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Jurassic Park:

  • A guard and one of the raptors fighting over a sausage link in the prologue level.
    • Said sausages are a running gag in the game, with The Big One constantly focusing on them whenever there's an opportunity, which allows Muldoon to distract her and survive!
    • On that same scene (the "Clever Girl") scene, there is also Muldoon being dissatisfied with his gun and putting some more pieces on it to turn it into a BFG, plus the banana-plugging and the fruit hat mentioned above.
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    • Also, sausages are apparently Serious Business for Muldoon, since he still orders that the other workers "SHOOT HER! SHOOT HER!" as he's trying to help Jophrey get it back from the raptor. Keep in mind, in the original movie, the order was given to try and keep Jophrey himself from being killed.
  • Somehow they manage to make Malcolm's laugh from the movie even more over the top and hilarious!
  • Dr. Gerry Harding named the sick Triceratops from the first movie after the name of his daughter, Sarah! Most likely a Take That! to Sarah Harding's characterization in the second movie!
  • Gennaro's death scene made more funny by him trying to build an anti-Rex barricade out of toilet paper rolls and then trying to defend himself with a toilet-cleaning brush (which he uses to brush Rexie's teeth as she's swallowing him).
  • When Grant, Lex and Tim are trapped underneath the tree with the car in it, it eventually falls down, breaking into LEGO pieces along the way. The pieces fall over the cowering three humans in such a way as to make a smaller car perfectly and the game uses the exact same sound that plays when a player succesfully finishes a build!
    • And Grant even gets to drive it away! (Although the next level starts right on the same spot by the tree).
  • In the T. Rex breakout level, Ellie sees Ian Malcolm seemingly unconscious. She runs over and tries to wake him up, but he's already awake and grinning up on her. Her expression (which reads as "Are you freakin' kidding me?") is priceless.
  • Arnold getting so frustrated with Nedry's proto-GIF that he just outright destroys the computer playing it.
  • The raptor-breath-on-the-glass scenes have the raptor writing a smiley on the fogged-over glass.
  • Remember the raptor that got sealed in the freezer in the kitchen? When Lex is going over the camera data in the computer system, there's a brief shot of the raptor shivering and having found a sweet knitted cap to put on her head.
    • And how does the raptor get lured in? Giant, soft-serve ice cream. You can practically hear the raptor going. 'I scream! You scream! We all scream for ice cream!' in your head.
  • In the final battle of the first movie's section, the T-Rex finishes The Big One off by pulling on her tail like a piece of elastic cord and comically flinging her against the ceiling, slapstick style.

The Lost World: Jurassic Park:

  • The appearance of a Lego-ized version of Amblin's logo (Elliot and E.T. on the bike passing the moon) during the scene where Ludlow is talking to the investors.
    • In that same scene, Spielberg makes a small cameo recording the whole conference.
  • The baby T. rex in The Lost World has a broken leg. As in, the leg is completely detached from its body. It also waves a cheerful 'bye-bye' as its parents pull it out of the trailer, and gleefully sticks its head out of the car during the San Diego chase. And the ending of the Lost World episode show it happily playing with the Ludlow-mobile as its parents enjoy a morning cup of coffee.
  • In The Lost World levels, the player distracts a raptor by building a lawnmower, which it chases. This chase, which eventually turns in favor of the lawnmower, becomes a Running Gag throughout the level. The best part, however, comes several levels later, during the Jurassic Park III levels, when a section is randomly interrupted by the same raptor, still being chased by the lawnmower, several years later! And then it got bored chasing raptors on Isla Sorna and went to chase the NPC Raptor Squad during their obstacle course run!
  • A Raptor removes Sarah's hair piece and tries it on for itself.
  • When Kelly kicks the raptor out of the window with her gymnastics abilities, both Ian and Sarah score her a ten in talent show style... but a raptor indignantly only gives her a six point five. And then Kelly does several more acrobatic feats as the three of them run away.
  • The Cameo of Brody, Quint, and Hooper during the T. rex's rampage in San Diego.
    Brody: [looks at the T. rex attacking InGen guards] We're gonna need a bigger boat...
    Quint: [Jaw Drops]

