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Funny / La Mouette Noire

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Humour is one of the selling points of La Mouette Noire. So, it's a given that there are quite a number of funny moments in the series.

  • Everytime Mara shows off her Medium Awareness.
  • This Tempting Fate assertion.
    Mara: Blackbeard is a fearsome pirate, but on his ship will I be safe ... for the moment!The aftermath 
  • During a somewhat dramatic discussion by Mara on her plans after discovering her mother's murderer (and losing 1 of her 3 lives), Easy was undoing Mara's thong. Never mind that they had just made out at the beginning of the issue. Of course, Mara doesn't seem to mind the Mood Whiplash.
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  • Mara's reaction after Tethys relieved her of her fancy dress in Issue 4.
  • Mara and Tethys having a conversation while being "serviced".
  • Flockgard going about her achievements in Issue 7, by bedding everyone on board the ship.


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