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Namely in the past years, we've seen a lot of hilarious moments. Here are some funny moments in his gameplay:

Silent Hill Down Pour

Protaganist : (upon closing the door) FUCK!
Kagato : Fuck? What fuck? Huh? *Suddenly an enemy appears from above which cues to Kagato's scream*

Persona 3 FES

  • The funny cutaway scenes of Hiimdaisy's Persona 4 when Junpei Iori was trying to figure out the mysterious disappearance cases.
    Junpei: Yo Yuka-tan! This is a tough case even for Junpei Iori, Ace Detective.
    Yukari: Ace detective?
    Yukari: What are you stupid or something?
    Kagato: No he's...
    Kagato: Don't look at me like that Yukari! It's funny and you know it!
    Yukari: More like Stu-pei, Ace Defective!
    ACE De—[Show's a picture of a logo of Iori as Ace Defective]
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  • Anytime Kagato rage over the fact he's the silent protagonist where it is better for him to speak than the rest of the cast get themselves into trouble.
  • The anguished scream by Kagato during Operation Babe Hunt when he finds out that the bikini girl is a dude. And the bikini girl voice as a manly dude after Junpei realize she's a he.
  • He seems to hate Kenji but later shifts his hatred to the new transfer student, Ryoji due to him stalking Kagato most of the Dark Hour in his child form when he's trying to get some sleep.

Injustice God Among Us

  • I'M BATMAN!!
    • Kagato mocking the Martian Manhunter as a background character where he does nothing due to not being a DLC character.
      • Then again, he ends up being the first DLC playable character.
    • The argument between Green Lantern and his ring.
  • Batman's secret weapon to escape from the Regime soldiers: Playing My Little Pony Opening song.
  • The extended version on the treaty that Aquaman reads.

Persona 4 Golden

  • The many many cutaway references from Hiimdaisy's Persona 4.
  • Kagato voice-dubbing any cutscenes that are from the anime:
    • "With this power... I will be able to impress Chie!"
  • Yosuke's Fail Counter. That is all. Which currently the total is 42.

Persona 5

  • The very first video of this play-through. The video title says it all.
    • Due to the new settings feel of the game, he was not to please that his protagonist character gets a criminal record for saving a woman from being raped, everyone treats him like dirt and even gets lost on the way to school.
    • To note, Kagato tries to save the woman as Captain Butt Puncher... without his costume.
      • And later his long fake intro of himself in the following episode.
  • "Kobayakawa. You know what your name's too long, from now on you're 'Principal No-Neck'!"
  • During the first celebration of the Phantom Thieves in the Wilton Hotel, Kagato was about to name his Phantom Thief Team name and realizes he can name it to "ButtPunchers".
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  • "TIMES TO BUTTON MASH!!" And it also comes with a 30-minute video too.
  • The entire advertisement of MADARAME'S PLAGIARISM FARM!!!". Try not to laugh yourself silly on it.
  • When Kagato realizes Yusuke is going to pain Ann nude, he rushes out of the stream saying he's done but returns 12 seconds later.
  • Episode 21. After reading "Playing the Game" book, which increases his charm, a lot of shenanigans happens after his date with Ann especially the time he caught his teacher in a maid outfit. This line says it all:
  • His two reactions when Makato manages to record their conversation of them being Phantom Thieves and the fact that Ryuji calling him about the Phantom Thieves meeting at the wrong time.
    • Of course, Ryuji manages to get punished in later episodes. Here's the hint after that episode he's been punished: "A Whole New World!"
  • "Who are you again?"
    • "I! AM! ALIBABA!!!" note 
  • "CHARLES NO!" note 
  • The entire accidental Ho Yay moment between Kagato and Yusuke after Yusuke went into a depression of the first artwork he posted in the museum during Kagato's social link.
    • One of the moments is when Kagato accompanies Yusuke to the park and ride on the boat together. They happened to see a couple and Yusuke decides to sketch their love secretly. Unfortunately, Yusuke told the couple to stand still, which they were shock he's drawing them. The best part is upon seeing the line It's familial love. She's my sister., the music happens to stop and cue him laughing himself silly for that misunderstanding.
    • And then comes the part where he jokingly chooses an option to strip for Yusuke inside the church. Yusuke agrees... until he realizes that he shouldn't since it would be bigger news than the Phantom Thieves.
  • The sudden rage that Kagato got tricked into buying the 'Holy Stone' from Chihaya that he decides to extend to another 20 minutes just to get back on her, without knowing that Chihaya doesn't intend to sell the Holy Stone, to begin with.
    • While things are incredibly serious obviously with Part 54, his delivery on how his remorse is gone is funny.
    Kagato: Oh I have no remorse! My remorse is gone! Any remorse I can have is loooong gone! BYE REMORSE BYE! HAVE A GOOD TIME! SEE YOU NEXT YEAR! BYE!
  • And in Episode 81 of Persona 5 Try not to devolve into hysterics when Kagato descends into another rage-fueled rant about how Goro Akechi is essentially a recycled version of Adachi from Persona 4, even pointing out how all one would have to do is swap the "da" in Adachi for "ke" to spell Akechi's last name.
  • And then there's his Famous Last Words in that very same episode: "CRISPY... WAFFLES!!!"
  • Kagato growing to love Haru throughout episode 83 due to discovering how bloodthirsty she is.
    • While attempting to talk to a female NPC on the pool deck Kagato accidentally makes Joker take cover using the pool chair behind her, which puts his head level with her ass.

