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  • The townspeople are really, REALLY desperate to get an end to Kubo's story.
    • Special mention goes to Hashi, the village's local samurai, who practically begs Kubo to finish the story.
      • According to his bio, Hashi is Kubo's biggest fan.
  • Fire-breathing chicken. It also can lay eggs at roughly the same rate of fire as a machine gun.
    • When Kameyo asks Kubo to add the fire-breathing chicken to his story, the shot cuts to Kubo wearing a look of utter disappointment on his face, and he responds "the chicken again?" Apparently, this isn't the first time this has happened.
    • Funnier still: Japanese myth includes a fire-breathing chicken (called a Basan or Basabasa). Perhaps Kubo's stories led to the creation of this myth in this universe?
  • The villager voiced by George Takei almost vomits at a particularly gruesome scene in Kubo's story. Need we remind you, the story is entirely played out with paper figures.
    • He also uses his trademark "Oh my" when little Hanzo decapitates the origami fire-breathing chicken.
  • The old beggar woman Kameyo may be past her best days, but she's energetic, sharp, and delighted to talk with Kubo. She gets her share of amusing moments.
  • Upon arrival at the beached whale carcass they will be using for shelter that night, Monkey notes that Kubo may be tempted to complain about the smell... then observes that her nose is ten times more sensitive than his. She then gives Kubo a side glance as though wordlessly telling him "So for you, it could be worse", then clears her throat as she proceeds with a major This Is Gonna Suck face.
  • Kubo quietly observing Monkey while inside the whale. She scratches herself, eats a bug she picked from her fur, and gives a yawn that shows her fangs. All of it while maintaining her nonchalance. Kubo stares at her mortified. It's only when she scratches herself with her hind leg that she recognizes she's letting herself act a little too animal and regains her composure.
    • Twice as funny when you learn Monkey is really an incarnate of Kubo's mother. Yep, Kubo's divine beauty of a mother just ate a bug.
  • When Kubo asks Monkey who she is, she casually answers "You don't recognize me?" To make a point, she then sits exactly like the "Mr. Monkey" charm, right down to the blank expression the wooden charm has.
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  • Upon recognizing Monkey as his wooden monkey charm, Kubo comes to the realization how he wrongfully named his companion.
    Kubo: You were a wooden charm, you were this big.. (Beat, Eyes widen) I called that charm Mister Monkey.
    Monkey: (In a Deadpan Snarker tone) And if I had been alive at that point, I might've been insulted.
  • The following question conversation in the whale.
    Kubo: Why only three?
    Monkey: Okay, that was your first question.
    • Kubo then decides to troll Monkey back by loudly slurping his soup every time she's about to take a sip of hers.
    Kubo: (in fake British accent) Oh, excuse me...
  • Monkey's Lampshade Hanging of how impossible the "origami" figures are. "I swear there were scissors involved."
    • Also during that scene, Monkey getting uncharacteristically paranoid over the origami Hanzo.
    Monkey: (Whispering to Kubo) He's been standing there for hours. Quietly judging us.
  • During their journey to find the first piece of the armor, Kubo tests his abilities and uses magic to create a living flock of origami birds. He runs past Monkey. ...and the origami birds fly past her, leaving her disorientated and her fur all puffed up.
  • When Kubo heads out with Monkey, she tries to get him to conserve his magic, to which he later responds by sending a paper bird to jab her in the behind before trying badly to blame it on mosquitoes. In a barren arctic wasteland. Cue three of his paper birds refolding themselves into three mosquitoes and diving at Monkey, who grabs all three in midair. Grabbing the third one with her primate foot. Kubo's Oh, Crap! expression is priceless. Not to mention that when he tries to defend it wasn't him, she holds out the origami paper as evidence, and Kubo gives the most sheepish smile ever. His final attempt for an excuse is a defensive "I didn't ask them to do that! ...The second time at least." which grants him a minor Death Glare from Monkey.
    • Kubo and Monkey's banter in general is hilarious.
    Kubo: Do you ever say anything encouraging?
    Monkey: I encourage you not to die. (puts on a big, fake smile and saunters off)
    Kubo: (mockingly) "I encourage you not to die..."
  • Most of Kubo and Monkey's antics in the beginning of the movie become much funnier in hindsight when it's revealed that Kubo's been backsassing his mother all along.
  • Beetle using the word "cursed" too much when explaining his backstory:
    Beetle: Many years ago, I was cursed. Trapped in this cursed state. Cursed to wander the Far Lands. Cursed! ... Or "curse-ed".
  • Beetle second-guessing himself when he claims he was once a samurai.
    Beetle: Look, I have stuff. I'm either a samurai or a really bad hoarder.
  • Most of what Beetle says. The banter between Kubo, Monkey and Beetle are the comedic highlights of the film. In fact they start to bicker Like an Old Married Couple. Which they are.
    • This moment during their first meeting.
    (Kubo and Monkey are arguing over whether they should tell Beetle that Hanzo is his father: Kubo thinks they should, Monkey doesn't)
    Beetle: (crawls over) What? Tell me what?
    Kubo: (looking directly at Monkey, sly smile on his face) Hanzo was my father.
