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  • After successfully landing on Mun in one of his LPs of Kerbal Space Program, "One Giant Leap for Kerbal Kind", Kurt has the Kerbal go on EVA and messes around with the EVA Pack a little. After getting a bit too far away from the shuttle for comfort, Kurt begins to pilot the Kerbonaut back. In mid-flight, Sticky Keys activates and Kurt loses control while trying to cancel the function, causing the Kerbal to collide with the ground and bounce into the air numerous times before grinding to a halt unharmed.
    Kurt: Oh, no! Oh, no! He's gonna die!
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  • Kurt making up songs.
    Floating block of ice, floating block of ice~!
  • The entirety of Kurt trying to make a Space Shuttle in KSP. It does not end well.
  • The ending of the "Buzz Cut" video, specifically Kurt's signoff.
    Kurt: My name's Kurt, I'm gonna go cry in a corner now, bye!
  • During Episode 44 of his KSP series, for the first launch of his Solar Explorer rocket:
    Kurt notices he forgot to add reinforcing struts between two stages on the Solar Explorer.
    Kurt: Oh, sugar! I forgot to put some struts between these two stages. Hopefully that's not much of an issue... That's a little bit of cause for concern, but I think we should be OK.
    Later, as the bottom stage begins to plow through the rest of the rocket above it...
    The rocket explodes.
    Kurt: Back to the drawing board, I think...

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