Jurassic Park III:

  • Everything Billy does in the Jurassic Park III levels, especially when he pelts the Spinosaurus with fruit and literally kicks a Raptor's butt before running away, the latter in Looney Tunes-style.
  • Alan's already Narmy bad dream gets even better when raptorized versions of Ellie and Malcolm make appearances. Unsurprisingly, the latter is the one that really scares him.
  • The general treatment the poor Spinosaurus gets. Instead of being the terrifying monstrosity it was in the film, it's depicted as a comically ineffectual Big Bad Wannabe who nearly suffers an extremely undignified Death by Adaptation.
  • The Spinosaurus running into the rare Stockade tree, and getting stuck in it. Billy insults it by lobbing two fruits at its head for good measure.
  • Before Billy kicks the raptor's butt (as described above), Amanda Kirby is Blowing a Raspberry at the raptor through the glass.
  • Grant turns around to see the Spinosaurus... waving hi at him.
  • The way Alan figures out that they're in a "birdcage". The Pteranodons have a lot of droppings all over the place, distinctly the white colors that bird droppings produce.
  • At the end of the end of the Jurassic Park III section the Spinosaurus and Velociraptors are trying to sell Grant and company time shares, complete with briefcases and when the phone that the Spinosaurus is holding keeps going off, one of the Raptors slaps it out of her hand.

Jurassic World:

  • The Raptor Squad using military hand signals. Guess they learned too well from Owen...
  • Owen flirting with Claire is made even funnier here; while she's in the middle of talking to him he winks at her, at which point she shudders with disgust mid-sentence!
  • The Indominus Rex showcasing her Obviously Evil nature by arranging the bones of what she eats note  in her paddock into an evil sad face.
  • Claire kicks the Dimorphodon's ass with her bare hands, with Owen having hearts on his eyes after she finishes the pterosaur off.
    • Gray's reaction to it is even better.
    Gray: Aunt Claire! [to Zach] That's her! [sees Claire STILL beating up the Dimorphodon] Is that her?
  • When the plan to use the raptors to chase down the Indominus is put into action, and everyone is briefed, Echo steals one of the park employees's hat and starts throwing it back-and-forth with Charlie, leaving the poor guy to chase between the two mischievous dinosaurs.
    • Echo tosses the hat back when the chase is on, landing perfectly on the guy's head, baffling him.
  • Indominus Rex acting her plan to defeat the humans to the Raptors. She somehow manages to produce a gun at appropriate size to convey 'humans = bad guys' with!
    • Just to add to it, Indominus does a 'crying' gesture (wiping her eyes with her claws) right after pulling out the gun.
  • This exchange:
    Owen: [The Raptors] are hunting us!
    Claire: "Us"? Or just you?
    Owen: Us.
    Claire: Oh.
  • In the Jurassic World level "A New Alpha", when trying to get the arcade open in order to reach a generator in the room, Owen briefly lapses back into being Andy Dwyer.
    Owen: I totally didn't want to come here because I wanted to play video games!
  • During the Indominus-and-Raptor-team-up, a random mercenary has Blue at gunpoint, and she actually has her claws up in surrender!
  • The final battle against the Indominus has you help out Rexie by electrocuting the Indominus via a dropped wire. Indominus momentarily goes skeleton, and the T-Rex applauds in amusement with her tiny, tiny claws.
    • Later on, after the battle is done, Rexie pets Blue on the head, and then goes off. The raptors, all four of them, promptly start looting the park for things to play with; Echo hauls a cart full of junk around and Charlie rides in on the VERY SAME motorbike she stole from the Indominus-Raptor-team-up!

