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  • Episode 2:
    • All the Destroyers are in class, with Ashigara as their teacher. Yuudachi gets called first and struggles to answer the former's question. Annoyed by the repetitive "Poi~" from Yuudachi, Ashigara nearly goes Abyssal, scaring the hell out of the former:
      Ashigara: If you say "Poi" one more time... I'm gonna "Poi" you with my 20-centimeter cannons...
    • While Yuudachi's frozen stiff in fear after the abovementioned:
      Mutsuki: (whispers to Kisaragi) Looks like Ashigara-san's in a bad mood today.
      Kisaragi: (whispers back) I heard that she lucked out again in the last mix-
      (cue Headshot by chalk, knocking Kisaragi out of her seat)
      Ashigara: No talking in class.
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    • While looking for Akagi in the repair spa, Fubuki collides face-first with Atago's... foredeck. Atago cheerfully concludes that she's there for repairs (her nose is a little red, after all), strips her on the spot and sends her in. And this isn't even going into the, ahem, wonderful sounds Fubuki and Akagi make in response to the spa and the instant repair bucket respectively...
  • Episode 4:
    • The Kongou Sisters' antics in their introductory episode. Their introduction alone is enough to shatter Fubuki's image of Kongou.
    • Ooyodo's utter lack of reaction to Kongou's flying glomp.
    • The other Kongou sisters show how they snuck in while everyone was distracted by Kongou, with Haruna and Kirishima both doing an Unnecessary Combat Roll to get in.
    • When Nagato is giving the mission briefing, Shimakaze is visible in the background playing with Rensouhou-chan like a bored child with a toy.
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    • Kongou's Imagine Spot in interpreting the thrown microphone, depicts Kagerou throwing her glove at Naka, which hits her in the face and slides off.
  • Episode 5:
    • The funniest face Fubuki has ever exhibited while having her Imagine Spot with Akagi. Full Stop.
    • When Ooi mocks Zuikaku's 'Flight-Deck Chest', a DING sound is heard implying that Ooi's insult scores a citadel penetration.
    • Kaga, Zuikaku, Kongou and Ooi in the newly formed Mobile Unit Five begin to argue who should be the flagship. Each of them insists they're the one, and when they go on a training mission, a large explosion is seen in the distance, indicating they're a terrible flagship candidate.
    • The explosions noticeably get bigger each time they go out, meaning the next one actually does worse than the previous, starting from Kongou and ending with either Ooi or Kitakami.
  • Episode 6:
    • When Yuubari is making the Destroyer Division 6 girls (Akatsuki and her sister ships) their new pot, the sound she makes while doing so is the same sound played in the browser game when scrapping a fleet the destroyers start getting uneasy or downright scared.
    • In the very next scene of them meeting with Mamiya, we see Hibiki wearing their new pot as a helmet.
    • In the curry tournament, Naka-chan describes Haguro as "the one everyone wants to marry" and her sister Ashigara as "the one everyone wants to be married". Haguro immediately restrains her elder sister and screams for Naka to run the hell away.
    • Fubuki fangirling over Akagi eating her team's ingredients as soon as Kaga puts them in the basket, and Mutsuki and Yuudachi trying to rationalize that she just loves refueling.
    • The Destroyer girls' competition in the contest are their own worst enemies. As mentioned above, Akagi eats all her ingredients. Hiei adds something to her and Kongou's curry, turning it a hellish purple that would not look amiss in the Abyssal Fleet, and turning her and her sister every color of the rainbow when they taste it. Zuikaku accidentally takes off Shoukaku's skirt. Shimakaze appears to have joined the contest for the sole purpose of preparing some store-bought curry and eating it herself. Akatsuki comments this as there's only two teams left in the competition including themselves.
      Akatsuki: Why does it feel like the competition is knocking themselves out?
    • Also, the episode starts with Nagato the Badass in Charge, her hands crossed, muttering in a dark, serious, tone that "It is time." YMMV, but the line implied as if the episode might involve a serious operation, especially given that they just still dealt with Kisaragi's loss a few episodes ago. The audience is then treated to a hilarious curry contest, while wondering what exactly Nagato was scared of. Turns out that Nagato, the judge of the annual curry contest, simply just can't handle her spice, as lampshaded by Mutsu at the end of the episode. This allows the Destroyer girls to win with their mild curry.
    • When Akatsuki flubs the pronunciation of "elegant" as "elephant", a crayon picture of an elephant appears behind her.
  • Episode 7: Zuikaku, angry over Kaga's kill-steal, turns to look at her rival... who has a picture-perfect I ain't even mad expression.
  • Episode 8:
    • Ooi is falling head over heels with Kitakami's swimsuit choice and takes a gander at the other fleet girls' cup size. Suddenly, Yamato appears with a cannon blast sound effect, much to Ooi's annoyance.
    • Yamato barely steps out into the water before she stops. Then her stomach growls.
    • Yamato and Akagi's expressions when asking for more rice.
    • Nagato cuddling the chipmunk that approaches her in the bath. Her sister Mutsu immediately catches her in the act, and later teases her about it with the same chipmunk.
      • Fridge Funny kicks in when you realize the real reason Nagato let Fubuki off the hook was really blackmail.
    • Fubuki tries to sneak Yamato out to sea by towing a boat with her in it. No matter how hard she tries, Fubuki can't budge it. She then calls Yamato heavy.
  • Episode 9:
    • Fubuki and Mutsuki enter the factory to look for the remodeled Yuudachi. They encounter Ooi and Kitakami examining each other's leg-mounted weaponry, Yuubari engaging in Evil Laughter while building something, and Kongou talking suggestively in her sleep about the Admiral. When they finally find Yuudachi, they don't recognise her despite her frantic "poi"-ing away, and think she's her own older sister. Mutsuki had to point this out by stating that Yuudachi's older sister is Shiratsuyu.
    • Fubuki comically overreacts to Akagi patting her on the head.
  • Episode 10:
    • In a moment of Gameplay and Story Integration, Fubuki gets her remodel, complete with congratulatory music. When she realizes nothing about her has changed physically, the music abruptly stops, and Fubuki moans about feeling like her effort was wasted. Mutuski says that there are cases of ship girls remaining the same physically and only getting stat changes, and unfortunately for Fubuki, she is one of those cases. In the actual game, Fubuki's first remodel portrait is the same as her starter one.
  • Episode 12:
    • Ooi and Kitakami have a joyous reunion... and then Kitakami points out the Abyssals that have snuck up from Behind the Black.
    • Mutsu being Genre Savvy:
    Nagato: "Did we g-"
    Mutsu: "You're not supposed to say 'Did we get her?'."