    Monkey: KUBO!!
    • Before then, when Beetle explains he sometimes remembers in "flashes" from things he sees or hears or smells. She makes a snarky remark about Beetle's hygiene.
    Monkey: (sniffs the air) You must get a lot of flashes.
    • Kubo explains to Beetle what they did before meeting him. This includes him making very, very clear that he called the monkey statue "Mr. Monkey". It's even funnier because Monkey told Kubo during their conversation in the whale that she deeply dislikes being reminded of that.
    • "If you're Monkey and I'm Beetle, why isn't he called Boy?" "Oh boy."
    • This small banter after Kubo falls asleep.
    Monkey: He's exhausted.
    Beetle: (with a hopeful smile) Me too.
    Monkey: (rolling her eyes) I'm not tucking you in.
    • When the heroes encounter the skeleton monster:
    Beetle: I've got a bone to pick with you! See, because he's made of bones.
    Monkey: You're an embarrassment.
  • When Beetle asks Kubo what their quest is, Kubo tells him it's a long story. Beetle's response is pretty funny in itself.
    Beetle: You've got my attention. I promise I won't even blink. Actually, I don't think I even can blink. (Eyes widen) Do I have eye lids?
  • Beetle unable to get up.
  • "I invoke the Sword Unbreakable!" (Which shatters the first time it's used.) "It broke."
  • After escaping the Temple of Bones and crash-landing on the beach, Beetle dramatically whimpers "Everything! Turning! Black!" Monkey's response? "Then open your eyes."
    • Following that, we get this gem:
    Beetle: Uh oh. I can't feel my wings.
    Monkey: You didn't even know you had them five minutes ago.
    • Monkey applying mud to Beetle's injured back. When it starts to feel less painful, it instantly dissolves into a pleasurable massage session for Beetle, much to Monkey's disgust.
  • When Monkey and Beetle are arguing about how to cross the water, Monkey tells Kubo to give them time for a "grown-up conversation." Kubo snarks "You're going to fight again," and plays his shamisen while they are arguing, and complains they're too loud. Monkey's response? "Then play louder!"
    • A few more minutes into the argument and Kubo solves their problem by using his shamisen to create a full-sized boat out of leaves.
  • When Beetle is teaching Kubo how to use a bow and arrow, he tells him to keep one eye shut... before realizing that Kubo already has that covered.
    • Before that, Beetle instructing Kubo to empty his mind.
    Beetle: (playfully) Guess I've got that part covered.
  • During a meal together, Beetle proves to have horrible table manners, as he catches the food Paper Hanzo tosses up with his mouth. Kubo's manners are no better, as he stuffs so much food in his mouth. It's Monkey's mortified and disgusted reaction that sells it.
    Monkey: Must you play with your food?
    Beetle: (With his mouth full) ...Yes.
  • Before Beetle can dive into the Long Lake to retrieve the armor, Kubo warns him about the Garden of Eyes, which will hypnotize anyone who looks into their eyes. Although a bit scared, Beetle tries to put up a brave front with some levity. ("I just won't look into anyone's eyes, even if I'm being incredibly sincere.")
  • When Kubo goes underwater to find the armour, Beetle emerges at the worst possible moment with the fish he shot earlier.
  • After learning about Monkey being Kubo's mother, the group find shelter, and Kubo stares at his mother with wide eyes. Once again, Beetle's question is funny in itself.
  • The Sword Unbreakable becomes a recurring gag. Notably when Beetle falls asleep on top of the legendary weapon. Sword Unbreakable, more like Sword Uncomfortable!
    • Earlier when he and Kubo were searching on the Gashadokuro's head:
    Beetle: Are you sure it isn't the Sword Unfindable?
  • Kubo has a game of "Eye Spy" with Monkey and Beetle. He spies something starting with "S". Beetle keeps guessing "snow", then "snowflake". And then, it comes to him: "Snow-covered trees". None of them are the right answer.
  • The Hanzo paper doll has some moments. Like during the talk with Beetle. It goes off on its own agenda, as it's not part of the conversation, and pokes at a set of old samurai armor. The pieces fall, Paper Hanzo dodges them, and you think the little paper Hanzo is safe. Then the helmet falls on it. It's seen walking past the camera, still inside the helmet, a few seconds later.
    • Later, when Monkey is telling the story of how Kubo's mother and Hanzo met, with Kubo providing animated paper figurines, the Hanzo paper doll nudges Beetle and points at the figure representing Hanzo, then back at himself, as if boasting, "Yeah, that's me. Wasn't I awesome?"
      • It gets funnier after it's revealed Beetle was Hanzo the whole time. Why? Because it causes you to realize that Hanzo was bragging about himself to himself.
    • The Hanzo dolls gestures Kubo to go in the directions it points its sword to. Kubo has trouble understanding, and the doll shakes its head as if thinking, "god, this kid," and emphasizes the direction more clearly.
  • Even though it is a serious scene, the little girl telling the amnesiac Moon King that he always gives money to little girls like her is hilarious. And becomes more so when the old lady says he also gives coins to women like her.
    • That said, he gets incredulous at that point, finding that a little much even with no memories.

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