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  • His review of Final Fantasy: Unlimited. It is made of utter win, especially his soil-related prank call and the FF-style battle between him and the disc.
    M.R: FUCK YEAH, IT IS!!!
    • And let's not forget "EXTREME COOKIIIING!", with Rockjaw bobbing his head happily to Chiyo's "Cooking song".
    • Rockjaw on Sakaki:
    M.R: She's extreme, good at sports, and best of all, BITCH IS STACKED.
  • Part 6 of the Amnesia: The Dark Descent Let's Play gives us a particularly hilarious moment; Lanipator lights a torch just as the wind blows and snuffs it out, prompting him to curse at the game for making him waste a tinderbox.
    • And another in Part 10 when he finds a corpse to befriend.
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    • Actually, any part of his Let's Play can belong here: Example "DANIEL DO GOOD!"
    • Or when hes lowering the second bridge in the sewer level. It works... for a second. Lani's response? "yaaaaay- DAMN IT!"
    • And lets not forget his reaction to the "ratty-rats"
    • Or the pigs in the kitchen. "THE POWER OF PORK COMPELS YOU!"
    • The final confrontation.
    Alexander: Do you truly see no good in me, or evil in Agrippa?
    Lanipator: No, all I see is your wang! Put some clothes on!
    • Nothing in the original LP even comes close to when he snapped at the end of Justine. After failing many, many times and not even getting the Easter Egg (he actually did, but it's not a noticable one unless you know what the egg is), he completely loses his shit and rushes through the whole expansion in Angrish mode, killing the survivors instead of trying to save them, all the while laughing maniacally. Then when reaching the final suitor, he runs up to him and says, "We die together, motherfucker!" He taunts the monster into killing him, the game ending with a black screen with "Renegade 4 Life" on it.
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  • During his review of Dragon Ball Z: The World's Strongest, he plays Guile's Theme over Gohan's musical number. He reacts in shock realizing that it really does go with everything.
  • During his Let's Play Rise of Nightmares Lanipator gets so angry at his multiple deaths and his favorite weapon breaking just when he needs it that he goes into a four-minute disturbingly calm rage. See here from 8:50 to 12:50.
    • Upon dying to a trap in another Rise of Nightmares video he tries again, thinking there's a trick to it. When he finally gets through a group of enemies kills him, causing him to calmly walk out of the shot and the video ends. The next video starts with the shot being empty for a few seconds before Lani returns with a bottle of rum.
  • The Twilight Saga: Abridged. He manages to convey his feelings on the series in 22 seconds without opening his mouth.
  • Lani's proposal to his girlfriend at Disneyland...which was ruined by a guy who accidentally walked in front of the shot.
  • Spudz, his character from Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi is a walking moment of funny. Spudz is a black-skinned, white-haired Saiyan who is the son of Goku and Mr. Popo. And Piccolo, too, somehow. Oh, and he's also part-dragon because he was "conceived on top of the Dragon Balls." To top it all off, he has the "cool" voice option, which gives him a classy English accent.
    • There's his reaction to his training options in the first episode, when he sees that Yamcha is the only available trainer.
    Lanipator: What kind of training can I-
    Lanipator: Well...I guess if you're gonna start with the bottom of the ladder, you may as well...start with the bottom of the goddamn ladder. (deadpan) Guess I'll spar with Master Yamcha.
    • When fighting Omega Shenron:
    Lanipator: We took significantly less damage- Oh. Nevermind. We took a lot of damage.
    • Another from the fight with Omega Shenron.
    Lanipator: I was conceived on the Dragon Balls and you're made of Dragon Balls, so at some point, somebody jacked off on you.
    • Lanipator's description of Spudz' sudden decision to do something about the chaos vaguely described during the incredibly long and boring prologue.
    Lanipator: Okay, so Spudz has lived his entire life around this crap, and now all of a sudden it's like "Oh my god! Hurr duh duh stop it duh durr!"
    • The constant anger at Capsule Corp during the minigame.
    • His reaction to Spudz' Super Saiyan transformation
    • Are you prepared to fight in the Artic without a shirt? Spudz is, bitch!
    • Lani's breakdown after he manages to defeat Omega Shenron with just one hitpoint remaining, but then the Dragonballs get scattered all over the world again.
    • His commentary verging between incredulous and sarcastic as he exploited the glitchy AI to cherry tap an unusually powerful Saibaman to death.
    • The way Omega Shenron keels over sends Lani into a fit of hysterics
    • At the very end of the playthrough, he sings a song about how awful the game is and insults everyone who bought it (presumably including himself)

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