Friday the 13th: The Game

  • Most of the funny moments are listed here while playing with his friends in this LP game but some notable mentions are worth mentioning:
    • Eric (plays by Kagato) is trying to make love with a female character. However, the said female character injures him and later was chased by Eric. The funny part is the moment they reach a house, she jumps through the close window and Kagato started laughing himself silly.
    • It happens again only this time he's the one jumping into the close window when Tommy points his shotgun at him when Eric harasses him to be his friend.
    • #KFC note 
      • What happen was while Kagato was looking at the stream, Kagato was confuse that there are so many 'KFC' or '#KFC' comments. One of his friends assumes it's because Kagato talks about Jason's diet and assumed that Jason always goes to Kentucky Fried Chicken until one of the streamers reveals the answer to him, which Kagato and his friends start making jokes about different 'Chad' foods after figuring out the true meaning. This even lead to the stream chat flooded with 'Chad food' jokes as well (E.g: Diet Coke becomes Diet Chad).
    • "DESSTROOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" note 
    • "Oh god, please don't tell me that he's...GOD DAMMIT KAGATO!!!"
      • While Kagato's being chased by Jason, the rest of his surviving friends finally fixed the car and were debating on who's going to drive. Unfortunately, instead of leading Jason away from them, Kagato runs toward them who happens to be near them screaming for help. Cue to Fang, one of Kagato's friends, quoted the line above and chaos ensures to the point where they accidentally ran over Fang after getting the car started. In the end, everyone didn't survive and blames Kagato for the whole shenanigans while laughing themselves silly.
    • "IT'S IN FUCKING SINGAPORE?!" note "
      • Andrew, who was one of the moderators and one of the new players in his Friday the 13th stream, was questioned by Kagato and his friends since Andrew mention he's not from the USA but Malaysia. Kagato yelled that line when he's using google to check where Malaysia since Kagato's bad at geography. Kagato is shocked to realize that he has a Malaysian fan and thanks to him for the support.
    • The Epic Fail moment where Kagato was escaping through the window without knowing where Jason is and just by the word "Hi!", he somehow lands to the ground in front of Jason. Here how it happened.
    • His shotgun ranting. note 
      • But nothing could compare of Sora's double shotgun kills since Sora did not expect Jason to move until he accidentally kills two of his friends.
    • The epic kill towards Sora after betraying one of his allies, Jersh a.k.a Bun Bun, who's a newcomer in the game.
      • What happens was when Kagato was Jason and playing the last match, Kato (who happens to be glitching) and Sora are the only two members left. When Kagato was about to kill Sora, instead of begging for mercy, Sora was glad to see him, even his character was near death as Kato was glitching. Upon leading him to the location where Kato was glitched, Sora says the one line that he shouldn't say... when he's near Kagato:
      Sora: Oh thank god three first aids. Hallelujah! (Starts picking it up) :D
      Kagato: What the fuck! NO!
      (Kagato stabs Sora with a knife and he instantly dies; Kagato later laughs evilly after that kill.)
    • Jiggly-Charles, the singing Jason. His singing was so 'good' that some of Kagato and his friends are willing to get themselves killed. Kagato seals the deal on this line after the match:
    Kagato: "And that was the day that Jigglypuff was banned from the stream!"


  • Any Courtroom Drama/ Raging at Lawyers where Kagato uses his low tier team where he records trolls and scrubs online.
  • Monopoly Family Fun Pack Let's Play. Playing with 5 of his friends, you can expect a lot of shenanigans here.
    • The entire time anyone knocks over Jazz's cat statue or landed onto her place. Kagato's line sells it after landing on one of it:
    Kagato: I earn all that money... just to pay for that pussy (Jazz)...
    • "WAIT! HOW AM I TRUMP?!" note 
    • The entire shenanigans after the trade between Kato and Thomas after the first hour.
      • What happened was during that time Kato happens to have two out of three orange set and Thomas has the last one. Kato intends to trade all of his remaining sets for his orange one. Thomas accepts the trade. The same orange set that most Monopoly players consider being one of the highest chances to land in the game.
      • Due to the above, everyone (except Charles who was glitch out of the game) goes bankrupt despite them trying to avoid that infamous orange 3-house/hotel set and Kato wins. While everyone blames Thomas for starting it in the first place, he pulls off a Never My Fault excuses and blames the rest for not following his 'comeback' plan, even to the point he has played board games for a long time to the point where Kagato was raging upon Thomas' gameplan.
    • In the second game... after Thomas quits the game due to having to go to work early tomorrow and after only three players (Jazz, Slash and Kato) are left... let's just say that the Monopoly dice try to screw them around by not making them land at the major houses even manages to land all three players in jail... at each others same turn. This causes Jazz and Kato to quit from the insanity it gives them. Kagato's line here says it all upon it.
    • In the third game... "DON'T LET KAGATO PEE ON THE INTERNET!!"

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