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  • Edmund's first big scene is basically him saying "Nobody likes me because I'm illegitimate: fine, I'ma take my brother's stuff, and you're gonna watch it happen," after which he effortlessly dupes his father into thinking that his beloved legitimate son Edgar is plotting to kill him. Having done so, he then says to the audience "Told you. Now to do the same shit with my brother," and he once again effortlessly convinces Edgar that their father is crazy angry with him, and that he'd better hightail it out of there if he doesn't want to get killed; Edgar flees, and Edmund turns once again to the audience and says (in effect) "Piece of cake." In the 1982 BBC version, Michael Kitchen as Edmund did the whole thing as though the TV audience were his best friends and he knew that they were going to get a massive kick out of him trolling his father and brother.
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  • There was one version of the play where jelly eyes were used for the scene where Gloucester gets his eyes stabbed out, allowing them to appear to be ripped out of their sockets. But the actor doing the tearing just threw them behind him, not caring where they went... and the jelly eyes ended up sticking in the scenery, staring out at the audience!
  • The Fool, naturally, is a great source of these until he disappears from the action after the storm.

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