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The best Quest title thus far.

Given the scope of it, and the fact that it's a LEGO Adaptation Game, Dimensions has to have its funniness. Right? RIGHT?! Yup.

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    Trailers/Promotional Material 
  • The whole entire announcement trailer, featuring Joel McHale of Community fame, has a few highlights:
    • Upon seeing a brick shake a bit while building the portal:
      Joel: Well, that seems... not normal.
    • Later, when he actually finishes the main part, the portal turns on by itself:
    "Honey": Just don't throw anything into it!
    [Joel throws one of the pieces through the portal, which spits it back out into his face].
    • Once it's finished, he can't help but say "OH MAN, NOW I'VE DONE IT!"
    • When Gandalf, Wyldstyle, and Batman actually emerge from the portal:
      Joel: ...Hi.
      Gandalf: A giant!
      Batman: Probably a bad guy.
      Wyldstyle: ATTAAAAAAAAACK!
      Joel: Aw, this is adorable! (Picks up Wyldstyle by her hood; Gandalf zaps him) Hey! Stop zapping me with your little wizard stick!
      Gandalf: It's called a staff!
    • Then Batman tries to attack Joel with a batarang. He gets thwarted by a mere cup.
      Joel: Hah! Looks like somebody just got mugged!
      Batman: Ugh, that's terrible.
    • Batman summons the Batmobile to drive them back through the gateway... Only for it to fall apart immediately. Fortunately, Joel is willing to fix it, but first he wants to make a sandwich-
    • -but, deducing he's on "wizard time," he fixes it right then and there for them.
      Wyldstyle: Not bad!
      Joel: I play with Lego... a lot.
      Wyldstyle: ...And that's our cue to go.
    • Once they've finally left, Joel sits and watches the portal while sipping a drink. Then he chokes on something.
      Joel: ...I think I just swallowed a batarang.
  • The second trailer starring Christopher Lloyd as Doc Brown.
    "Where we're going, we don't need... [beat] ...actually, I don't know what we need!"
  • The Portal trailer.
    • Gandalf asking if GLaDOS can sell them a cake, which makes her ask why they always want cake.
      • And in the gameplay, we see why Gandalf asks for it; they've mistaken Aperture Science for a futuristic bakery.
    • We see brief snippets of explanation for how some of the Keystone gameplay mechanics work, with small print worthy of Aperture Science, including this little gem:
    CONFIDENTIAL If permission to look at this diagram has been granted, please do so now, unless the box labelled "DO NOT LOOK AT DIAGRAM" on the "Diagrams Forms Sanction" form you should have received from your supervisor is checked.
    • Surprise cameo by Homer Simpson, who is stuck on a wrecking ball.
    • The end reveals that Chell is the one playing with the minifigures and portal. Just as she opens her mouth to speak, the trailer ends.
    • Wheatley's appearance at the end.
  • The Doctor Who trailer.
    Wyldstyle: We're friends of The Doctor!
    Dalek: The Doctor must be exterminated! Annihilate! Destroy!
    • Probably for the first time ever, Gandalf is at a loss for words and has no idea what's going on.
    • Homer still can't get out of Aperture!
  • The official story trailer.
  • The Scooby Doo trailer.
    • Much like how Doc Brown delivered the box to Chell, Shaggy and Scooby get it delivered from... GLaDOS. Alongside a pizza.
    • Being big eaters, they immediately assume the portal is one of those "some-assembly-required" desserts.
    • During gameplay, we see Gandalf hanging from Wyldstyle's legs as they swing from a trapeze, only to land next to Batman... and then Gandalf's staff flies in, clonking the wizard complete with sound effect.
    Batman: What took you so long?
  • The Who's Got Talent trailer.
    • It starts off with a familiar sight of The Simpsons Couch... With our three heroes sitting on it while Gandalf turns on Scooby-Doo.
      Batman: Enough TV!
    • We see a scene of the Ghostbusters walking down a train tunnel, then a light appears in the distance to scare Winston stiff. Then when it gets closer, we see it's just Batman holding a lantern at the front of a pushcar.
    • Alison Brie suggests a friendship between Princess Uni-kitty and... The Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man.
    • GLaDOS lets off some more of her classic snark.
      GLaDOS: You are a fool. A fool with stupid hair.
      Wyldstyle: Wha? Hey!
    • A short scene depicting the Midway Arcade level goes a little meta:
      Wyldstyle: It's almost like... Like we're in a video game!
      Batman: That is the single most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.
    • The sight of the Twelfth Doctor eating a Simpsons-style donut (dunked in a cup of tea, his Trademark Favorite Food, to boot) is absurdly, amusingly adorable.
  • The I Am Unikitty trailer. Alison Brie ends up going into absolute rage when she can't find the last few pieces, to the point of tossing things off her desk. But once she finds it, she immediately calms down.
  • A promotional image shows the Riddler riding around on a Balrog.
  • Once again, some characters (such as Batman) have the ability to disguise themselves to evade security cameras. Shaggy and Scooby are two characters that can do this... by wearing pink dresses with a frilly parasol.
  • One ad has Kai observing the Batmobile, with Batman saying he'll let him drive when monkeys fly. Cue the Wicked Witch of the West.
    Batman: (sighs in defeat) Bring it back on a full tank.
  • The Trailer for the second season:
    • Wyldstyle nearly running over Lord Voldemort, then spotting Ethan Hunt lowering down... to tickle Scooby-Doo.
    • Batman busts through a wall, looks up and asks "What took you so long?". The camera pans over to show the S-Shield... only to pan back and show Sloth.
    • The Doctor being launched skyward by a pop tart.
    • The Wicked Witch of the West and Gizmo's Oh, Crap! look when B.A. splashes them with water.
    • Beast Boy being Hoist by His Own Petard by declaring he's the "Fantastic Beast Boy"... in front of Newt.
    • Gollum eating dirt thanks to Sonic snatching a ring.
  • One trailer revolves around Lumpy Space Princess gushing about B.A. Baracus.
    LSP: That's B.A. Baracus! The "B.A." stands for—
    B.A. Baracus: Bad attitude!
    LSP: My friend Melissa was all like, "bad attitude is just a flat tire, you gotta change it to get anywhere!" But I was like, "SHUT IT, Melissa! B.A. Baracus knows how to change a tire!"
  • The ET Reveal trailer has Supergirl gushing over the alien because of how similar they are. At the end, she suggests that they should form some sort of alien fan club, which the Twelfth Doctor agrees. ET's response? Pointing to the TARDIS and saying "Phone..."
  • When Marceline does a trailer for Gizmo, she decides she prefers the Gremlins over the Mogwai, and chases down Gizmo to try and force feed him.
    Marceline: Eat the cookie! Eat the cookie! EAT THE COOKIE!
  • Gandalf the Grey hosts a trailer talking about Newt Scamander, only to up and leave at the end because everyone keeps confusing him for Dumbledore.
  • This gem from the launch trailer of the Sonic the Hedgehog level pack.
    Sonic: Hey, Baldy McNosehair! You're toast! ...or, ON toast! (crickets chirping) Y'know, like an... (various Lame Pun Reaction shots)
    Dr. Eggman: WHAT?

