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Go on YouTube and search for Kerbal. You will find plenty of examples.

  • The BFE-5000 mod. It was designed to go with 3-meter-wide parts from other mods... at a time when the stock parts were only 1 meter wide. The engine itself is about 15 meters at its base. It's practically impossible to use all 22,000 thrust power at maximum thrust (stock parts only reach 3,200 thrust. Yes, the BFE-5000 has 7 times the thrust power of the strongest stock engine!). You generally either runs out of fuel very quickly, or, more commonly, destroys EVERYTHING ABOVE THE ENGINE. Note: It's so wide at the base that, in past versions, it invariably bumped into the launch tower, which resulted in flipping the rocket over. So even if you managed to get it to leave the ground without exploding into a zillion bits due to the unbridled power of the engine itself, the resulting collision would eventually explode it anyway. But if you got it to work, a single-stage-to-orbit rocket was quite feasible (at a time when SSTO was generally unheard-of in KSP, no less). And... it's really silly looking. The name is possibly a Doom Shout-Out. The removal of the launch tower in the later versions of the game means that there's nothing for the nozzle to bump up against... so BFE to your heart's content...!
    • Made better by its description in the VAB:
    Built to Jebediah's exact specifications: "I want it huge, unstable, prone to overheating and a good chance it will blow up if you look at it from the wrong angle. I didn't become a kerbonaut for an easy ride, dammit!" Handle with extreme care (or not at all if you have any sense).
  • The many misadventures of YouTube user Danny2462, some of which are already linked to in the main page. There are so many, in fact, that now he has his own Funny page: Danny2462
  • The 1.0 Launch trailer. Yup, pretty much what to expect. Building an awesome rocket and having it blow up partway up.
  • Vannesa Calrton's "A Thousand Miles." Kerbal Style.
  • Call Me Kevin did 3 videos - given his habit of choosing the options with the most Video Game Cruelty Potential, it was inevitable. Highlights include him basically dropping a bomb on the launchpad, creating a rocket that is the definition of Awesome, but Impractical, discovering command seats and placing small rockets in front of them, and managing to create a rocket that is too much for his computer to handle.
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  • This article lists "gravity in ksp" among the best pc game enemies.

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