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  • At the very end of a Bad Moms press junket:
    Interviewer: I smiled through this whole movie.
    Hahn: [in mock outrage] I hope you open-mouth laughed!
  • Hahn didn't need to, but she got a bartender license for her barmaid role in Win a Date With Tad Hamilton!, but in the final cut, she learned it was unnecessary.
    I never had a chance to even make a cocktail.
  • On the Still Watching podcast, Hahn revealed that after accepting her role at Marvel Studios, she met friends for karaoke night and sang out her excitement. Of course, she couldn't tell them why she was so enthusiastic that night.
  • Recalling a story on Seth Meyers' Late Night of when she rented a porno in a motel and then pretended she didn't when her daughter's babysitter saw it on the TV's "Recent Purchases" list.
    • In the same interview, she revealed she and her children left her husband in a camping retreat because they felt ill and decided to go home.
  • To stop herself dropping WandaVision spoilers, Hahn had to "avoid that extra glass of wine" from friends that were huge MCU fans. She didn't want to "pull a Ruffalo".
  • Hahn once described giving birth as psychedelic and wondered if that's why people who've never been in that situation (particularly men) take drugs.
  • Practising at home for WandaVision embarrassed her kids:
    Hahn: When I was practicing my moves for this particular show, I mean, my children came in and saw me practicing, and it was as if they had seen me just get out of the shower—they were like, [imitates her children turning away or holding their hands over their eyes] "Oh, my God! Mom!"
    • Apparently, it all paid off because after the show ended, her children were "suspiciously a little bit nicer" to her. Hahn revealed in a cast interview that her daughter gave her note, calling her a "badass", and Hahn explained she let her 11-year-old off for swearing, mostly because "badass" was spelled correctly.
  • While performing in under-the-radar plays in New York City, she worked part time as a receptionist at a hair salon, and received a hairbrush as a staff Christmas present.
    Hahn: They were like, "You work at a hair salon. You have to brush it before you show up in the morning."
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  • She was never The Ingenue, not even in her acting beginnings. She was the grandmother in Grapes of Wrath, but in church, she once played a psalm book.

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