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Funny / Kamen Rider X Kamen Rider Gaim And Wizard The Fateful Sengoku Movie Battle

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  • When Nitoh prepares to transform for the final battle, this exchange occurs.
    Nitoh: It's lunchtime!
    Wizard: I don't think these guys are edible.
  • When Takatora begins his attack as Zangetsu Fourze Arms, he prepares to do the trademark "UCHUU KITAAA!" cry, but stops himself partway and wonders what is he doing?
    Zangetsu Fourze Arms: It's space— and that's as much as I'll humor that.
  • The Donut Shop Hungry's donuts this time? Fruity donuts. The flavors?
    Sengoku Driver: ORANGE! BANANA! GRAPE! MELON!
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  • Beast confusing Gaim Wizard Arms for Haruto.
    Wizard and Gaim: Now, it's showtime!
    Beast: Yeah, it's showtime, Haruto.
    Gaim: (points to Wizard) Wrong one.
    Beast: Oh, (to Wizard) sorry Haruto, (to Gaim) sorry Haruto.
    Wizard: That was on purpose.

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