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  • Much of "Who Then Now?" and "Deuce". Highlights include:
    • Head, Fieldy and Jonathan spitting sunflower seeds and beer at each other.
    • Head buying his new car.
    Head: "I bought a lemon."
    • Munkys impersonation of "Kill You":
    Munky: You know that song "Kill You"?
    David: Yeah?
    Munky: You gotta have Jon fucking re—redo the lyrics in the middle part, 'cause that part, he's like, "OHHEEYEUHUHEHOGCUPOHEPAEHEHEH!"
    • Probably the most random part of that scene is when Fieldy randomly appears out of nowhere after Jon finishes the song.
    • Jonathan drunk.
    Jonathan: (recording vocals for "It's On!") "SAVE SOME FOR ME! Turn my fucking effects on!"
  • Fieldy: "Check on this shot right here. Get this shot on here." Chucks basketball at a pole
  • Jonathan: "Korn fucking t-shirts, $12.00. Don't bitch." *sobs*
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  • Fieldy: "Bath— how do you spell 'bath'? B-A-F? 'Bafroom'?"
  • The Studio Chatter at the beginning of "Clown", in its glorious entirety:
    Munky: (sings) What's within my body?
    Jonathan: All right, go.
    (Dave does four clicks, but Munky starts playing on the third click and groans)
    Dave: "Four", you said, you faggot piece of shit!
    Munky: Four?
    Jonathan: Four?!
    (four more clicks, but no one plays. Ross is heard laughing)
    Dave: Oh. Hey, what are you talking about, Ross?
    Munky: Hey, time test. (plays opening notes) Ehh! (opening notes) Ehh!
    Dave: So are you saying there's no clicks?
    Ross: Hey, we're recording! Now start!
    Jonathan: Just fucking DO IT, DAMN IT!
    (two clicks)
    Dave: I wish we had "Twist". I wish we could put "Twist" on the fucking tape.
    Jonathan: Wanna hear it?
    Head: Fuck you! FUCK YOU!
    (Ross and Jonathan laugh)
    Jonathan: Okay. (three clicks from Dave) You piece of shit.
  • Their interview with Scuzz TV had a ton of funny moments. Highlights include:
    • Revealing that "Got the Life" was supposed to open with a sample of "Watch me, faggots!" from Blazing Saddles, with Munky, Head, and Jonathan all saying it in unison.
    • Munky revealing that, while drunk on the set of the video for "Got the Life", he brushed off an extra who tried to give him his demo tape. That extra turned out to be Eminem and they missed out on a chance of discovering him before Dr. Dre did. The best part is Head's deadpan response of "Nice going, dude."
    • Jonathan giving his account of why David Silveria left the band. Munky, Head, and the interviewer all look as baffled as he does.
      • By the same token, they mention the Oh, Crap! reaction the band had when they saw Head in a white robe with a guitar, saying he was leaving the band to dedicate his life to Christ. "We thought he'd gone full Syd Barrett!"
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    • Head on how he got into music. "It was my godfather. He was in the mob."
  • Barack Obama is not the lead singer from Korn. (Jonathan didn't believe it too)
  • The band getting added to Encyclopedia Metallum as an April Fools joke after their first album was deemed "metal enough" in 2009. Amusingly, quite a few moderators took it seriously and quit in protest; this caused the site to adapt a stance against future pranks in the same vein; in fact, the next time a band would be added to the site as an April Fools joke (in 2013), the site's founders (Who would have vetoed this had they known about it) were away at the time.

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