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Funny / Kingdom Hearts 359/2 Days

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  • All seven missions where Roxas is in Namine's body and doesn't notice. While the whole thing is hilarious, here are some of the highlights:
    • Roxas asking Axel why he feels strange and Axel replying, "Puberty."
    • Xion's slumber party.
    • When Roxas sees Namine and thinks that she's his long lost brother.
    • Xemnas being an accidental pervert.
    • The entirety of the Lazy Day you get during it.
  • After Xion becomes a Master of Disguise, she impersonates a tree on the clock tower. And Axel tries to chop her down.
  • Instead of merely punching Roxas, Lexaeus launches him 200 feet in the air, then punches him.
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  • On the mission before Namine starts joining Roxas on missions, she sees him and throws a couch at him while sitting on it.
  • Riku getting a job at a fast food restaurant, especially when he throws bacon at customers.

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