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  • The music video of "Tik Tok" is priceless. One example of this pricelessness? Her visible reaction to the family freaking out over the random trashy girl that just sauntered downstairs from their bathroom.
  • The entire video for "Blow". Especially the ending, the unicorn massacre, and this exchange of words.
    Ke$ha: Well, well, well. If it isn't James Van Der Douche.
    Van Der Beek: I don't appreciate you slanderbeeking my name, Ke-dollar sign-ha."
    Ke$ha: Thank you for the snack. It was quite delicious.
    Van Der Beek: My pleasure.
    Ke$ha: Was that Munster cheese tickling my tastebuds?
    Van Der Beek: Of course. Munster is like edible lactose gold.
    Ke$ha: Agreed. Shall we dance?
    • From the same video, Ke$ha sexily ripping her bra off. And Van Der Beek doing the same.
    • At the end of this video: "James Van Der Dead."
  • "Paris Hilton's Closet."
  • "Disney's Princess Ke$ha".
  • The entirety of "Woman".
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  • The entirety of "Let 'Em Talk" as well, but especially the Precision F-Strike.
  • And "Hunt you Down", but especially the Wham Line:
    "Baby, I love you so much... don't make me kill you!"

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