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Lego Star Wars: The Video Game

  • At the beginning of the "Escape from Naboo" level in The Phantom Menace, when Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon jump down to face the droids, Obi-Wan has trouble turning on his lightsaber. By the time he activates it, Qui-Gon has already defeated the droids.
  • The birth of Luke and Leia at the end of Revenge of the Sith is made hilarious by a) the two "popping" sounds as Padmé gives birth (off-screen), and b) the fact that baby Leia is sporting her famous hairstyle from A New Hope.

Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy

  • Leia gives R2-D2 the Death Star plans by opening his head and tossing them in.
  • When Luke Skywalker first gets his lightsaber and waves it around, he ends up slicing C-3PO's head off. Like in the movie, though, Obi-Wan ducks.
  • And then there are the defective droids the Jawas attempt to sell, R2 falling off of Luke's speeder, Han blowing out Greedo's entire torso, Han's Paper-Thin Disguise, the Super Fun Happy Slide into the trash compactor, Obi-Wan waving to Luke while he's fighting Vader... and Vader waving as well, the Rebel pilots' reactions to the plan to destroy the Death Star, a TIE pilot almost shooting himself in the head, a Stormtrooper being thrown through space from the explosion of the Death Star... and these are only the cutscenes from a single section of the game.
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  • During the destruction of Alderaan the Death Star gunners are asleep on the job and need to be woken up by Grand Moff Tarkin.
  • Vader learns the importance of seatbelts at the end of A New Hope.
  • In Empire Strikes Back, the power goes out in the Millennium Falcon. When it turns back on, Han tricked Leia into making out with him, resulting with her slapping him.
  • Han Solo, frozen in carbonite, as a playable character. As if the idea weren't funny enough, the character's movement is what really sells it—the carbonite block sort of wobbles around.
  • The promo featuring a scene from The Empire Strikes Back. It's pretty humorous if you see for yourself.
  • The re-enactment of the Luke, I Am Your Father scene in The Empire Strikes Back: because the minifigures couldn't talk, Vader pulls out a picture of himself and Padme, points to Padme's stomach, then points at Luke.
    • In the commercial, however, Darth Vader cuts off Luke's hand as normal, who, knowing he's made of lego, just picks it up and puts it back on. Darth Vader cuts it off again and Luke has an annoyed expression, puts it back on again. Darth Vader then gets angry and stomps his foot on the ground and tries to tear off Luke's hand who stumbles back and falls down. Darth Vader sighs and then just tosses the hand back down.
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  • When Boba Fett pulls the lever to get a hat or helmet, his head comes off.
  • The first cutscene in Return of the Jedi. First, we see the awesome visual of the Imperial Shuttle flying through space and landing in the Death Star II's hangar. The guards are waiting. The door opens. There's smoke/steam everywhere...and Darth Vader is coughing and hacking through it. He pauses, regains his composure, and goes to one of the officers nearby (ostensibly a LEGO representation of Moff Jerjerrod). We cut to a bunch of engineers literally slacking off (one spins in a chair!). Vader shoots the officer a dirty look and walks off. LEGO Jerjerrod breaks down, and another one moves to console him.
  • One Return of the Jedi level takes place on Jabba the Hutt's sail barge and another level in Jabba's palace. In either level, there are a few places where one can assemble a radio (or speakers, on the barge). Once that's done, the rock remix of Imperial March from Force Commander begins playing. Awesome in and of itself, but where the funny comes in is that any Gammorean guards in the area who aren't being attacked will turn their battle-axes upside-down (wielding them like guitars) and proceed to headbang to the beat of the song.
  • From Return of the Jedi, the guard giving Luke his lightsaber (after Luke shows off a little). See here.
  • As noted in Tear Jerker, the drama of Vader's death scene and Luke's solemn goodbye to him is played straight... only to be immediately followed by Luke entering his ship and closing the door with Vader's body still on it, as it comically slides into the ship as the door rises.

Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars

  • During the Weapons Factory level, Anakin's forces are being overrun and two new enemy tanks have just deployed. He tries to radio Ahsoka and Barriss, but they're too busy gossiping like, well, a pair of teenage girls (which they are). Anakin finally throws his radio down, runs up to one of the tanks and kicks it. He then starts hopping up and down, clutching his injured foot.
  • Aayla Secura is driving the Republic Cruiser to dock with Anakin's flagship. She overshoots, puts it in reverse, and then scrapes the communications dish on the hull of the larger ship as it comes in for dock. In the starting cutscene for the next mission on that branch, Artoo is repairing the top of the Cruiser when Anakin accidentally kicks the ignition. Aayla shoves Anakin out of the way, starts scrambling across the controls....and sends the ship forward — ripping off the dish and Artoo. She then crashes the Cruiser into the planet they were orbiting.
  • Grievous's medical droid attempting to treat his cough using some cough syrup, which he begrudgingly tries. It gets to his gag reflex faster than it does his throat, though.
  • Nahdar's death at the hands of Grievous, including the resulting corpse.
  • At the end of "The Zillo Beast" when the player has defeated the titular beast, the clones give it a giant pacifier, then when they take it back to base they have a giant mobile and bottle of milk ready.

Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens

  • The version of the Battle of Endor seen in this game ends with Vader asking Luke to take off his helmet so he can see Luke with his own eyes. Luke takes off the helmet and reveals... Hayden Christensen. Luke panics and quickly switches his head for old near-death Vader.
  • Some rolling droids have an accelerated mode that is so fast they'll plow through LEGO objects and lethally mow down other characters.
  • A Running Gag is the presence of ice cream and milkshakes/drinks in all of the levels. Examples include an ice cream cart and people drinking milkshakes on Jakku, the First Order eating ice cream while on break during the Finaliser and Starkiller levels, and General Hux walking into Kylo Ren and Snoke's meeting with ice cream in a cone, where he accidentally splatters it on Kylo.
  • Kylo Ren's bedroom. The walls are covered in Darth Vader posters and he has a Darth Vader bedsheet.
  • The multitude of Funny Background Events in the Battle of Takodana. For example, when Kylo Ren arrives, stormtroopers are running behind him with surfboards and surfing on the lake. Later in the battle, when Finn and co. Are running through the remains of the castle, one stormtrooper can be seen holding a teddy bear in fear while another is being chased by two bar patrons.
  • Getting past one of the two flametroopers in the same level involves building a birthday cake with an obvious stick of dynamite in the middle.
    Flametrooper 1: A cake?! Let me light the candles!
    Flametrooper 2: No, wait! That's not a normal cake!
    Flametrooper 1: I know! It's a huge cake!
    [Flametrooper 1 lights the candles and the dynamite fuse, blowing him and a couple of others to pieces]]
    Han Solo: Looks like I got my wish after all.
    Flametrooper 2: The worst thing is it really was his birthday, you heartless meanies!
  • After the boss battle with FN-2199, he gets back up with a second stun baton. Finn tries to fight him with the lightsaber and... a broom. Han pushes Finn aside and just shoots him.
    • FN-2199's voice actor even does an impression of the Wilhelm Scream
  • During the big lightsaber duel between Kylo, Rey & Finn, a bunch of snow falls on Kylo, briefly turning him into an adorable snowman.
  • At the end of the lightsaber duel between Finn and Kylo Ren, Kylo manages to knock Luke's lightsaber out of Finn's hand and uses the Force to lift him into the air and drop him through a basketball hoop-shaped tree.
    • Immediately after, when Rey is using the force to retrieve Luke's lightsaber, Kylo states that he could just walk over and pick the lightsaber up, but it wouldn't look as cool.
