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  • This promo with Adam Cole and the Young Bucks in PWG. Also has an incredible moment of foreshadowing, since Steen would declare himself "the champion of the universe" and years later would become the second WWE Universal Champion.
  • MOUNT RUSHMOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!. Also hilarious for Matt Jackson covering his ears through half of it from how loud Kevin is, and then his face through the other half because he can't stop laughing.
    • Adam's video message consisting of three words - "Suck. Our. Dicks." - and Kevin speculating Adam was naked when he recorded the video.
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  • The six words that make Kevin Steen/Owens die laughing: "EL GENERICO IS A BIG BOY!"
  • Did you buy Kevin Steen's shirts? No? FUCK YOU, NO MOONSAULT!
  • Kevin Steen does commentary for the first-ever The Young Bucks vs. the Hardy Boyz match. While the match itself is a moment of awesome, Steen's commentary is just wall-to-wall funny (and kind of loopy, since he just wrestled Jerry Lawler in the previous match).
  • Steen and Johnny Gargano form "The Panda Express". Traveling with those two must be an absolute riot.
  • Kevin Steen vs. Southwest Airlines.
  • During his final PWG show, Steen decides to make snow angels in the pile of ring streamers and then comply with an audience chant of "ROLL STEEN ROLL".
  • "Kevin's Weekend Escapades", aka a Youtube series of 20-minute videos stuffed to the gills with Kevin hanging out with everyone on the indy scene in 2013-2014. He had to delete them off his official channel once he signed with WWE, but most of the episodes can be found if you're dedicated.
    • The resident Running Gag, which still gets quoted to Eddie Edwards to this day - "SAY HI EDDIE!"
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    • The infamous end to episode #7, which involves Kevin asking directions from a very familiar ginger-bearded guy, and, not getting an answer, calling him a douchebag.
    • Drake Younger being relentlessly, hilariously positive, waxing poetic about traffic jams, the gym, and Denny's.
    • Bobby Fish's white pants, which Kevin will never let him live down.
    • Kevin wandering away from the ROH show during episode #9 and aggressively wanting to hang out with some geese at a nearby pond.
    • The reveal of the entire audience at a Beyond show in New York chanting "BYE EDDIE".
    • While rooming with Adam Cole, telling him "you look like a forty-year-old mother of three" while Adam screams in mock-horror and tries to hold a pillow over his head.
    • That ginger guy shows back up to ask directions to a bus. Kevin rolls the window up in his face, screams at him to go away, and corpses a little before the camera shuts off.
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  • Owens does a Five Knuckle Shuffle at an NXT live event. Perhaps also a bit of foreshadowing, as mere -days- later, Owens would make his debut on Monday Night RAW by 'answering' John Cena's open challenge, which ended in Owens responding to Cena's "The Reason You Suck" Speech by hitting him with his finisher pop-up powerbomb.
  • While trying to drag Rusev back into the ring, he shouts, "You've really got to lose some weight!"
  • After he and Rusev beat up the Big Show for costing them a match, he moves to help up their other teammate Sheamus, then changes his mind and walks away.
  • During his and Chris Jericho's Summerslam match with Enzo and Cass, Owens mocks Enzo's shuffle.
  • You can get a chuckle out of Kevin's initial reaction to Triple H showing up, Pedigreeing Reigns and Rollins in turn, and literally and figuratively thrusting the title into his chest. He gets around to celebrating eventually, but spends about thirty seconds with body language that suggests that he just came to from all the hits he took and has no idea what the hell's going on.
  • Kevin and Chris Jericho on the WWE Raw Talk after Hell in a Cell. Besides KO's usual torture of Renee Young, he also steals Jerry Lawler's phone and even answers it.
  • On the 9/19/16 edition of Raw, when Rusev is beating up Roman Reigns after the latter won a cage match against Owens, he tries to get Rusev's attention by yelling, "Rusev! Machka something! Machka something!"
    • "How do I feel? My head hurts, and your face is making it worse."
    • After stealing Rich's glasses - "wait, these are making my head even worse! MILHOUSE!"
    • The entire running gag of Kevin torturing Jojo, Mike Rome, Renee Young, and the other interviewers by harassing them, refusing to answer questions, trying to sleep during interviews, and screaming at them.
  • When Chris Jericho puts Enzo and Cass on his "list" and starts writing their names down, Owens says "It's Enzo, you wrote Ezno. Enzo." and "There's two s's in Big Cass." Jericho looks at him like "Really?" before saying "Thank you."
  • His pairing with Jericho, usually playing the straight man to Jericho's deluded prima donna, has resulted in some hysterical segments. See some of the best here.
  • At this house show, Kevin finds out one of the fans in one of the closer rows is an accountant. He then decides to take time out of the match to talk to him about his taxes for the next year. His opponent, Roman Reigns, has to cover his face because he can't stop laughing.
  • After RAW went of the air on January 9th, 2017, Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho find themselves facing down....the Undertaker, and for once, Owens is actually respectful. Jericho is not. Neither helps them much.
    Owens: I don't know him well, but it looks like you upset just...*shoves Jericho into Undertaker*
    *Jericho gets chokeslammed*
    Owens: I'm really sorry for him, but,'s a thrill to meet you sir. *goes in for a handshake*
    *Owens also gets chokeslammed*
  • Kevin returns Chris Jericho's scarf, and Jericho insists on Kevin paying for the dry-cleaning. Kevin digs in his pockets and finds a handful of change, a button (no, wait, he needs that), and a Jolly Rancher. He also almost does a spit-take when he finds out how much the scarf cost.