    Main Story 
  • When Batman drops in on Gandalf as he's fighting the Balrog, he questions where Robin is.
    Gandalf: My dear fellow, I have no idea what you are talking about! Have you tried looking in a tree?
    Batman: Not A robin - Robin!
  • Once Batman grapples the two back up to the bridge, they witness Frodo being captured and quickly rush after them - leaving the rest of the Fellowship utterly confused.
    Samwise Gamgee: I s'pose we'll just wait for them, then.
  • After Metalbeard gets sucked away in the world of The LEGO Movie, DC Batman and Gandalf land on top of The LEGO Movie Batman, leading to the one thing that was bound to happen:
    The LEGO Movie Batman: Ow - you landed on my back, man.
    DC Comics Batman: I'm Batman.
    TLM Batman: No, I didn't say... Hey! I'm Batman!
    Batman: I'm Batman!
    TLM Batman: I'M Batman!
    Both: I'm BATMAN!
    (Beat, followed by the two Batmen flailing their arms at each other)
    Gandalf: Oh, twins! I wonder if one of them is evil?
  • Despite melting, the Wicked Witch has more important things to worry about as she dies:
    Wicked Witch: Make sure to cancel my newspaper delivery!...
  • When Lord Vortech first meets the Joker and Saruman, he immediately recognizes both of them as bad guys. Guess which one objects.
    Lord Vortech: Bad guys? Excellent. To the right please.
    Saruman: I am Saruman the White. I am not a "bad guy."
    The Joker: Pfft! Please!
    Lord Vortech: Look! Sauron!
    Saruman: (Bowing down) My Lord Sauron, it is I, your faithful serv- (Realizes he's been duped when the Joker starts laughing.) Oh. To the right, you say?
  • Before this, we see Robin, Frodo, and Metalbeard locked up, with Robin having a piece of kryptonite taken from him, Frodo the One Ring, and Metalbeard's... treasure chest of ill-gotten booty.
    Robin: Don't worry Metalbeard. We'll get it back.
    Metalbeard: (Aars happily)
    Robin: And then I will have to return it to the rightful owners.
    Metalbeard: (Aars disappointedly)
  • When Micro-Managers begin invading Springfield, they set fire to a few of the more noteworthy buildings, such as Krusty Burger. This sends Krusty screaming out of it holding suitcases of money... Only to pause and put up a "now flame grilled" sign before leaving. Similarly, when they torch Springfield Elementary we see Bart and Milhouse high-five.
  • As one would expect, Chief Wiggum is doing nothing during the crisis besides eating a donut... Until a Micro-Manager torches his police car, leaving it destroyed and his donut burnt to a crisp.
  • Mr. Burns looks at a "0 days since last accident" sign, then removes the zero to change it to three days. Then he flips the sign over so it shows "323 days without otherworldly invasion," and changes that to zero as he hangs his head.
  • Once Homer finally gets caught by Lord Business...
    • Really, all of Homer's antics during that level.
  • After the trio defeat three element masters through creative use of keystone powers, Chen gets upset by their "cheating" and pushes a button on his chair... Only for the resulting trapdoor to open a little too far to their left. He then starts angrily hitting more buttons, sending most of his henchmen down while Gandalf, Batman, and Wyldstyle just stand there calmly.
  • To anyone who had to suffer through Superman 64, we now get Lex Luthor stuck in a maze.
  • The Doctor assures Batman he did, in fact, lend him his grappling hook- but he actually has to clarify that the TARDIS isn't a 3D printer.
  • This oddly adorable moment. Bet you never thought you'd hear a Dalek apologize:
    Distracted Dalek: (Bumping into other Daleks) ...That is why I want to be a red Dalek— (Stops and notices the Dalek Emperor) Sorry.
  • At one point in the battle, The Dalek Emperor proclaims that they must protect their unlimited rice pudding.
  • The emperor also gets shrunk by the Scale keystone, complete with squeaky voice!
    Dalek Emperor: You will pay for this, Doctor!
    The Doctor: Don't worry, you'll be fine. Just eat plenty of vegetables - excellent for growth.
    • And when the TARDIS finally leaves, the Cyberman head the trio's been chasing through the level just kicks it away like a soccer ball.
  • While people flee in terror as Sauron places Barad-Dur atop LexCorp, Jimmy Olsen just focuses on taking pictures of it.
    • And when Batman scopes out the area, Olsen manages to dodge an orc just by moving his camera.
    • Also during the level, you have to get a minikit by repairing a news van. Doing so causes two orcs dressed in news reporter gear to appear and start rolling.
  • When Gandalf calls out Sauron for serving someone else, he rebuts by saying "I serve no-one, Gandalf Stormcrow!" Wyldstyle then makes plans to use the name "Stormcrow" once she gets tired of Wyldstyle.
  • In the post-level cutscene for Painting the Town Black Lord Vortech has apparently employed some Daleks to sweep the floor.
  • Lord Vortech speaking with a western accent when fighting our heroes in the wild west.
  • At the end of the Back to the Future level, our heroes and Lord Vortech make tactical retreats... Leaving Doc and Marty behind to look at all the clutter they left behind in 1885 Hill Valley:
    Marty: Doc, what did you do to the space-time continuum?!
  • When X-PO explains that Lord Vortech is trying to merge all dimensions into one, he compares it to Sauron ruling all of Middle-Earth, the entire world being glued together, or everybody finding out that Batman is Bruce Wayne. That last one is even accompanied by a picture of people laughing at Bruce while he covers his Batman undergarments.
    • The "Sauron ruling Middle-Earth" picture has him rowing past some Orcs having a picnic, with two chained hobbits looking down.
    • Afterwards Batman glares at X-PO in bewilderment for giving away his secret identity to the others.
  • X-PO tells the trio of one foundation element, known to all artificial intelligences. Some consider it a myth, but he's now certain it exists... The cake. Naturally, this gives the trio a wrong idea of where they'll end up.
    Batman: This doesn't seem like a bakery.
    Wyldstyle: We just got back from the past. Maybe this a futuristic space bakery?
  • Wyldstyle later compares Aperture Science to Lord Business' R&D department.
  • The back areas in GLaD to Meet You contain Rattman's infamous The Cake Is a Lie grafitti, although instead of ominously trailing off, it ends by stating:
    The cake is in the kitchen on floor 2.
  • You summon a Dalek to exterminate two turrets guarding a button, and GLaDOS just gets confused by what happened. But then she concedes that she admired its attitude.
  • In a part of GLaD to Meet You that requires Chell to access, you get to destroy more turrets... With a giant arcade token.
    GLaDOS: You know, you can't bribe your way out of these test rooms, no matter how big your money is.
    • In fact, you could count every way our heroes use the Locate keystone to take out the poor turrets.
  • The trio needs a brief distraction so they can solve a Chroma puzzle, so they use the Locate keystone to pull in one. What do they get? None other than the famous HAL 9000!
    • And he ends up annoying GLaDOS by asking if she is Dave. The rest of their argument has to be seen to be believed.
  • Once they reach the foundation element, Batman has to keep the cake away from Gandalf and Wyldstyle so they don't steal a slice.
  • Despite a more pressing matter of the Riddler overtaking Minas Tirith, Gollum is upset because "Smeagol does the riddleses!"
  • When Gandalf recognizes that they're in Middle-Earth, Wyldstyle assumes he meant Middle-Zealand. It's especially funny if you consider how Lord of the Rings was filmed in New Zealand.
  • To break down some debris guarding the entrance, the trio summons the Animal King Turret, in all its leopard-printed glory.
  • Thanks to GLaDOS' help, some of the orcs attacking Minas Tirith have been outfitted with Personality Core helmets!
  • Wyldstyle tries to solve the Riddler's question using her phone... only to be disappointed by the lack of cell phone coverage in Middle-Earth.
  • When X-PO takes the recovered Palantir, he asks it if the heroes will be able to save all dimensions from certain doom:
    X-PO: "Ask again later." Huh.
  • What's the very first thing that happens when the trio enter New York (the Ghostbusters level)? Gandalf gets slimed by Slimer.
  • To emulate the gameplay of Robotron 2084, the characters are all parallel to the ground. But when they beat the game, gravity returns to normal... And while Wyldstyle and Batman end up fine, Gandalf lands face first. Then Batman grabs the foundation element, and makes a few battle poses as he expects someone to try and take it. Only an 8-bit tumbleweed passes by.
  • When the heroes successfully return from the Midway Arcade world, X-PO tells them that what they just experienced would have cost them one whole quarter back in the day.
  • When the trio overhears Fred Jones talking about his Uncle Arthur seeing a mummy going after the Diamond Scarab, Gandalf gets a little confused:
    Gandalf: What do you suppose his mother wants the scarab for? Perhaps as jewelery?
    Batman: What?
    Wyldstyle: Wrong kind of mummy, Gandalf.
  • Velma loses her glasses, causing her to stumble into a sarcophagus that gets pulled into the ceiling... But the person pulling it has a little difficulty fitting it through the hole.
  • Once they defeat the mummy, Batman tells Gandalf that the other mummies, anubi, and scarabs were robotic carnival exhibits. He then deduces that the mummy is actually... The fun-fair owner. Sadly, it turns out to actually be Lord Vortech.
    Lord Vortech: And I would have gotten away with it, if it hadn't been for you meddling kids!
    • And when Velma, Daphne, and Fred arrive at the scene, they see Scooby and Shaggy near the discarded costume and ask if it was the fun-fair owner again.
  • Having finally gathered all the foundation elements, Lord Vortech finally reveals "the foundation of all dimensions"... A green 16X16 LEGO baseplate. Batman says it best:
    All this for a green square!?
  • The Tri denies our heroes access to the Tower of Orthanc, even saying "You shall not pass!"
    Gandalf: It's one thing to deny us entry, but quite another to steal a man's words!
  • To get the Doctor's help, first the trio has to save him from a gathering of his villains... by disguising themselves as Zygons.
  • After gathering up heroes and villains to stop Lord Vortech's plans, we see them all gathered together, enjoying coffee.
    Dalek: (Holding a food tray) Was it four or five sugars, Doctor?
  • When all is said and done, and Lord Vortech is defeated, we cut to... The Fellowship, still waiting patiently in the Mines of Moria for Frodo to return.
    Samwise Gamgee: Don't worry, he'll be back aaaany minute now. Any minute. He'll be back any minute now... any minute.
  • The music played over the end credits is, once again, GLaDOS singing about Chell. Like in "Want You Gone", one line is labeled as "[REDACTED]". The line in question? "You Monster".

