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  • A bonus mission, narrated by Deadpool, where Spider-Man and Mr. Fantastic must save a group of Marvel Comics executives who are being held hostage by Vulture and... Howard the Duck, the latter of which is holding them hostage until they agree to give him a new movie.
    • Hilariously, you don't even fight Howard; he knocks himself out with his rocket launcher immediately as the battle begins.
    • Then there's the achievement name after you unlock Howard: "Really?"
  • Stan Lee is playable. And he has almost every powerset, including Eye Beams, an adamantium skeleton, and the ability to Hulk out.
  • This exchange between Captain America and Dr. Doom:
    Cap: I'm gonna spangle you 'til you see stars!
    Dr. Doom: Ugh, really?!
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  • Thor describing Loki.
    Wolverine: What the heck's he after?
    Thor: He's only ever after one thing: power. ...And, helmets with big horns. He's really into those.
  • Nearly any exchange between Thor and Loki, really.
    Thor: What are you planning, Loki?
    Loki: [singsong] You can't make me tell. [speaking] You are not the god of me.
    Thor: Ohhh! Thou dost vex me with that taunt. You have used it since we were children!
    • Made even better by the look of pure "Seriously? No, seriously?" on Cap's face at that moment.
  • Before the final battle:
    Thor: Were we only children again, I would resolve this by giving Loki what you mortals call a 'wedgie'... But I fear the forceful elevation of undergarments will not save us now.
    Iron Man: I'd pay to see it, though.
  • Thor does get one last parting shot at Loki as well after defeating Galactus by bonking him with his hammer.
  • The first level gives us this bit, after Sandman erects a wall to keep the heroes away.
    Iron Man: Profound.
  • After the second level:
    Captain America: What would Green Goblin want with a totally legitimate and unsuspicious office tower like Oscorp?
    • And this line from the security system:
      Security system: Possible laboratory break-in confirmed by huge explosion. Please direct your panic-stricken running to the nearest exit.
  • Spidey and Iron Man "towing" Doom's jet. It's just so petty, and they do a chest bump and Secret Handshake at the end.
    • Spidey then turns to high-five Thor. It doesn't work.
  • The Running Gag where Spidey tells anybody in listening range about how hard his life is (in a completely angst-free tone of voice, no less) to collective eye rolling and chuckles from the other heroes.
  • The Juggernaut's entire appearance, which is utterly riddled with references to "The Juggernaut, Bitch".
    Juggernaut: Don't you know who I am? I'm the— ah, nevermind, you get it!
    Juggernaut: Get outta my head, Charles! —Uh...I mean, Jean!
    Juggernaut: Don't you know who I am? I'm the
    Iceman: We get it!
  • In the finale of the game, the heroes and villains try to get along before they all fight Galactus together, but a fight ends up starting in the Helicarrier. Why? Green Goblin knocked the Hulk's burger out of his hand.
    • Bonus points for the punch Hulk gives the Green Goblin being a exact mirror of the one he gave to Thor in The Avengers.
    • Even better, the one person who just remains seated? The Human Torch of all people.
  • As Sabretooth opens all of the cells in the Raft Maximum Security prison, he alerts the heroes that he just unleashed the deadliest villains upon the world. Cue intro subtitles for Red Skull, Loki, Carnage, and... Stan Lee.
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  • Abomination sleeping with a teddy bear.
  • During the final battle with Galactus, the Devourer of Worlds himself, he'll actually say "Om nom nom nom..." when consuming something.
  • Pick a scene with the Hulk. Any of them. Odds are he's responsible for one of these.
    • Why can't Hulk go with Tony and Captain America to Stark Tower to get the Mark 42 suit? He ripped his pants.
    • When fighting mano-a-mano with other giants Hulk catches his foe's wrist and then pummels them with it "why are you hitting yourself" style.
  • The Sandman in his boss battle: "I'm melting! Melting! No wait, that's not right... I'm solidifying! Solidifying!"
