got hurt! Have you learned your lesson?
      Baby Demo: OOOH I've really hit rock bottom...
      (Cut out of Pyrovision to show he's really screaming in terror while holding Scout's severed head as Lazy!Pyro is still lecturing him, complete with finger wagging)
      • The following scene of the enemy Demo repeatedly attempting to kill Lazy while Lazy just casually pushes him away with airblast.
        Demo: I'm going to strangle you!
        Lazy: No you won't.
        Demo: Gonna beat you so hard you'll have a twitch!
        Lazy: No you're not.
        Demo: Go to hell-!
        Lazy: (turning away) ...I'm gonna leave now.
    • Lazy describes a desperate capture attempt on Badwater, where the team was in overtime and inches from failure, throwing themselves repeatedly at the cart just to buy time. We hear Lazy's inner monologue where he tries to warn them off. He obviously doesn't think much of his team's Scout.
      Lazy: Dear god no, they have Ubercharge! Save yourself Scout, it's not worth it! Go, run away, Soldier, live a life of purpose, don't throw it away—
      (His team's Soldier is gunned down trying to capture the cart to keep them in the game.)
      Lazy, in anguish: Nooo, you brave bastard!
      (His team's Scout crouches down next to the deceased Soldier and is blown up by a rocket.)
      Lazy, sobbing: Nooo, you stupid bastard!
    • Lazy decides to play with an obvious Spy:
      Lazy: Oh yeah! I don't see ya there! No, no, you're good, I lost track of you! Hey guys, did you see a Spy around here??? I swear I saw a Spy around h- I'LL KILL YOU! YOU THINK I DON'T SEE YOU?! I SEE YOU, WE ALL SEE YOU!
      Spy: Pyro, stop that! Oh fuck, I can't believe you've done this.
    • Lazy borrows some voice clips from Peter Griffin for a segment on spychecking:
      Lazy: Housekeeping?
      Spy: Come back later, please!
      Lazy: House-KEEPING.
      Spy: GO AWAY!
    • part 4: kill everyone
    • Lazy airblasts a Demoman off a cliff. The latter responds appropriately after he lands on the ground below:
    • Meanwhile on Minecraft, the Scout and Soldier from the previous two episodes are mining underground, encountering Bedrock. The Demoman from earlier steps in and throws TNT right in front of the duo, blowing them up.
  • "Extras from "How it FEELS to Play Pyro in TF2"":
    • The entire premise of the video (since it was once again released around Halloween) is basically Lazy being kidnapped and forced to make a second video by the Pyro mains because they were annoyed that he didn't talk about W+M1 and secondaries enough. While it can come off as suspenseful, the captors aren't terribly competent at keeping an eye on their prisoner (with just one mostly inattentive guard), who is also somehow able to just run away the moment he's discovered recording SOS messages.
    • Lazy tries to use the Jetpack and ends up in the middle of three Heavies. Cue bass-boosted Soviet National Anthem.
    • The sponsored section for Dollar Shave Club starts with Soldier!Lazy shaving off his beard to avoid detection. It grows back to normal length less than five seconds later.
    • The comments give us this gem:
      Lazy: I got to get rid of this beard! Change my name maybe!
      -Clark-: I thought he was about to run into the room, dye the beard orange, and call himself SoundSmith.
    • Speaking of which, you know the Dollar Shave Club's advertisement will be gold when it opens with this exchange:
      Lazy: Whether your beard is purple...
      Stock photograph of a photoshopped purple beard Soldier: Yaaaay!
      Lazy: ...or some more normal color, like pink, or green-
      [More stock photographs of a similar quality to the previous, except with corresponding beard colors and screaming, fearful Soldiers]
    • After discussing his fondness of the Degreaser/Panic Attack loadout, Lazy makes the mistake of trying to 1v1 a Heavy with the Detonator as a secondary. The (still-on-fire) Heavy he was attacking just yanks it out of his hands.
      Heavy: I am amused. (fires his minigun at Lazy for an inordinately long time)
    • Pyro!Lazy Naruto running with the Powerjack.
    • One of Lazy's clutch rocket reflects gets the Looney Tunes treatment.
    • Lazy gives Pyro players some advice on how to provoke Soldiers into attacking them with rockets so that they can reflect the projectiles back, but notes that sometimes provocation is unnecessary:
      Lazy: Hey, Soldier! Can I borrow another rocket?
      Soldier: Okay! (shoots a rocket towards Lazy, Lazy reflects it back towards an enemy sniper)
      Sniper: What the bloody hell- SHIT! (rocket hits, Sniper explodes)
      Lazy: Thanks!

    Other Team Fortress 2 Videos 
  • "TF2 is a Timeless Masterpiece":
    • LazyPurple sees a dancing Scout in spawn:
    LazyPurple: This guy is trying to start a conga line in 2017 for what is probably the hundredth time. And you know what? [Camera pans to show a dancing Spy] This guy is loving it!
    Spy: Magnificent!
    • His retelling of himself watching Meet the Heavy for the first time. It's the SFM animation for Meet the Heavy, except the camera occasionally shows a Soldier excitedly nodding his head and having a heart attack as Heavy draws attention to his gun.
    • While explaining how many of the guns in TF2 deal a lot of damage per shot, he brings in The Count Spy.
    Count Spy: Ah hah hah! Two shots to murder the Pyro!
    • "When you shoot these guns, it feels like... like — "BOOOOOOOOM!""
    • "The second reason why shooting is so fun is because the character models in TF2 are sooooo... THICC..."
    • The fidgeting Sniper while the chicken dance plays. The dumb expression plastered to his face sells it.
    • When describing how movement helps you survive, LazyPurple has a visual demonstration by having an Engineer dodge a grenade. Said grenade flies into the camera, and LazyPurple can just barely say "uh oh" before it detonates in his face.
    • Later in the video, there's a short animation of a Scout dodging around Sniper fire before beating his head in. The player is represented by a Sniper slapping a keyboard until he gets hit, at which point he begins rapidly spinning in a fit of rage.
  • Fortunately, LazyPurple wasn't done there. He hangs a lampshade on the less serious side of the game that people also enjoy. Also featuring SoundSmith!

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