    Level Packs 
  • Doc Brown still took material from the Libyans in the Back to the Future level pack, so they come along to gun him down. This time, however, he manages to dodge all their fire, up to and including a rocket launcher. What does knock him out? A baseball. And in place of a bulletproof vest, what did Marty have him get to change the future? A baseball glove.
  • In the Portal 2 level pack, when Wheatley starts complaining about how annoying the Space Core was, he repeats the word for just long enough that Chell just backhands him.
    • And then Wheatley suggests a core transfer... With the Space Core.
    • We also have more of Space Core's inane ramblings, including this gem:
    • The Uncomfortable Elevator Moment; Given how Chell smacks him later, it's likely Wheatley was only saved from getting hit then because the floor gave out.
  • Pretty much anything the Daleks are doing during the cutscenes for the Doctor Who level pack. Including knitting!
    • Davros knocking over Daleks as he moves his vehicle around.
  • Because the Ecto-1 that comes with the Ghostbusters Level Pack is only large enough to hold Venkman, how do the other Ghostbusters keep up with him? In a wheelbarrow!
    • And while Egon is pushing the wheelbarrow, Ray decides to take a selfie with his camera.
    • When the Busters arrive at the Sedgewick Hotel, Ray tips the worker up front for valet parking. For a wheelbarrow.
    • Dana opening her fridge to find a Terror-Dog and another dimension, leading to her screaming and shutting the door... Then she decides to join it when it offers her a pizza.
    • Gozer making its entrance at the top of the Empire State Building... and then falling down a flight of stairs. Even one of the Terror-Dogs is embarrassed by this, while Winston just laughs.
    • Once the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is destroyed, a giant, roasted marshamallow appears where he was hanging onto.
  • How does Jim Phelps fake his own death? By spraying ketchup all over himself and then falling off a ledge.
  • For owners of both of Wave Six's Adventure Time packs, summoning "Future Jake" after the Lego-fied AT intro provides a good laugh.Note 
  • Omochao gets to help you out in Marble Zone during the Sonic Level Pack! It's... about as helpful as you'd expect.:
    Omochao: Pushing boxes makes them move!
    Sonic: Yup, already got that, Omochao.

    Omochao: Climbing chains makes you move up!
    Sonic: *Sigh* Thanks.

    Omochao: You can jump across these fallen stones!
    Sonic: Thanks... and here I was thinking I'd just STROLL through that lava.
    • "This way! wait, THIS way! ...did you know I'm totally lost?"
    • The implications that someone got so annoyed by Omochao that they locked him up in Marble Zone is funny in itself.
    • Near the end of the Sonic level pack, Shadow is seen holding a gun. Knuckles quickly grabs it from him and throws it away. For added humour, Knuckles clearly has white hands, meaning that he wears gloves inside his gloves.
    • Just about every cutscene in the Sonic level are gold. From Sonic explaining how he just saved his captured friends in a few offscreen seconds before noticing that Amy is missing, Sonic having a traumatized look when Big mentions the Labyrinth Zone, Omochao getting smashed by a floating spring... The list goes on.
  • The Goonies' Discontinuity Nod to the Deleted Scene about Data thwarting an octopus:
    Brand: Whoah!... You okay, Andy?
    Andy: Yeah but let's not tell anyone that we used music to defeat an octopus. It's too stupid. No-one will ever believe us.
    Brand: Yeah. Yeah, you're right. It'll be like it never happened.
    Data: Well, Data is still gonna tell everyone!note 