  • From the "Ottegan Assault" level, after Kylo Ren and Captain Phasma shoot down the Ottegan Leader's transport.
    Ottegan: I survived the crash! I'm so lucky!
    Kylo Ren: [Uses the Force to pick him up and throw him over the horizon.]
    Ottegan: [From afar] I can't believe it! I landed on a mattress!
  • At the end of that same level, when the leader is captured and Kylo Ren is reading his mind:
    Ottogen Leader: You'll get no information from me! You'll find my willpower is—
    Kylo Ren: When you were five, you crashed your brother's speeder and blamed it on a friend. Ha!
    Ottegan Leader: Drat...
  • In the next scene, Admiral Ackbar asks the Ottegan First how skilled the leader is in resisting interrogation. The First can only look away sheepishly and give a non-answer.
  • One of the First Order missions involves infiltrating the Resistance base and abducting a figure so prominent that said figure's absence would surely demoralize the whole Resistance. Is it General Leia? Admiral Ackbar? No. Admiral Fluff, a teddy bear! Even funnier in that the mission comes from General Hux, who treats it entirely as Serious Business.
  • General Armitage Hux! First Order Bigshot! Military Tactician! Destroyer of Star Systems! AEROBICS INSTRUCTOR IN FABULOUS YELLOW & LAVENDER WORKOUT CLOTHES! The stormtroopers in workout spandex are just as silly; they still wear their helmets with all those tights.
    • Ackbar's reaction upon seeing the whole thing, which is likely echoing the player's own thoughts.
    Ackbar: What in the world?!
  • All these silly little bonus vignettes... Finn practicing his lightsaber skills on The Falcon (and everyone throwing food at him), Snoke taking a bath (mentally-scarring Mr. Ice Cream Officer, who's now simply vacuuming), roasting campfire marshmallows and hot dogs with X-Wing engines, Poe and Ackbar playing video games (and Leia in "disapproving Mom" mode) and Phasma's ''phantastic'' adventures in the Trash Compactor.
  • While Rey and the Mind Tricked stormtrooper are sneaking around Starkiller Base, this can be heard:
    Stormtrooper 1: "We could go to the shooting range."
    Stormtrooper 2: "No need, I hit three out of twenty yesterday."
    Stormtrooper 1: "That many?! It's a new base record!"
    Stormtrooper 2: "I closed my eyes. It actually helped."
    • Rey also points out how silly it is that mind-tricked people repeat orders when the Stormtrooper parrots back everything she says until he's told to stop...and almost repeats that order, too.
    • Just before Rey releases her mental hold on the Stormtrooper at the end of the level, she gives him one last command: "Stop being evil."
    Stormtrooper: "Stop being evil?! But I'm a Stormtrooper!
  • You can actually throw Thermal Detonators onto enemies. Doing so causes them to run around in fear before the bomb explodes.
  • Unsurprisingly, the ending is played for laughs, too. First, when Rey intends to take Luke's lightsaber to show it to him, she pulls out a teddy bear. Then when she attempts to give the lightsaber to him, Luke remains silent and just stares.... and stares at her, prompting her to gesture like "Uh, this is your lightsaber. Come on, take it. Take iiiitttt.... will you take it? Just take it, already!"

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

  • Rey approaches a figure that appears to be Luke... but it's actually two porgs wearing his cloak.
  • Palpatine tries to zap Luke with lightning-shaped Lego pieces, which do nothing as one might expect. He looks puzzled for a moment before opting to use actual Force Lightning instead.
  • Palpatine retrieves Anakin from Mustafar by having some clone troopersnote  go fishing over the side of the shuttle.


  • When you turn on the disguise bonus, all characters get Groucho Marx glasses and mustaches. Everyone. Even in cutscenes. Some pretty dramatic scenes in the original get very, very funny this way.
    • Goes up a whole new level in cutscenes involving vehicles, especially whenever an AT-AT is involved.
  • Web short "Bombad Bounty": Jar-Jar, you're a genius! (Sort of.)


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