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"So long, bitch!"

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    Season 1 

Episode 1 - Pilot

  • After meeting Adam, Seg is explaining what happened to his parents, and mentions that Adam said he was from the planet "Detroit."
  • Kem serves a drink to Seg... while Seg is being beaten to a pulp by Loan Sharks.
    • After ending the fight at gunpoint, Kem tells Seg he has a "very punchable face".

Episode 2 - House of El

  • Adam is very impressed with Val's hologram, but Val and Seg just ignore him.

Episode 3 - The Rankless Initiative

  • When Val is ready to open the probe, Adam hides behind him... clearly forgetting that he's a hologram.

Episode 4 - The Word of Rao

  • When Seg asks "The Commander" if he's with Black Zero, the Commander laughs his ass off, since Black Zero wouldn't be worrying about the Voice of Rao "and his unraveling theocracy" if they knew about Brainiac.
  • Val calls for "Mr. Strange."
    Adam: Mr. Strange was my father. And the guy in gym class who liked to lick his feet. Call me Doctor... No, second thought, call me Adam.

Episode 5 - House of Zod

  • Adam describes Seg as having "legs for days."
  • When Lyta leads Seg into a unisex changing room, he jumps in surprise, but no one else blinks.

Episode 6 - Civil Wars

  • Adam tries to get the Sagitari who is guarding him to let him go so he can pee. She ignores him.

Episode 10 - The Phantom Zone

  • Nyssa points a gun at the Genesis Chamber's "Oracle" to expedite releasing her son. It politely agrees to her request.

    Season 2 

Episode 1 - Light Years From Home

  • Seg complains about Adam's tendency to run half-cocked into trouble.
    Adam: First of all, I'm fully-cocked! And secondly— [beat] I don't have a second thing yet, just give me a minute.

Episode 2 - Ghost in the Fire

  • Lobo is both incredulous and offended that Seg doesn't know who he is. He then spends half a minute listing all his increasingly bizarre monikers. Finally:
    Lobo: Name's Lobo.
    Adam: [starts coughing]
    Lobo: Thank you! So you have heard of me, yeah? Then you know what my name means. ...No? It means "He Who Devours His Enemies' Entrails And Enjoys It".
    [Adam and Seg look approapriately freaked-out]
    Lobo: [laughs] I'm just joking, I've no idea what it means. I killed my parents before they could tell me.

Episode 3 - Will to Power

  • Adam might be tired from running, but he still has the energy to snark.
    Adam: I know we're fleeing for our lives here but I can't keep running forever. [beat] Are we running forever?
  • Adam criticizing Seg's plan to get rid of Brainiac.
    Adam: I like that plan.
    Seg: Thank you.
    Adam: Except for the parts that suck!
  • Some Bloody Hilarious with Lobo blowing his own head off to regrow from his severed arm.
  • After extracting Brainiac out of Seg-El's body, both Seg and Adam Strange flip the bird at Lobo and teleport using Adam's Zeta Beam. Adam adds "So long, bitch!" right before they disappear.
    • Adam's remark right before, about extracting Brainiac out of Seg's body:
      Adam: You shat him out!

Episode 5 - A Better Yesterday

  • Seg-El's Improbable Aiming Skills thanks to still having a part of Brainiac in his mind allow him to effortlessly kill Sagitari without even looking. Jayna's astounded reaction and sheer disbelief alone is hilarious, but Dev and Seg's exchange over the latter's newfound skills seal it:
    Dev: When you'd get good at this?
    Seg: Uh... Phantom Zone.

Episode 9 - Blood Moon

Episode 10 - The Alpha and the Omega

  • Lobo is back and so is the hilarity he brings. Such as anything referring to his— ahem— weapon.