    Adventure Worlds 
  • The LEGO Movie World:
    Benny: I mean, me? I've never even FLOWN a spaceship, let alone lovingly built one from scratch, brick by brick, with my own... two...
    • Follwed by his idea to fix it:
    Benny: You know what might fix this problem? Building a SPACESHIP! ...No, wait. That's what CAUSED the problem.
  • DC Comics World:
    • While she and Jimmy Olsen report on the strange fusion of Gotham and Metropolis into one city, Lois Lane admits neither cities are strangers to unusual disasters... Specifically bringing up the time everyone turned into a pineapple.
    • Meanwhile, The Flash is busy thinking up names for this city amalgamation:
    Flash: Metropalam... Gothis... Metrom... Gothlopolopolam?
    • Jumping into the Harley cannon after getting all ten minikits will trigger Harley to say, "Time to taste Mr J's cooking!", since the cannons fire pies.
  • The Simpsons World: One of Hans Moleman's quests is to deliver horse meat to Springfield Elementary. It's hampered a little by only using past audio, but what does he say once you beat the mission?
    Hans Moleman: This isn't my house...
  • Ninjago World: When you go onto the launch pad near Sensei Garmadon, you get flung and hit the post where the skullkin are supposed to go during his mission. Something similar happens with a billboard in the LEGO Movie world and a wall in the Portal world.
  • Doctor Who World:
    • One of the things you have to rebuild is the Cybermen's base on Telos. How do you get persuaded to do so? Well:
      Cyberman: You will be billed for repairs, and then, you will be assimilated!
    • In a similar vein, you're required to renovate a giant Dalek head on Skaro. The Dalek who's in charge of the restoration says this:
      Dalek: Fund this restoration at once or you will be exterminated!
    • Naturally, Strax. For example, apparently someone was playing with their grenades, and accidentally destroyed all the furniture in Vastra's house. Strax blames Jenny for it. She's always doing that, after all.
      Strax: What a mess! It appears human homes aren't built to withstand everyday explosions.
    • One of Captain Jack's missions is a meta reference to voice actor John Barrowman and his second career as a song and dance man: the player has to round up a group of dancing Ood and return them to Jack. Afterwards, if you hang around, Barrowman starts singing "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow" as Captain Jack gets the Ood dancing again!
    • Missy. 'Nuff said. There's a reason why she's the most frequently used mission-giver in the Adventure World.
  • Portal World:
    • One of the golden brick opportunities in this world is to destroy five monitors with Wheatley's face on them. He's... a little upset that this gives you a gold brick.
      Wheatley: Oh, we're rewarding that kind of behavior, are we? I see how it is! Kids today...
    • One thing you can rebuild is the singing turret room from Portal 2's ending. GLaDOS doesn't like this at all.
      GLaDOS: I just hope you have earplugs. I don't even have ears I CAN plug!
      • And if you go out of your way to destroy every turret in the room, GLaDOS sighs in relief and thanks you.
    • If your character can fly, GLaDOS complains how it makes a mockery of the tests. But then she wonders if the characters are using SCIENCE to fly, which would be interesting.
    • Cave Johnson, unsurprisingly, is a good source of laughs, even in situations where he really shouldn't be. Like when telling test subjects the button they're meant to press could actually be wired up to the mains. And there's what he says after finishing the Mantis Men quest.
      Congratulations, the simple fact that you're standing here listening to me means you've made a glorious contribution to science! ... it also means you've managed to single-handedly eradicate an entire species in the space of an afternoon, which definitely deserves some kind of recognition. Possibly from an international tribunal. Caroline, give him something shiny and make sure he doesn't get within ten feet of my office?
  • Ghostbusters (1984) World: Vigo sends you on a mission to gather up his evil minions... which are, in no particular order:
  • Legends of Chima World:
    • Reegull's mission here is to gather up his fake CHI... which is making the users act like chickens. And after you round up all of it:
      Reegull: If you see any more of those chicken brains, they were like that before. Okay?
    • One mission involves freeing some beaver-folk from cages, then having to rebuild the cages (otherwise the beavers will try to do it themselves).
  • Jurassic World: All the NPCs' And That's Terrible comments about getting eaten by dinosaurs. "There's enough of that that's happened, thank you, so it just has to stop."
  • Ghostbusters (2016) World: A citizen starts talking about the "Real Ghost" on Ghostjumpers last night, before noting you could not see or hear the ghost.
  • The A-Team World: One of the NPCs can remark "I hear their Face Man is really a giant face in a jar."
  • Mission: Impossible World:
    • Kittridge's various ways to deliver a secret message to you, from a robot chicken to a phone box that is not only bouncing, but constantly reminds the public to move along and pay no attention.
    • One of Kittridge's missions involves the recovery of the knock-knock list; a list containing all the secret knocks of several facilities. The mission itself is particularly lethal, as it involves lasers and other things. In the end, Kittridge uses it to order fast food.
    • Another mission involves cooperation with Benji to recover the dreaded "Rabbit's Foot", which the IMF have no idea what it is. After recovering it, neither Ethan or Benji can figure out what it actually is, and Benji suggests that they could've just brought a pretzel back to HQ and say it was that.
    • For one mission, Kittridge requires you to don a fireman's disguise. So he sets a fast-food stall on fire.Note  Unfortunately, the local IMF agents have no idea how to handle fires (one even thinks he should hand over all his valuables). For added insanity, the reason for the fireman disguise is... to get cats away from high buildings, since they're drawing attention to IMF agents. And it's well-known that cats only come down from high places when firemen are nearby.
  • Harry Potter World:
    • You have a fight with Bellatrix Lestrange outside Grimauld Place, which consists of her throwing things at you for you to throw back at her. Meaning it is entirely possible to defeat her by hitting her over the head with a toilet, or even a rubber ducky.
    • After the fight, Arthur Weasley will appear, asking you to help the Ministry, who are being beplagued by the mysterious muggle implement known only as... a "rubber duck".
    • If you go to restore the Whomping Willow, the wizard asking for the studs actually takes a moment to ask why anyone's bothering to do this.
    • The NPCs who are wandering around have humorous lines if they catch sight of Voldemort or Harry.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog World:
    • Shadow introduces himself with a quote from Sonic Adventure 2.
      Shadow: (Before you talk to him) Maria... For the people of this planet, I promise you...
      Shadow: (When you talk to him) REVENGE! turns out is not what Maria asked for at all.
    • Shadow's personality is basically a "Lego Movie Batman" version of his own personality- cranked up to eleven, constantly muttering about his goals in terms of "The Ultimate" and mildly disturbed.
    • Just the fact that Knuckles' mission is called "LEGO Dimensions & Knuckles." (pictured above)
      • And during it, Knuckles randomly quotes his infamous raps!
      • Knuckles' insistence that he hasn't had the Master Emerald stolen thanks to trusting someone he shouldn't have again. He's just put it somewhere safe. Far away. Yeah...
    • The Hidden Palace Zone from Sonic & Knuckles can be found. If you complete the mission there, Dr. Eggman promptly shows up to steal the Master Emerald... and then almost immediately drops and smashes it. Becomes even funnier if you do the two missions listed above (the Hidden Palace Zone one and the Knuckles one) in the reverse order, meaning that despite his assertions that "He's hidden it" and that "No one can find it," Eggman already did. And broke it. And then left. Oops.
  • Gremlins World:
    • One Gold Brick requires you to have Ethan Hunt disguise himself as a cat... Words cannot do it justice.
    • You can treat the Gremlins in the Kingston Falls Cinema with Stud Silver and the Seven Microfigures. They throw a Gold Brick at the screen when the movie starts.
  • E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial World:
    • Mary has a mission to have you gather up her trick-or-treating kids... ...only to realize when you round them up that they aren't her kids at all.
      Mary: Maybe I should have given you a picture of my kids before sending you out there.
    • One gold brick has you replicating the frog rescue scene. The ridiculous amount of destruction you cause - and the teacher's reactions to it - has to seen to be believed.
  • The LEGO Batman Movie World: Some of the mayor's requests for restoration funding, and her compliments after the player delivers the studs.
    "Look at that! Some vandal has defaced the clock tower! Literally — It's got no face! It's going to take a very generous donation from a philanthropist to restore it to its former glory..."
    "Thank you! Your generous donation will make a big difference to the...dozens of people who can still tell time on a regular clock."
  • LEGO City Undercover World:
    • Frank Honey tries to order a pizza, but accidentally picks up his walkie-talkie instead of a phone. When Chief Dunby answers, Frank asks him if he works at the pizza place now.
    • After the player replaces the fourth Rex Fury billboard with one of Chase McCain, one fangirl asks if she can marry the sign...much to the jealousy of her husband, standing next to her. (Additionally, he admitted earlier that he never heard of Chase McCain, and only cheered for the "Mystery Person"'s image appearing so he could fit in with everyone else doing so.)
  • Teen Titans Go! World:
  • Beetlejuice World: A puzzle in the town model area is very straightforward, with a gold brick chest covered in vines. When you open it however, it's completely empty. Cue the Losing Horns!

