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Funny / Kamen Rider Kamen Rider Drive & Gaim: Movie War Full Throttle

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Kamen Rider Drive portion

  • Chase telling Shinnouske that this is the only time he'll get help from him. Ironically...

Movie War portion

  • When Gaim introduces himself to Drive, he proceeds to call himself a "space god". Drive takes a moment to wrap his head around that. Oh, and the music helps.
    • Heck, the fact Gaim introduces himself as 'some sort of space god' in a rather Adorkable fashion.
  • After being revived, Kaito said he knows what he had to do. What is the thing that he had to do? Attack Megahex immediately after transforming.
  • Gaim Drive Arms and Drive Type Fruits tries to get into Tridoron. Neither of them fit.
    Drive: (as he tries to close the door to the driver's side, but the hat gets in the way) Ah... as I thought. No good.
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  • Drive insisting that Gaim wears a seat belt in the Tridoron. Space God or not, Drive's a cop and ensuring proper safety is his priority.
  • Gaim's reaction to Belt-san talking, a la how Shotaro reacted to seeing Ankh back in Movie War Core.
  • Kouta's brief moment of How Do I Shot Web? in Drive Arms, when he barely knows what he's doing as he zooms around all of Megahex's attacks.
  • After getting in some good hits on ZZZ Megahex as Drive: Type Fruits, Shinnosuke does a little dance.
  • During the attack on Megahex's planet, Gaim and Drive are constantly shouting at each-other instead of working as a perfect team. Considering every other time Riders have teamed-up, they've been able to work together perfectly, seeing Gaim essentially be an obnoxious Backseat Driver to Drive is really funny by comparison.
  • When they use Tridoron to blind Megahex with orange juice, Kouta yells, "Yeah! Drink your juice!"
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  • Belt-san learning that he could use the orange sliced tires on Tridoron for offensive means.
    Belt-san: Really? ...okay! Fruit Tire Attack!
  • After the destruction of Megahex and the shutdown of the Mecha Inves and Mecha Roidmudes, Brain, Chase and Heart take their leave, but as they do one of Heart's pauldrons smacks an inactive Mecha Roidmude in the face, causing a small clanking sound. However, this is immediately followed by a shot of the now inactive Mecha Kaito collapsing.
  • After Lupin boasts that he's stolen what Shinnosuke cherishes most (Kiriko's smile), Shinnosuke replies that Kiriko's already cranky enough as it is, leading to her chasing Shinnosuke around the Drive Pit when she overhears him say this.

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