  • After the battle with Sandman, Spidey says something that perfectly encapsulates the Peter Parker side of his life:
    Nick Fury: Thanks for your help, Spider-Man. There's always a place in this operation for a hero like you.
    Spider-Man: Like I have time for that. I have a trigonometry exam tomorrow, my aunt needs me to pick-up a dozen eggs and I'm drowning in angst.
  • The brief flashback to the Avengers and X-Men dancing at a party — with Iron Man on Charles Xavier's lap.
  • Once Deadpool is unlocked, he'll appear around New York to offer missions to the player. One of them is a perfect parody of fetch quests.
    Deadpool: Wah wah! I lost my precious Flamingo Blade, and don't feel like looking for it myself! Dang, those fetch quest people annoy me. Still, go get it for me.
    • And once you get to the third mission...
      Deadpool: It's time for my third mission! You know what that means!? The developers have probably run out of ideas. Let's go beat up some bad guys. Bonus points if you see them spawn in.
  • The Sentinel gets some good lines during the fight with him.
    Sentinel: Mutant? Anyone here a Mutant? We'd very much like to destroy you.
  • When Galactus appears and falls under Loki's control, it cuts to Nick Fury and Hill on the Helicarrier taking calls.
    Nick Fury: Yes, I know a gigantic being is attempting to eat the Earth with the help of an Asgardian god, I'm on it.
    Maria Hill: Thank you for calling S.H.I.E.L.D., please hold. Welcome to S.H.I.E.L.D, please hold.
  • Jumping off the Hellicarrier usually is rather awesome with almost all characters. Though just try doing so with Aunt May. An old lady jumping off the Helicarrier and just skydiving down to New York below is quite hilarious. Even funnier when you jump off as Mister Fantastic and Sandman's transformations (a teapot and sand castle, respectively).
  • Mister Fantastic, The Thing and Invisible Woman get blown out of the sky by Doom's missiles. Sue saves everyone with her forcefield, and then Reed grabs the other two and turns himself into a rubber parachute. Looking down, he says he saw this in a movie once. Most likely he's talking about the film that people often say was a better Fantastic Four movie than the actual Fantastic Four movies.
  • Nick Fury is always eating something.
  • When you replay Times Square off, you have to destroy a part of the environment containing the Fantastic Four's suits to get a Minikit... And behind the thing containing the suits? H.E.R.B.I.E., who complains at being stuck in there since the 70s.
  • An unintentional piece of comedy; by default, LEGO characters start their attacks with their right hand. This also applies to Curt Connors, who doesn't have one. That's right, he hits people with his hand stump.
  • During a level where Thor, Spider-Man, and Iron Man have to infiltrate a captured submarine, it sinks to the bottom of the river. With the help of Jean Grey, they reach it, and decide how to enter. Thor just settles for whaling on the thing with his hammer, until Iron Man does the logical thing: open the hatch.
    • Dr. Doom's comment to Thor afterwards is what sells it:
    Dr. Doom: Ugh, really?! With the banging?! REALLY?!
  • After Iron Man, Spider-Man, Thor, and Jean Grey exit the submarine they were in after Lady Liberty chucked it into Manhattan, we get this little exchange between Spidey and Stark.
    Tony: Remind me not to make 'The Submarine Toss' part of my Starkland theme park, okay?
    Spidey: And yet you're keeping the Iron Man musical?
  • Nick Fury sends Black Widow and Hawkeye to an empty shed on the waterfront and when you get there he says "Uh, scratch that. SOMEONE spilled shawarma sauce on the monitor. Sending you the correct coordinates now!"
  • Civilian lines. Everything from "I've been playing video games for three days straight, did I miss anything" to that one guy who always gets your name wrong (Hey, it's Dark Window! The metal man! Insect Boy!) to the randomized sayings that might be a really poor match for your character. Loki, Doom or Magneto are not "that hero you like."


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