    Story Packs 
  • During the Ghostbusters (2016) cutscene in which Gertrude slimes Erin (which lasts longer than in the movie), Abby pulls out an umbrella and a raincoat to protect herself, and Holtzmann pulls out red/blue 3D glasses and a popcorn box of Pringles to help herself watch Gertrude in action.
    • Abby's response to the high rent of the firehouse, part of which might lampshade the absence of Melissa McCarthy's voice from this game:
      Real estate agent: ...the monthly rent is only a modest 99 billion studs.
      Abby: How much?! Lady, we're scientists, not millionaire movie stars game developers!
    • As Owen and Blue wait on the subway platform, Patty doesn't seem to find the sight of a raptor in the station as unusual as Rowan crossing the tracks.
    • After the Rock Show scene, but before starting the next level, 3 of the ghostbusters get into a long discussion of the correct terminology when talking on the radio. Patty finally interrupts asking if she is the only one trying to catch ghosts.
  • During the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Story when Newt, Jacob, Tina & Queenie visit The Blind Pig to see Gnarlak regarding information on the whereabouts of Newt's beasts and the Obscurus they have to pay Gnarlak with something valuable. Newt tries offering Gnarlak The One Ring but that gets turned so he then tries offering a Red Brick only for Gnarlak to notice Newt's Pickett.
    • After dealing with a bunch of MACUSA Members Newt detracts Gnarlak by opening a dimensional rift where Greta from Gremlins comes out of. Greta then tries getting Jacob's attention only for him to push her out of the way.
  • At one point in the LEGO Batman Movie story pack, Batman is described by the subtitles as sighing " a moody teenager who has to clean his room".
    • At the end of the first level, Batman Offhand Backhands Orca with the Bat Shark-Repellent.
    • To abridge the plot, we have Batman drowning his sorrows in a Lobster binge and Alfred recounting the events when he woke up with no memory of it.
    • In the Fortress of Solitude, you need to break a disco ball and use its pieces to build a piñata so you can distract a bunch of partygoers from guarding a door. After building the piñata, Batman and Robin have this exchange:
      Robin: A piñata's such a good idea! What's inside it? Candy?
      Robin: Yikes! I hope they don't eat it!
    • Early on in Arkham Assault, Batman and Robin are fighting off security guards inside an X-Ray machine.
      Robin: Uh, Bat-pops? Should we be in an X-Ray for this long?
      Batman: Don't worry. Radiation is great for super-heroes.

     Teen Titans Go! Episode 
  • TTG! Robin pisses off The LEGO Batman Movie's Bat-Family when he accidentally crashes their Batmobile offscreen.
  • Starfire gets caught up in Oz's colorful and musical joys, but when she conjures up some disco balls in the Emerald City, some frightened Ozians call her a witch, and dump water on her. Starfire proceeds to fly away, exclaiming, "Oh, what a world!"
  • The epilogue reveals that Raven won the Lego-building contest, after re-building Cyborg's and Beast Boy's model into an unflattering portrait of the judge.
    Raven: My dad didn't let me play with building bricks, but he did teach me to win at all costs!...I regret nothing.

     Small Talk 
  • You also get some rare moments of small talk from the characters, from interacting with each other or a vehicle:
    • Batman
      Batman: (Seeing a Dalek) Someone call for a robot plumber?
      Batman: (To Cragger) Killer Croc! How did you—? Sorry. I saw a croc and... Well, this is awkward.
      Batman: (Concerning Bart) Hmm... Could this child be the elusive "Bartman"? No, that's just not possible...
      Batman: (Seeing Krusty) Joker! What villainy are you— Oh, sorry. Wrong clown.
      Batman: (Seeing Lloyd) Samurai! Of all places for you to show up... I'm sorry dear fellow, wrong martial art.
      Batman: (To Himself) What are you? Some hockey pants wearing imposter from Gotham?
    • Wyldstyle
      Wyldstyle: Wow, talk about Deja Vu... Wait, did I say that already?
      Wyldstyle: (Going through a loading screen) My scanner's picking up a new dimension! Oh, no, wait... Just a smudge on the screen. Never mind!
      Wyldstyle: (Entering Benny's spaceship) I may as well say it and get the full experience. (clears throat) SPACESHIP!! SPACESHIP!! SPACESHIP!!
      Wyldstyle: (To Herself) Hey, are you a DJ? Oh, I can see what people mean...
    • Gandalf
      Gandalf: (Being removed from the toy pad) Three hundred lives of Men have I walked on this earth, bye!
      Gandalf: (Going through a loading screen) I have fallen through light and shadow... But I must say, it wasn't anywhere near as colorful as this!
    • X-PO
      X-PO: (Delivering a hint) You look like you could use some help. Here, let me take pity on you.
      X-PO: (Delivering a hint) Stuck, huh? Don't worry, you're only human. Or maybe some kind of mammal. I can't tell.
    • Marty McFly
      Marty McFly: (Being removed from the toy pad) As the sayin' goes, "I gotta make like a tree... and get outta here"!
      Marty McFly: (to Bad Cop) Ease up, will ya?! Your attitude is worse than Strickland's!
    • Homer
    • Owen Grady
      Owen Grady: (Riding the Velociraptor) Okay, let's make a deal. You don't eat me, and I won't get stuck in your throat when you inevitably do.
      Owen Grady: (To Unikitty) Part cat, part unicorn, huh? I bet InGen had a hand in that.
      Owen Grady: (riding Benny's spaceship) A spaceship? Really? And people say dinosaurs are science fiction.
    • ACU Trooper
    ACU Trooper: Oh sure, you get the tranq rifle and I'm stuck with a stun rod. That's fair.
    -Owen Grady: You snooze, you lose!
    • Scooby
      Scooby: (When riding on Shelob) Yikes, a spider!
    • Shaggy
      Shaggy: (In the Mystery Machine) Zoinks! Like, the real mystery is how we fit four people and a Scoob in here!
    • Wonder Woman
      Wonder Woman: (Entering the TARDIS) What is this? Looks like something Superman would change outfits in.
    • Emmet
      Emmet: (To Owen Grady) Hey - you seem familiar, have we met?
      Owen Grady: I dunno - did you work on the park?

      Emmet: Hey, it's Batman! Awesome! Wait... are you the jerk Batman or the good one?
      Emmet: (To Wyldstyle) Oh, hey, Lucy! Wait, am I alright to call you Lucy? Do people... KNOW? Oh MAN, I put my foot in it, didn't I?
      Emmet: (Confronted with a puzzle element he can't use) Oh hey, I know this thing! It's a... waddyamacall... whoozitmajig... dooda... Nope, I have no idea.
      Emmet: (To Unikitty) Alriiiight! It's the princess of the SKIES, UN-AY-KIT-AY! Sorry, I don't know where that came from...
      Emmet: (Seeing himself) Oh, man! So I really am just a generic construction worker!
      Emmet: (When riding the Batmobile) Alright, now I can be dark and brooding, too! Uh, I mean (does faux-gravelly voice) "now I can be dark and brooding, too!"
    • Benny
      Benny: (Riding the Hoverboard) A hoverboard from the future? It's exactly as I thought it would be!
      Benny: (Idling) Everything is spaceship! Everything is cool when you're building a SPACESHIP!
    • Jay
      Jay: (Riding the Storm Fighter) Yeah - the Storm Fighter! Note: Not guaranteed to fight actual storms.
      Jay: (Being removed from the toy pad) Alright. I'm gonna go see my mom. She gets worried if I don't call.