  • The past 2014 Christmas and 2015 Hishimochi collection mini-events shared a similar characteristic in which the Northern Princess of 3-5 had one of the highest drop rates of the items. Come the 2015 Saury Fishing mini-event, and players naturally pay a visit to her... and get greeted by this new CG of her blankly waving her hands in the negative, an amusingly great difference from her usual angry CG. As it turns out, you really can't get any saury from her node... which makes sense once you realise you're trying to fish on a land base.
  • The Spring 2016 Event's 6th map, while originally harder than hard, became this once it was found that airstrikes using divebombers do damage up to the 2000s, which makes all the initial frustration of the map meaningless after seeing the 900HP boss die before anyone starts shooting.
  • The Arcade game makes every girl in the game very expressive with their animations, some of which are hilarious and in-character.
    • In battle phase, Suzukaze's showing off every time she calls for a shot, Tenryuu launching her torpedoes by throwing them with her hand (because her model lacks the launchers), Shigure taking a shot by pulling off her entire backpack cannon to hold it in front of her, and Naka making a heart symbol with her hands to aim the guns lining up her arms are some of them.
    • To get a new card, you will be presented an animation of you walking down the naval base's hallway. There, random girl combinations will also walk down the hall and greet you (or not).
      • Sendai and Jintsuu are walking and talking together, then Jintsuu notices you and gives salute while Sendai doesn't and keeps talking. If you strain to look behind your back, you will see Jintsuu reprimands her older sister while Sendai's looking confused.
      • Hiryuu and Souryuu's salutes are more like elementary schoolers who noticed the commander is watching them slacking in a drill.
      • Naka is practicing her dance at the end of the hallway, before finishing her routine by posing at you - almost like she deliberately chose the hall as training space so you can watch.
    • The development factory also has different girls interacting with each other and to you. Kuma and Tama having a mock fight with the characteristics of their Animal Motifs, Kako sleeping on the job, and Akizuki absent-mindedly petting her guns as she looks down on the blueprint are some of them.
  • The Nelson Touch CG is funny by itself because of how phallic it looks, but some of the interactions between the participants' art takes it to an even higher level, like Maya telling Nelson to talk to the hand or Kishinami and Tama stealing Fukae's saury.


  • In the 4-koma Akitsumaru often has problems with her Kai form disappearing. Whether from taking too much damage or from mere exhaustion she simply cannot maintain her Black Kai form, and inevitably white outs back to her original grey uniform.
  • Ryuujou's relationship with the Northern Ocean Princess. When Ryuujou first encounters her rather than fight Ryuujou ends up tricking the Princess with a paper talisman that cannot do anything. Later on in the manga the rest of the Abyssal fleet prepares an invasion of the Kanmusu base, the reason being that they were pissed that Ryuujou gave the Northern Princess a fake talisman rather than the Zero airplane the Princess wanted. The kanmusu Dreadnoughts end up ordering the Destroyers to give the Abyssals candy to get them to leave.
  • The Running Gag of Fubuki getting confused with the fleet carriers' lineage.
  • Pola's introductory chapter mostly amounts to her being perpetually drunk, much to her sister ship Zara's chagrin.
  • During the Kon Operation Harusame is absolutely adamant about not taking part, and is clearly apprehensive about participating, though it's not clear why. Yuudachi then agrees to go into the operation in her place, whereupon almost immediately she happens upon the Destroyer Princess.
  • Chapter 144 illustrates an accurate representation of how the playerbase reacted to the Wurfgerät 42 launcher being a quest reward choice during the 2016 Mackerel event. The Daihatsu and searchlight received some mild praise, while the launcher resulted in every destroyer present raising their hand shouting in approval. Meanwhile, Graf Zeppelin nearby was pleasantly surprised at the popularity of her country's equipment.
  • Trying (and failing) to farm for I-13 in the Winter 2017 event might not be funny, but the way an entire column in Chapter 155 references the event's farming woes is. Zuihou is not amused when Ise appears on the field giving her introduction line while holding a new ship card.explanation 
  • The chapters on the Summer 2017 event (176-178) are absolutely hilarious, because it's less European Relief operation and more Getting Ise European Vacation operation. Which she doesn't get because she doesn't stop to actually get the vacation and just tries to beat the event, thinking the vacation will be afterwards. Even European Princess has to tell her that she missed the vacation spot in Southern England by coming to meet her out of Eastern England. Then the mini-chapter after piles on the Humiliation Conga by showing the girls involved in clearing the Mediterranean area (E-5) sending their vacation pictures and gifts from Malta to Ise while she slumps on a table in despair.

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