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  • In the first level, a minikit is found by building a crane to fish objects out of the water, eventually said minikit is found inside a shipping container full of red bricks!...which can't be used in this game due to pink bricks being used instead.
    • Also in the first level, events require the Guardians to build a ball and roll it through some debris. Have Drax be the one to move it, and he has a ball doing so.
      I am in a ball! This is awesome!
  • After defeating Dr. Octopus, White Tiger starts to squee over their victory... then proceeds to rein in her excitement and tries to go back to stoicism. Kamala takes over as the raging fangirl. Spider-Man, then, proceeds to tell the girls to go report back to the Wasp. White Tiger says he did that just to get out of paperwork.
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  • When the Black Panther makes his first appearance, he freaks out Spider-Man. When the Panther apologizes for scaring him, Spidey is insistent he wasn't spooked... before the camera pans back to reveal the area all webbed up, with She-Hulk having to pull webbing off of Kamala.
  • Klaw trying to blast Black Panther with his sonic cannon...only to realize it's still on the music player setting. He then spends about half a minute fiddling with it, shoving off Bowman's attempts to help.
  • The heroes' incredibly poor attempts at sneaking throughout HYDRA-ruled New York. Specifically, by hiding behind Captain America's shield... in full view of everyone.
  • Giant Man, despite not being playable in the main story, does provide us with some light comic relief:
    • When Tony asks Giant Man to hand him a spanner, Pym immediately drops a GIANT BRICK BUILT SPANNER on top of him. Tony then weakly utters out, "No, the other one", and Pym hands him a regular size one, while Tony is still wedged inside the spanner's claw.
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    • Giant Man talking with his mouth full, causing a pile of chewed up food to fall on top of Tony. And then Pym proceeds to pick the food off of Tony, causing Wasp to giggle.
    • Giant-Man accidentally knocking over Tony's damaged armor, sending the bottom half flying around the room.
      Tony: I think I preferred you as Yellowjacket.
  • After jumping through a portal into a swamp, Thor accidentally smacks She-Hulk in the face with Mjolnir. He apologizes and clarifies that he mistook She-Hulk for a hideous swamp creature, immediately realizes what he just said, and then just proceeds to dig himself straight to China, to the point where he's actually relieved when Man-Thing shows up.
  • The fight versus Surtur.
    • Surtur swears to destroy Thor. Jane Foster angrily responds he won't succeed.
    • Loki, despite faced with a volcano, a Fire Demon, and two Thors, still feels the need to say Asgard is his.
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    • How they defeat Surtur. Suuuure, that's "broth".
  • In the Sanctum Sanctorum level, Wong suggests that the book Doctor Strange needs is either "in the Mystical Cabinet of Nisanti behind the vacuum", or hidden behind a series of magic locks. Halfway through, Baron Mordo shows up with the book, which prompts Strange to question how he got past the magic locks.
  • What do you do to celebrate defeating the Kingpin and freeing Noir-type New York? CONGA LINE! AND A PIG IS LEADING IT!
  • Upon seeing Shou-Lao, Spidey immediately tries to bail, only for Ms. Marvel to pull him back. Later, Steel Serpent tries to do the exact same thing once he's defeated, only for Spidey to follow Ms. Marvel's lead and reel him in.
  • The intro to the Alchemax level:
    Spider-Gwen: What's this place even for, anyway?
    Spidey 2099: Genetics, cybernetics, hazardous materials, usual stuff. I should know, I'm Spider-Man.
    Spidey: I'm Spider-Man.
    Ms. Marvel: I'm Spider-Man! Just kidding. Ms. Marvel. Hi!
  • During the Attuma boss fight, Attuma mocks the heroes, claiming Kang has shown him the future. The year 3000, to be exact.
  • King Arthur's Gwenpool Mission is just rife with hilarity.
    • For starters: King Arthur thinks his status as King is waning, so he decides to go fight a dragon in an attempt to boost it, despite Merlin failing to convince him to not bother but eventually gives in.
    • When they finally find the dragon, it's clearly a crude fake resembling an off-model Unikitty.
    • When Morgana Le Fay reveals herself and contemplates a rather-lengthy plan to take Arthur's place as ruler, he tells her to get on with it since he and Merlin have tickets to pig-jousting.
  • Some of the Kangnouncements. To whit:
    Kang: Kang here, wondering why no-one's commented on the fact that I managed to get not one, not two, but three Manhattans in ONE place. That's the kind of value you just don't get from other conquerors!
    Kang: This is your glorious leader Kang with a quick message to whoever just beat my high score in Hexagon Blitz: I hate you.
    Kang: I've noticed some people complaining that the roads in Chronopolis are a bit of a mess, yet no one seems to talk about the centuries-old pyramids I brought from Egypt in one piece. Just saying.
    Kang: To all the people complaining about the so-called 'Manhattan Blizzard', just be thankful I didn't park your miserable city next to the Dark Dimension like I had originally planned.
  • The two workers in Egypt complaining about working for the Pharaoh.
    Clive: I mean, remember that pyramid scheme he got us into, Cyril? What a shambles! Pyramids everywhere, and did we get a cent?
    Cyril: I'm beginning to regret this unpaid internship, Clive.
  • Blade's character quest is a wonder from start to finish. First off, he's stuck with Hellcow, who, if you don't know, is a vampiric COW. Then, he spends much of the ensuing fight trying to sell Bessie on 'Milk and Cookies' as their duo name. Finally, once the quest is finished, Hellcow tries to explain what she and Blade have been up to prior to that moment. Keyword: tries. Apparently, whatever happened ended with Blade and Hellcow escaping a haunted house on a tandem bicycle with a bunch of magic emeralds.
  • For one gold brick in Nueva York, you have to fix a sign to help a pair of Wakandan tourists. Where are they trying to go? Sokovia. Which, as one of the tourists points out, isn't even in Chronopolis.
  • The Asgardian cooking show is filled with this, from the hosts and their banter, to the Take That! at the trademark issues over X-Men and Fantastic Four.
    Asgardian: (after the host explains they can advertise a shirt but not show it) Is all Midgard law this complex?
    Host: Nope, just copyright law.
    • The magic incantation of "like, share, subscribe".
  • The Wild West level is easily one of the funniest levels in the main story.
    • The sheer absurdity of the fact that M.O.D.O.K. has taken over as the sheriff.
    • Gamora and Rocket's reactions to Wild West Captain America.
      Gamora: Is that...?
      Rocket: Don't ask, this place gets weirder by the day.
    • Rocket getting peeved at how Cowboy Cap immediately asked about the talking raccoon.
      Rocket: Why am I always singled out?! You do realize there's two aliens here too, right?!
    • "They took my raccoon. And his house plant."
    • Kid Colt and Captain Corbett get into some pun-to-pun combat, and then Kid Colt dashes Star-Lord's hopes.
      Star Lord: Hey, train puns! Can I...
      Kid Colt: No.
    • Two words: President Bear.
  • Gwenpool providing color commentary during the Black Panther DLC level.
    Gwenpool: Here's something you don't see every day: a platforming level! This will require skill, dexterity... or a flying character.
  • In the Runaways DLC level, Gwenpool starts describing Chase as the brains of the outfit, before eventually breaking down laughing, remarking that she couldn't even finish that sentence.
  • An unintentional bit of humor. During the mission to unlock Two-Gun Kid, one of his guns is stolen, and it's replaced with a sausage. So during the mission, when Two-Gun Kid performs his Idle Animation, he shoots bullets out of the sausage in his hand.

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