      Jay: Hey Nya! Now - d'you remember how to save the world?
      Nya: Like I ever stopped, Jay.

      Jay: (Riding the DeLorean) And there was me thinking my parents had tricked-out their car.
      Jay: (Entering the game) I hope you haven't summoned me just to jump-start a car...
    • Nya
      Nya: Do you ever find that the boys want to have all the fun themselves?
      Eris: Ugh. Tell me about it.

      Nya: (To Scooby-Doo) I wish I could say a talking dog was the weirdest thing I've seen today, but it doesn't even make the top five.
      Nya: (Riding the Storm Fighter) Ugh. I don't know how Jay flies this thing with the seat so far forward!
      Nya: (Riding Benny's Spaceship) Wow, this thing is pretty retro...
    • Zane
      Zane: (To Gimli) Your beard is surprisingly lustrous for a small child!
      Zane: (Riding K9) I could never have done this with my falcon...
      Zane: (In any mech) Goodness, you are certainly larger than the average person.
    • Gollum
      Gollum: (Collecting a Gold Brick or Minikit) We founds it! We founds the Precious! That's not the Precious, stupid!
      Gollum: (Concerning the Witch's Flying Monkey vehicle) Flying hairy orcses!
    • Laval
      Laval: (Riding a Gyrosphere) Hey! I'm a lion! Not a hamster!
      Laval: (Upon respawning) Whoa. I guess we do have nine lives after all.
    • Eris
      Eris: Hey, Laval. Wanna hear a joke?
      Laval: Err... Maybe later.

      Eris: How do you fly without wings?!
      Superman: To be honest, I've never really given it any thought.
    • Wicked Witch
      Wicked Witch: (Concerning Wonder Woman) Another good witch? Curses! Curses!
      Wicked Witch: (Upon respawning) I'm melting! MELTING! ...Oh, maybe not.
      Wicked Witch: (To Laval) Have you found your courage yet, you oversized housecat?
      Wicked Witch: (Driving the Ecto-1) What a horridly bright carriage! Although I DO like the spooky ghost on the side!
    • The Doctor
      The Doctor: (Riding the DeLorean) I could save the universe three times over before this baby hits 88 miles per hour! Quickly! Back to the TARDIS!
      The Doctor: (To Homer Simpson) I'd offer you a jelly baby, but you'll take the whole bag!
      The Doctor: (To Scooby-Doo) I usually prefer dogs of the robot kind myself. They're not as slobbery and can talk properly.
      The Doctor: (In the Mystery Machine) The only mystery worth solving here is how this thing passed its MOT.
      The Doctor: (To playable Cyberman) What is it this time? Conquer the world? Destroy the universe? Free ice cream?
      The Doctor: (To Peter Venkman) Who ya gonna call? Judging by the state of your uniform I'd suggest a dry cleaner.
      The Doctor: (To Doc Brown): You may be a doctor. But I'm THE Doctor. The definite article, you might say.
      The Doctor: (To Himself): Oh don't mind me, you've just created a great big paradox that could potentially destroy the entire space-time contin-i-um, but as long as you're having fun, please be my guest.
    • Cole
      Cole: (riding his Boulder Bomber) This is my favorite thing to come out of a noodle factory! Except, y'know, noodles.
    • Kai
      Kai: (Entering the game) Whoa! Aw man, I must've accidentally drank Traveller's tea!

