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  • This being a comedy-action film, and an exceptionally good one at that, isolating a moment that is funny without also being awesome is a little tricky. In fact, head over to the Awesome page, they've got a good over there.
  • In general, there is much Black Comedy over the amount of Amusing Injuries Sing is subject to. It helps that he gets better from most of it.
  • "Obvious! I am the chosen one!" *thwack*
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  • When The Axe Gang shows up in Pig Alley after Sing's antics, bringing ominous clouds with them with each step, the Landlady dismisses the clouds as its going to rain. But when she gets called out by them, she dashes up the stairs with Super Speed to her room and hides under her blankets in bed.
  • Brother Sum is constantly dancing...even when he's about to kill someone.
  • The Axe Gang dance at the beginning.
  • The knife-throwing scene.
    Bone: We should check for fingerprints!
    (Pulls knife out of Sing's arm)
    Sing: [groans in pain]
    Bone: Oh sorry!
    (Sticks knife back into Sing's arm)
  • Sing picking a fight with the residents of Pig Sty Alley, specifically singling out women, children and the elderly, only to find out that even they could kick his ass.
  • When sing is completely demolishing the Axe Gang, the Landlord and Landlady watch:
    Landlord: If he studies hard, he could be a good doctor or lawyer.
    Landlady: More likely a stuntman....

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