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Funny / Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure

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  • This little bit will remind anyone the ire of a mom.
    Danielle: "I bet he [Scamp] gets a slipper across his great, big, fat- uh..."
    (Lady raises a disapproving eyebrow)
    Danielle: "Uh, we really do miss him, Mom."
  • Scamp's attempt to look smooth in front of Angel goes great...until he sees the banana peel on his nose.
  • Tramp proving he's still got some moves left. He almost proves it true. Too bad he ends up tripping. Cue the silent snickering of his triplet daughters.
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  • The Death Glares Annette and Colette give Danielle, when the latter truthfully admits that they heard the story of how Trusty saved their father.
  • Buster's rant on how Tramp betrayed him by becoming a housepet. Then, the reaction from the Gang is spot on.
  • Jock going down the line of many animals that Trusty thought were Scamp and giving Scamp a Not Now, Kiddo before realizing that he is right there.

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