      Kai: Trouble seems to find us wherever we go, huh?
      Jay: I think it's just finding you, Kai. We should stop hanging out.
    • Krusty
      Krusty: (Concerning Unikitty) Better get back on those anti-psychotic meds!
      Krusty: (To The Joker) Would you do my kid's birthday party?
      Krusty: (To Harley Quinn) Now see here, Little Miss Scene Stealer, I'm the star of the show!
      Krusty: (To Himself) Welcome to the noble family of skilled Krustations.
    • Unikitty
      Unikitty: (To the Wicked Witch) If you spent more time singing, you wouldn't feel so "wicked," witch.
      Unikitty: (To Homer Simpson) Is that a can of Buzz Cola? Can I try some?? I've never had sugar before!!
      Unikitty: (To Owen Grady) You sound like Emmet, but you're not the Special.
      Unikitty: (To Bad Cop) I have a particular set of skills, Bad Cop... And they're for making you have happy thoughts!
    • Peter Venkman
      Venkman: (To The Doctor) You didn't used to look like this.
      Venkman: (To Unikitty) There are some things in this world that go beyond human understanding...
    • The Joker
      Joker: (To Krusty) Another clown huh? This is MY gig bub! Go find your own party to crash!!
      Joker: (To Unikitty) Oh dear, I think I might have finally lost it! What are YOU supposed to be!?
    • Harley Quinn
      Harley Quinn: (To Doc Brown) Oh, hey Doc! Is it time for my psych review already?
      Harley Quinn: (Driving Doc's flying train) Where I'm going I don't need roads! Not that I paid much attention to 'em anyway!
      Harley Quinn: (To Herself) Oh yay! My dream of having my own identical partner in crime finally came true!
    • Cyberman
      Cyberman: (To Cyborg) Scans detect your Cyber armor is cooler than mine. Where did you get it?
      Cyberman: (In portal sequence) I am going on an adventure.
      Cyberman: (To Homer) Upgrade incompatible. We do not stock Cyber armor in your size.
    • Doc Brown
      Doc Brown: (Entering the TARDIS) You should have listened to me when I said "If you're gonna build a time machine, why not do it with some style?"
      Doc Brown: (To Homer) HOMER! Just the man I need! Do you have some plutonium I could borrow...?
      Doc Brown: (To Scooby-Doo) Einstein! Come here boy! Wait...who are you and what have you done with my dog!?
    • Gamer Kid
      Gamer Kid: (In portal sequence) Best loading screen EVER!
      Gamer Kid: (To Chell) So is it "Shell" or "Chell?" ...Okay, the silent type, I guess.
    • Aquaman
      Aquaman: (To Emmet) Everything is awesome! Everything is cool when you live in the sea!
      Aquaman: (To Homer) I wonder if this fellow knows anything about that three-eyed fish I saw earlier...
    • Superman
      Superman: (To Batman) Let's settle this rivalry once and for all... COFFEE OR TEA?
      Superman: (To Chell) So you were captured by an evil computer? Heh, yeah I've been there...
      Superman: (To The Doctor) Me? Time travel? Oh, no...I couldn't do a thing like that!
      Superman: (Being removed from the toy pad) What's that I hear? A cat stuck up a tree? Gotta go!
      Superman: (To himself) Oh, don't make me have to fight you in a junkyard again, Evil Superman!
    • Bane
      Bane: (In portal sequence) Perhaps this is how Batman got back to Gotham that one time!
  • Series Two
    • Green Arrow
      Green Arrow: (To The Doctor) Excuse me Doctor? Your friend Captain Jack Harkness...he looks kinda familiar for some reason...
      Green Arrow: (To Homer) Okay Homer, I'll take you to Big Belly Burger as soon as you help me track down Hank Scorpio. Wh- Hey are you even listening to me!? Ugh, c'mon man focus!!
      Green Arrow: (To Shaggy) Hi Shaggy! Say, do you know if Velma got any of my fan mail? ...actually, forget I said anything...
      Green Arrow: (Piloting the Arrow Launcher) Eh, I'm sure Legolas won't mind if I borrow this, we're amigos in archery!!
      Green Arrow: (To Harry) No, Harry. Yeah, I know I'm wearing green but I am not in Slytherin! Honest!
      Green Arrow: (To Sonic) Y'know, Sonic, have you ever thought about changing the name from "Green Hill Zone" to... wait for it... "Green Arrow Zone"? Huh? Huh? Or how, how bout' "Emerald Archer Zone"? Huh? Better? How bout this? "Mystic Arrow Cave"? Ha ha! I have, like, twelve more of these.
    • Supergirl
      Supergirl: (To Benny) You have a spaceship? ME TOO! Well, it's more of a pod...but it was in space!
      Supergirl: (To Gizmo) Aw, Gizmo you're so cute! It's not too bright for you here is it? Do you want some water? Oh, wait, bad idea! Sorry!
    • Abby Yates
      Abby: (To Peter) I'm very flattered by your homemade Ghostbusters costume but it's... Not quite right.
      Abby: (To Harry) You call that a wand? This is a wand!
      Abby: (To Herself) Looks like Holtzmann finally perfected her cloning machine experiment!
    • Gizmo
      Gizmo: (To Stripe) Ahh! Stripe! Go away!
      Gizmo: (To Aquaman) Oh no! Stay away from water!
      Gizmo: (To Scooby-Doo) Heehee... Doggy!
      Gizmo: (To Marceline) I no like light either. We stay in dark.
      Gizmo: (To E.T.) You Mogwai too?
      Gizmo: (To a Mech or Giant Character) Oh! Giant friend!
      Gizmo: (To Himself) More Mogwai!
    • Stripe
      Stripe: (To Gizmo) Gizmo, caca!
      Stripe: (To Gizmo when he becomes a gremlin) Ahh! Welcome to club, Gizmo!
      Stripe: (To Newt Scamander) Nice briefcase. You Mogwai seller?
      Stripe: (To Batman) You look like Gremlin. You friend of mine.
      Stripe: (To Unikitty) Bleugh. You too bright.
      Stripe: (To a Mech or Giant Character) Big ones fall harder.
      Stripe: (To Himself) Ahh. Double trouble!
    • Ethan Hunt
      Ethan: (To Batman) I was hoping we might work together.
      Ethan: (To Homer) Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall...
      Ethan: (To Himself) You gotta be kidding!
    • Sonic the Hedgehog
      Sonic: (To Lumpy Space Princess) Lumpy Space Princess, huh? Last time I met a princess, I— We... Y'know, I d-- I don't quite remember. Never mind.
      Sonic: (To Homer) Shaving off your mustache and putting on a white shirt won't fool me, Eggman! I still know it's you!
      Sonic: (To Bart) Hey, Bart! Remember, if you see a gold brick lying around, Just take it! Take it, take it, take it, take it! Take it!
      Sonic: (To The Doctor) Hey, you're THE Doctor, right? I heard you named a screwdriver after me! How cool is that?!
      Sonic: (To Benny) Blue's definitely in style right now. Good choice, buddy!
      Sonic: (To Cragger) Whoa, Vector! Sweet threads! Oops! Wrong crocodile...
      Sonic: (To Gollum) So, you're into collecting rings too, huh? Yeah, they're pretty precious.
      Sonic: (To Cyborg) Whoa! What happened to you, buddy? Did Eggman roboticize you or something?
      Sonic: (To Harley Quinn) Red outfit - check. Big hammer - check. Nothing personal, lady... but I'm gonna stay over here.
      Sonic: (To any Ghostbuster) Hey, a Ghostbuster! I saw this creepy doll that kinda looks like my friend Tails. Think you could take a look?
      Sonic: (To Newt) I don't like the way you're looking at me... If you so much as open that case, I'm outta here...
      Sonic: (To Marceline) Hey Vampire Lady! Did I hear you turn into a wolf sometimes? I know that feeling...
      Sonic: (Entering the game) Aw, yeah! This is happenin'! ...That— that sounded better in my head.
      Sonic: (While idle) Man, I can really feel the sunshine! It's brightening up my day!
      Sonic: (To Himself) Found you, faker! / I'll make you eat those words! / Hey, that's my line!
      Sonic: (Encountering a puzzle) A puzzle? It isn't gonna be like that bouncing barrel in Carnival Night Zone, is it?
    • Finn
      Finn: (To Batman) Hey! You've got an animal hat too!
      Finn: (To Scooby-Doo) Hey Jake! How about we—Oh! Uh...sorry guy, wrong dog.
    • Jake
      Jake: (To Slimer) I gotta introduce you to Slime Princess!
      Jake: (To B.A Baracus) Heh, I like this guy! He knows a fool when he sees one!
      Jake: (To Gizmo) Hey little fella, you look hungry... You hungry? Yeah, you're hungry.
      Jake: (Riding the Jakemobile) Er...this doesn't feel too right, dude...
    • Lumpy Space Princess
      Lumpy Space Princess: (To Unikitty) Ugh girlfriend, gross! You're far too smooth! You need some like, lumps on you. Like my hot bo-day!
    • Marceline
      Marceline: Sup LSP, you ready to cause some trouble?
      Lumpy Space Princess: Like, obviously. You can't spell Lumpy Space Princess without baaaaaaad.
      Marceline: Actually.... I don't think there are any B's in your name... Or D's for that matter...
      Lumpy Space Princess: Enough talking, girl, let's gooooo!

      Marceline: (To The Doctor) Can I drink one of your hearts...? I mean, it's not like you need both of them or anything.
      Marceline: (To Batman) Cool, another vampire. You wanna go grab some red with me? Wait... is that a mask?
      Marceline: (To Marty McFly) Cool guitar man, we should jam some time. But you might want to bring a spare jacket in case I get hungry after.
      Marceline: (To Kai) So Kai, I'll let you choose... I drink the red from your hat, or the red from your blood.
      Marceline: (Riding the Jakemobile) A vehicle and a snack in one. Nice!
    • Harry Potter
      Harry: (To Himself) I must be out of my mind.
    • Voldemort
      Voldemort: (To Himself) In some ways... Twins.
    • B.A. Baracus
      B.A Baracus: (To Homer) I'll get you that autograph, Homer. So long as you don't get on my bad side.
      B.A Baracus: (To The Doctor) You're a doctor huh? Good, cause any fools that run into me today are gonna need one!
      B.A. Baracus (to Sonic): Hey, Sonic. I'm diggin' your spiky hair, dude. And the way you spend all day collecting gold rings? I can get along with that.
    • Newt Scamander
      Newt (to the Wicked Witch): Have we met? ...Maybe in Knockturn Alley? No?
      Newt (to Gizmo): Oh my, what's this? Is it a Goblin? Or a breed of Doxy perhaps? Gosh, how unusual. I must make a note of this.
      Newt (to Aquaman): I understand you can communicate with marine creatures. Simply fascinating; you must let me in on your secret.
    • E.T.
      E.T. (to Homer): E.T. phone Homer.
      E.T. (to Batman): E.T. phone... Batman.
      E.T. (to Voldemort): Voldemort... bad.
      E.T. (to Gamer Kid): E.T. game... good?
      E.T. (Riding the Sonic Speedstar): Got... to go... fast!
      E.T. (to himself): E.T. home?
    • Tina
      Tina (to Ethan Hunt): A super spy? Is that like a No-Maj Auror? I can relate...
    • Excalibur Batman
      Excalibur Batman (to B.A.): We should team up and build something in a montage, sometime.
      Excalibur Batman (to Newt): So what's with the name? Did you fall into a cave and get bitten by a bunch of newts?
    • LEGO Movie Batman
      LEGO Movie Batman (to Superman): Oh, great. Another awkward conversation about how amazing it is that both our moms are called Martha.
      LEGO Movie Batman (Confronted with a puzzle element he can't use): It didn't work. Probably because I'm too buff.
    • Batgirl
      Batgirl (to Sonic): You break the speed limit, and you're getting a ticket.
      Batgirl (to Bad Cop): There's no room for Bad Cops in Gotham...
    • Robin
      Robin (to DC Comics Batman): What's going on, Bat-Dad? You look different.
      Robin (to Finn): Is that a cowl? Are you a superhero?
      Robin (to Harry): Orphan fist-bump! No? OK...
    • Michael Knight
      Michael (to Marty): Sorry, Marty, I gotta say, that jacket does kinda look like a life preserver. Trust me, I know a thing or two about being a lifeguard.
      Michael (to Homer): Knight 'Boat'? Sorry, Homer. I think you've got me confused with someone else.
      Michael (to Abby): Oh hi, Abby! You're one of those, uh, "Phantom Busters", right? Say, if you see a black car driving by itself, that's normal, OK? It's not a ghost or anything. Honest. I mean a ghost driving a car? Like that would ever happen!