  • When he moved to Smackdown Live, he talks about how he's bound for new and exciting things... and then Sami Zayn also makes his SD Live debut, causing KO to have a major Oh, Crap! moment.
  • On the Kevin Steen Show, Kevin recounts talking to Jim Cornette about using the sobriquet "The Anti-Christ of Ring of Honor". He was denied doing so by Cornette because "It's a TV product". Then ol' Jimmy came up with the suggestion of "Mr. Evil", much to the incredulity and amusement of Steen, who shot it down immediately. He then did the gestures and catchphrase of a certain other obviously named villain to mock the idea and emphasize his point.
    • He does a Call-Back to this on Up Up Down Down, where his gaming handle is "Mr. Evil". He then comments that "like, five people will understand why that's funny".
  • His reaction to discovering that Sami Zayn was behind him and coming at him with a Helluva Kick at a Smackdown Live house shown in Denmark. Cue surprised scream from KO: "This is the Kevin Owens AAAAAAHHH!."
  • Since becoming United States Champion, KO has had a gimmick called "The New Face Of America". The most hilarious part of this comes in the form of his new Titantron graphics, which includes Owens' face being projected onto the stage, and KO going to absurd lengths to not walk on his own face as he makes his entrance.
  • At SummerSlam, Owens faced AJ Styles for the US Championship, with Shane McMahon as special guest referee. At one point, after Shane had taken a bump, Owens hit AJ with the Pop-Up Powerbomb and covered him. Shane was late to the count, and only got up to two before AJ kicked out. Owens then confronted Shane with this hilarious line:
  • Troll, Owens, Troll! Of particular hilarity is his attempt to keep PG while calling Summer Rae a skank and telling Rusev to stick his flag up his "Chernobyl".
  • Kevin Owens really hates the TD Center and would like to leave that awful building, but Sami Zayn's too hyped.
    Kevin: (after wandering over to a Christmas tree in the background) They're not even real presents.
  • The Zowens episode of Ride Along is 20 minutes of Kevin and Sami acting Like an Old Married Couple, including Kevin needling Sami over his awful navigation skills, throwing a piece of Sami's fake-chicken out the window, and being far too amused by Sami's over the top despair at his broken Lacroix can.
  • Kevin and Sami versus Twitter users, on the Royal Rumble kickoff show. Don't misspell things around Kevin (especially Sami Zayn's name), or he'll mock you incessantly before blocking you. And, of course, it helps to not be Renee Young (though she at least gets answers, Kevin flat-out refuses to speak to Peter Rosenberg):
    Kevin: (talking in French)
    Renee: You lost me there.
    Kevin: (in French) Of course we lost you, you're from Ontario.
  • "The Sami and Kevin Show" has replaced Miz TV, and their first guest is Kurt Angle. The guys can't resist tweaking Kurt over his kayfabe slip-up of a few weeks ago:
    Sami: You have five kids, right?
    Kevin: No, he has six. You forgot one. You forgot Jason Jordan.
    Sami: No big deal. For years, Kurt forgot about him too.
  • The Mother's Day related videos from the 2018 European tour have been hysterical:
  • Kevin steals Mike Rome's accessories, including a Harry Potter pin for his son, a penguin handkerchief and bracelet for Sami, and a beaded bracelet that Kevin stretches over Mike's head, breaks, and yells at him for making him break it.
  • Kevin Owens: Social Media Producer. This entire video is an absolute gift of comedic heel brilliance, but highlights include:
    • Kevin sees a group of fans at ringside with an "ADOPT US KO!" sign and remarks "they don't look worthy of being my children".
    • No-Selling Sami's constant dancing to Samoa Joe's theme song.
      Sami: I LOVE THIS SONG!
      Kevin: ... I know.
      Sami: I LOVE THIS SONG!
      Kevin: I. Know.

      Sami: (dancing hysterically on top of the turnbuckle)
      Kevin: (looks at camera like he's on The Office)
    • Pulling a Screw This, I'm Outta Here! when Bobby Lashley comes out because "he upsets me", rants at the top of the ramp for a while, then Screams Like a Little Girl for Braun Strowman's entrance.
    • Scolding Braun Strowman like he's an overgrown puppy - "BAD MONSTER! BAD!".
    • Kevin and Sami continuing their discussion of Roman Reigns' entrance video dichotomy and its ice/fire theme.
    • Yelling at the ref, Lashley, Strowman, and Reigns when they, respectively, commit the sin of appearing on Kevin's video.
    • "I have to go wrestle now. LEAVE ME ALONE SOCIAL MEDIA."
  • Kevin Owens trolls himself on Twitter.
    • Not to mention only returning to Twitter because he wants Shania Twain to play his favorite song at a concert. Which, later on, actually happened.
  • Kevin would like to inform everyone they had a 2-for-1 sale on knee surgery.
  • Kevin Owens, the "Big O". Honorary New Day member. The hilarity cannot be rendered in text form, go forth and enjoy the booty-shaking, crop-top-wearing, knighted by a unicorn horn KO.
    • He also had to eat two dozen pancakes to beat Big E's record, and then did the New Day intro. Kofi and Xavier tell him to do it "from the plums".
  • Kevin still can't tell the backstage interviewers apart, as demonstrated by his post-Stomping Grounds interview, where he constantly refers to Sarah Schreiber as "Renee" (as in, Renee Young, color commentator for Raw and no-longer resident blonde interviewer), and gets very distracted by Sin Cara's face on the production truck.
    Kevin: Listen, Renee-
    Sarah: It's Sarah.
    Kevin: Sarah? But you have blonde hair!

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