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  • "Internet Friends": Threatening to kill someone over a Facebook block sounds so overboard that it propels into Black Comedy.
  • The entire first thirty seconds of Micropenis, which involves a guy waking up and screaming in horror upon finding out that he now has one. Micropenis as a song can qualify too.
  • The robotic voice in Superstar, which just sounds so mortified that Knife Party made a disco track...and unfortunately doesn't sound too far off from the shit Rob gets on his twitter on a normal basis.
    "Oh my God. What the fuck is this disco shit? What happened to the dubstep?!"
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  • The intro to the Ultra 2015 edit of "Internet Friends":
    "Seriously, it’s kind of tiring having to play this song in 2015. You’d’ve thought we’d written something better by now. Wow. This sure is a long intro. I suppose the only way out is to say the usual cheesy shit. Something like: you’re at Ultra, and now you are going to die."
  • In "404", the song appears to glitch out midway through and starts skipping like a broken CD, which is then followed by a Windows error pop-up sound before resuming back to its original melody. This can be considered troll humor for those who are listening to this on a computer, which can make people believe for the first time that their computers are glitching out before realizing that it's just part of the song.
  • Rob discovers Lyrebird.
    "You blocked me on Facebook, and I'm quite glad you did, because your mum kept talking to me and it's making me feel quite uncomfortable."

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