      Michael (to KITT, upgraded to the Goliath Armored Semi): KITT? Wow! What happened to you, pal? You get an upgrade?
      KITT: Yes. Something like that, Michael.

      Michael (to KITT, upgraded to the KITT Jet): Okay, KITT. What's going on? You used to be a car, remember? This is all VERY confusing...
      KITT: Well, if you don't approve of my latest upgrade, you could always walk, Michael.
    • KITT
      KITT (to Batman): Hello, Batman. Did you decide to trade up? I'm kidding, the Batmobile and I are old friends.
      KITT (to Doc Brown): Dr. Brown, you say we don't need "roads" where we're going, but I, for one, would much prefer we have them.
      KITT (to Sonic): Hello, Sonic. Did you hear that your friend "Shadow" tried to buy me? I suppose I must be his type of vehicle.
      KITT (To Harley Quinn): Ah, Harley Quinn. Bringing new meaning to the phase "Driving me crazy".
      KITT (To The Wicked Witch of the West): Excuse Me, Miss Wicked Witch, why are there no traffic signals on the Yellow Brick Road? It seems dangerous.
      KITT (to Stripe): Hello, Stripe. You're not going to start randomly pressing buttons on my dashboard, are you?... This could be bad.
      KITT (Being removed from the toy pad): Time to hit the road... or at least drive down it safely, obeying all local traffic laws. / I suppose I'd better go. If I stay around here too long, someone might give me a parking ticket.
    • The Goonies
      Chunk (to Stripe): Hey! There you are, Stripe! Where've you been? I told the Sheriff about you but he didn't believe me!
      Data (to Doc Brown): Doc Brown? Wow! Can Data help you with your inventions? Data is a WAY better inventor than that other kid!
      Mikey (to Gollum): It's that Gollum guy again. I wonder why he keeps calling me a hobbit...
    • Chase McCain
      Chase (to Bad Cop): If there's one thing I can't stand it's bad cops. If there's two things, then mushrooms on pizzas... and bad cops.
      Chase (to Ethan Hunt): Nice to meet a fellow master of disguise. Unless... that's actually someone else disguised as you... Whoa.
      Chase (to Homer): Y'know, Homer, I think you'd get on really well with Frank.
      Chase (In portal sequence): I don't even have a seat-belt! Is this safe?! / Are we sure that ripping a hole through space-time is legal?
    • Betelgeuse
      Betelgeuse (to Batman): Hey! BIRDMAN! Ya-know I tried that gig a couple of times. Quit while you're ahead, I say.
    • Teen Titansnote 
      Beast Boy: Maaaaan... is anyone else sick of doing busy-work for complete strangers? I'm tiireeed!
      Cyborg: Yeah! Why can't they collect these so-called gold bricks themselves!
      Robin: Titans! Think about what you're saying! Performing basic tasks for the good of the city is what being a hero is all about!
      Raven: What? I thought being a hero was about the perks.
      Robin: (gasp) Raven! How could you say such a thing! A good deed is a reward in itself!
      Starfire: But friend Robin, I thought you said that you were in it for the money.
      Robin: Wel, I... uh...
      Beast Boy: Yeah, that's why I do it.
      Cyborg: And me.
      Raven: Me too.
      Starfire: I specifically request the bills or the cashier's cheques.
      Robin: OK, OK, let's face it, we're all in it for the money!
      (all the Titans laugh)
      Starfire: I am missing having the opposable thumbs.
      Robin: Honestly guys, I don't know why but this episode just hasn't ended yet.
      Beast Boy: Maybe we can fix it by collecting more gold bricks? Right...? RIGHT?
      Cyborg: WHEN WILL IT END?!
  • Lord Vortechnote 
    Lord Vortech (to Peter): Who you gonna call? Lord Vortech! (hums Ghostbusters theme)
    Lord Vortech (Entering the TARDIS): Why is this silly thing a police box? I thought he was a doctor, not a policeman!
    Lord Vortech (to the Doctor): Some of us don't need a fancy blue box to travel between dimensions, Doctor!
    Lord Vortech (In the Mystery Machine): This machine isn't that mysterious. It's a van!
    Lord Vortech (In the DeLorean): What? This thing can only go backwards and forwards in time? Boring!

     Everything Else 
  • Like in her home series, Chell can effortlessly levitate gadgets with her portal gun. However, as everyone can use them, this leads to everyone else having to carry the gadget, which is the same size as them, leaning awkwardly in a position that suggests their back is hurting, all while their walking speed is reduced. Similarly, when Unikitty picks up a gadget, she'll levitate it with her horn with a look of pure wonder and delight. Bonus points if it's the love-themed Companion Cube.
  • The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is animated to look stretchy like a marshmallow. His idle animation also has him eat his own hand.
  • Homer's ability to grow into a giant with rage.
  • Scooby-Doo's cartoonish walking/running animation, with his legs moving everywhere without coordination. And on certain vehicles Scooby will lay down and cover his eyes with his paws while the vehicle is driving around.
  • Scooby and Shaggy's stealth ability consists of them donning Southern Belle/Little Bo Peep costumes and sneaking by. Scooby's animations stick out in particular.
  • The Fourth Doctor's animation for being taken off the toy pad has him being pulled in by his yo-yo.
  • The playable Wicked Witch will indeed melt into a puddle when sprayed with water, leaving her hat and broom behind as in the film.
  • Collecting all 480 of the Gold Bricks located in Year One levels and Adventure Worlds unlocks an amusing extra: Vorton Disco, which bathes the hub world in colorful lights, and cues up dance music sampled from Story Mode dialogue, which none of the characters on the Toy Pad can resist dancing to.
  • When Sonic is idle, he'll fall asleep and dream of his Sonic the Hedgehog sprite self running.
  • If Sonic jumps into water, he'll put on a lifejacket and float on his back.
  • When using the Jakemobile vehicle it doesn't sound like a's just Jake making car noises with his mouth.
  • When Holtzmann fixes blue objects, rather than the standard method for fixing things, she pulls out her dual blowtorches and starts dancing.
  • The Adventure Time characters, by virtue of following their show's animation style, have some seriously wacky animations.
  • One of the Eleventh Doctor's special finishers is taking a fez out, forcing it onto an enemy's head to blind them, and then knocking them out.
  • Whenever the player summons the door Chase McCain uses to change his outfit, Chase looks up, makes a confused grunt as he sees the door fall, and screams as he jumps out of its way.
  • Just the fact that the Truffle Shuffle is weaponised.

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