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  • Episode 1
    • The "Tell us, Mr. Principal Asano" short, where a student writes to Principal Asano asking for advice on efficient studying. Not only does Asano instantly guess that Takebayashi is the sender ("Longing for 2-D life" as the anonymous nickname didn't help), but he also reveals his incredibly morbid study method.
    Principal Asano: Are you coughing up blood? Do you feel he icy fingers of death creeping up your spine as you study?
    • Class E's first attempt at farming Slime Kunudons for experience quickly turns into the Slime Kunudons farming them.
  • Episode 2
    • The reveal of Karma's bug, where his luck stat takes a dive every time he feels cocky. This usually takes the form of a random washtub landing on his head. The washtubs, in fact, make his opinion of Class E apparent.
    Class E: He thinks we suck!
    (a bigger washtub lands on Karma's head)
    Class E: Like, sincerely suck!
  • Episode 3
    • Okajima gets charmed by Irina when she acts indifferent towards him, to no one's surprise.
  • Episode 4
    • In the "Tell us, Mr. Principal Asano" short, Kurahashi writes in requesting romantic advice about how to get Karasuma's attention. Principal Asano's response?
      Asano: First you must gain control of this man, mind, body, and soul. Learn everything about him. Place of residence, family dynamics. Who are his parents? What's his salary? Does he have a well-managed stock portfolio? Every piece of information you can find. The more you know about a person the more exploitable weaknesses you can find. Like any skill, this will take time to cultivate. Practice on your fellow classmates. If you are incapable of treating another human being like a marionette, romance may not be for you.
  • Episode 5
    • The entire introduction of Ritsu, the Evolve Sage. Unlike her original counterpart, whenever she does something that makes her friends assume that she's a real human than an A.I., she only comes up with "It's Sorcery!"
    • When Karasuma tells them that Ritsu knows a lot of ancient spells, Kayano asks if she has a spell that can increase her boob size, while Okajima asks if she has a spell that can stop time for no reason. Turns out that she DOES have a perverted spell when Koro-sensei asks if she have a spell that can remove pixelation.
    • The Stone Kunudon monsters. Let's just say their attacks are 'heavy' and depressing.
    Stone Kunudon: (with Ave Maria playing in the background) I got this hot chick's number and hit her up with "How you livin'?" It's been four days. She never texted me back.
  • Episode 6
    • Before Shiro gets to introduce himself...
      Shiro: We meet again...
      Koro-sensei: YANAGISAWA!!!
      (Shiro's completely shocked)
    • Students on Duty segment. It shows a pair of students watering the plants. However in Kayano and Yada's side...
      Kayano: *watering the plants happily* There! Grow nice and big!
      Yada: Oh! Maybe we should water your chest!
      Kayano: Heh heh heh.... *angrily face the back* What are you implying...
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    • The entire gameshow quiz that Yada and Hinano make to test who's the better villain, Koro-sensei or Itona?
      • The first test is asking what they would do if they kidnapped a princess. However that said princess is a picture of Nagisa in a princess outfit. Nagisa is shocked upon seeing it and was then forcefully dressed up like a princess by Karma and Nakamura.
      • The second test is to test them if they can keep their composure. Cue Irina and Yada in their bikinis. Neither of them pass the test.
      • The final test is to show off the scariest face. Hazama wins.
    • After learning that the Demon King needs to have a sense of humor, Itona completely rips off his tentacles and leaves, much to Koro-sensei and Shiro's shock.
  • Episode 7
    • Asano Jr. does everything with his horse, from bathing to sleeping in the top bunk.
    • The Paladins try using the Light Orb to weaken Koro-sensei. He dodges, of course. And because the Light Orb is a key item, it breaks after one use. The Paladins have no words to describe their feelings about that.
  • Episode 8
    • The entire Body-swap Episode. Any of the moments will make you laugh silly.
    • Okajima and Kataoka. Kataoka ties Okajima up when he's in her body, much to his dismay... until he realizes he's into bondage. Kataoka starts screaming and punching Isogai-in-Maehara's body so that he won't see her face getting off on Okajima's fetishes.