In general:

  • Due to Muldoon, Gennaro and Nedry being Spared By Adaptation, they have been left behind on Isla Nublar. At the end of the first Jurassic Park levels, Muldoon and Gennaro try to reach the helicopter that's leaving the island only to arrive late and Nedry flees from the Dilophosaurus by sticking a piece of chicken in its mouth. Then in the Jurassic World levels we see that Muldoon, Gennaro and Nedry have been living in Isla Nublar for the next 22 years, living in the old Visitor Center and sleeping in one of the Jeeps. Complete with big grey beards, but their character models are otherwise unchanged, including their hair.
    • How every deceased character from the movies manage to escape their fates in this game can really lead to many hilarious situations.
      • And on that subject, how does Charlie survive her fate?... she takes to riding a motorcycle!
      • Even while Zara and the Indominus are still eaten by the Mosasaur, the end of the game reveals they are alive and well playing a game of cards with other InGen employees that were eaten, with the I-Rex playing with a flare as well.
      • The moment before Zara gets eaten. After she helps the boys put out a fire she stops to pick up a coffee. Zach at first thinks the coffee's for him until Zara drinks it herself and then the Pteranodon grabs her. Apparently, however, the Pteranodon was more interested in the coffee than Zara herself and Zara is more concerned with the coffee than her own survival, which leads to her falling into the Mosasaurus Tank and getting eaten.
      • The raptors paralyse Udesky as bait for the other humans before killing him in the third film. In this version, they build a complete Rube-Goldberg machine (based on the board game Mousetrap), and get him into the cage with push brooms. The next appearance they make, they give the brooms another shot, severely reducing their scariness.
      • Hoskins is defeated by Delta by being turned into a hybrid. In LEGO terms, by having his parts switched with another LEGO; giving him crab claws for hands and a merman tail.
      • The same scene also showcases several hybrid animals developed in secret, including a pig with wings.
      • Long grass. Raptors. The stuff of nightmares. Except this time, the raptors get a hold of Ajay's backpack, and start messing around with the junk inside of it, which culminates in a bunch of raptors playing a game of soccer, wearing hats or doing crosswords etcetera!
      • Burke flipping out because of the snake in the waterfall and running straight past the T. rex Buck is made funny here; as the T. rex lampshades how stupid that move is by looking at the other three humans, shrugging his shoulders and going 'WTF'. The best part is how they all respond in kind, and the T. rex just leaves, confused. Even better, the snake chases after the guy when he runs out of the waterfall!
      • When the hunters catch the T. rex Buck they force him to spit up everyone he had eaten like Ajay and Burke... by jumping on its stomach.
  • Dr. Sattler or other characters diving head first into giant piles of dinosaur poop in order to search for useful objects.
    Owen Grady: I hope whoever did this ate something useful.
  • Mr. DNA is a playable character.
  • Steven Spielberg is an unlockable character in the game, and he can throw things to hit switches. What does he throw? His Oscars.
    • Almost every important person involved in the Jurassic Park franchise appear as unlockable characters either as themselves or Creator Cameo characters. Screenwriter David Koepp appears as his Unlucky Bastard character from The Lost World: Jurassic Park, producer Frank Marshall as a DJ (DJ Master Frank) much like his Real Life counterpart, producer Patrick Crowley as a pilot as in Jurassic World and Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow as himself.
    • Jimmy Fallon is also unlockable. In the last level of Jurassic World, at the Hammond Innovation Lab section, you can hear his voice remarking funny aspects of dinosaur description facts by pressing some buttons in the place.
    Jimmy Fallon: It would take a raptor only 20 minutes to run across Isla Nublar at its widest. But then, so would I if I had a raptor behind me.
  • The Red Brick extras brings you the possibility of unlocking hilarious extras like Helium Voices (only for in-game, not the cutscenes, and for human characters only) or Compy Mode (which makes every playable character tiny and running at a faster rate, even ginormous creatures like the Brachiosaurus). With this mix you can make a literal chipmunk mode.

  • The Teaser Trailer. Poor T-Rex.
  • The gameplay trailer is chock full of this. Notable of these:
    • The cow dropping the worker into the raptor pit. Don't worry, he gets out okay! His clothes on the other hand...
    • A raptor shoving a banana into the barrel of Muldoon's gun. "Clever girl."
    • The raptor wearing the fruit on its head as a Carmen Miranda-style hat.
    • The T-Rex getting clotheslined by a tree.
  • The fantastic parody trailer for Jurassic World gets a friendly nod in the game, where Blue hijacks a motorbike for herself! See here.


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