    • Isogai's bug still retains even he's in Maehara's body.
    • Karma in Nagisa's body wearing a swimsuit just for kicks. No words could describe on this.
    • Kayano and Yada. Kayano is very happy... that is until they switch back.
      Kayano in Yada's body: So this is what it's like to have-nots and have-lots! I'm going to live the rest of my life as you, Yada!
      Yada in Kayano's body: *shocked* KAEDE-CHAN?!
    • Chiba and Hayami. No one can tell the difference.
  • Episode 9
    • When Takaoka and his men kidnap Nagisa, the first thing Kayano gets angry about... is that they stole her pudding too, much to their shock.
    • Ritsu decides to use "analysis magic" to create the most optimal rescue team... which turns out to be a fax machine and a printer. Yoshida and Muramatsu are not convinced:
      Ritsu: I'll use analysis magic to put together the optimal rescue party!
      Yoshida: Wow! You can do that?
      Muramatsu: That's the Evolved Mage for you! What an asset!
      *cue fax machine sounds while Ritsu sits in silence*
      Muramatsu and Yoshida: What's that sound?
      Ritsu: Analysis complete! *a piece of paper begins sliding out slowly*
      Muramatsu: Eh? Magic...?
      Ritsu: Magic!
      Yoshida: Yeah, but that's a fax—
      Ritsu: Magic!
      Muramatsu: Well, see, the thing is—
      Ritsu: *an evil copy of Ritsu appears behind her, speaking demonically* I'm telling you, it's magic. *copy disappears and Ritsu smiles*
      Yoshida: *screaming* There's something there! Something there!
      Muramatsu: *screaming* Black magic! Black magic!
      • Immediately after, you can see both Yoshida and Muramatsu hugging each other in fear.
    • How the villains are defeated:
      • Smog is beaten when Fuwa points out that the first boss is always the weakest.
      • Grip is beaten when Karma's bug overloads and knocks them both out the window.
      • We learn Hayami and Chiba's bug is shooting stuff between the target's legs. Gastro and Takaoka are beaten without realizing what just happened.
    • 'Princess' Nagisa. Everyone approves of his Elegant Gothic Lolita dress.
      • When Kayano falls into a magical coma, only a kiss from a princess will wake her. Everyone, even the villains, start egging Nagisa on to do it.
      • Nagisa kisses Kayano. She wakes... and turns into a green clone of Koro-sensei thanks to Nagisa's bug. The villains promptly decide they've seen enough.
  • Episode 10
    • Irina helps the girls make Valentine's chocolate, which turns whoever eats them into chocolate-addicted zombies.
    • Sugino eats the chocolate Kanzaki gave him and promptly Hulks Out. And it turns out that was just store-brought chocolate, nothing special at all.
    • The attempts to get Takebayashi to stay with Class E:
      • The girls (and Nagisa, thanks to Karma) all dress as maids. Hazama keeps her creepy face on during the whole thing. Takebayashi rejects them because they're not 2-D.
      • Sugaya and Kimura try talking sense into him... only for Takebayashi to point out that they have even less screentime than he does.
      Sugaya and Kimura were dealt a most regrettable blow!
      • "Terasaka" tells him that he's dear to Class E. Takebayashi points out that he's still the impostor.
      • Finally, Ritsu, an actual 2-D girl, convinces him to stay... in a flash of light that makes him disappear. And Ritsu is mysteriously eating something afterwards.
  • Episode 11
    • When the Hero dons the Bid Bad's robe, he turns into the yellow octopus we know and love. Aguri approves, somehow.
    • Reaper 2.0 makes an appearance as a former pupil of the new Big Bad, here to vanquish him. The end result is Koro-sensei and Aguri giving him job counseling.
  • Episode 12
    • After Ritsu sacrifices herself, Takebayashi somehow installs himself into her terminal.
    • Terasaka makes his triumphant return, having reached level 99 and saving the others (even Impostor Terasaka) from the deathtraps.
    • When the castle starts collapsing, the only exit is instantly blocked by rubble. Aguri points out that having the throne room be in the deepest part of the castle was a bad idea.

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