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Funny / Justice League vs. The Fatal Five

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  • After scolding Miss Martian, Batman tells her that she can find another teacher if she keeps up her attitude and states that he refuses to work with teenagers. Miss Martian's response? She transforms into the second Robin.
    • Later, when the two learn about the Legion of Super-Heroes, Miss Martian comments that they're teenagers and that this must be Bats's worst nightmare. He blinks weirdly in response to this.
  • Star Boy in Arkham. When given a pill, he takes them and tells the doctor, "They're a lot better now that I know not to chew them."
    • Also, the fact that he's become friends with Two-Face...or at least half of them. Sweet, but amusing.
  • Jessica letting Thomas have her pudding cup that came with her burger meal.
    Jessica: [notices Thomas staring at her pudding cup] I am so not eating my pudding. Do you want it?
    Thomas: [immediately] YES! [grabs the pudding and starts eating it] Mmm, Arkham had pudding every Thursday. Everyone loved it. Especially the clown. A lot of people are afraid of clowns. That's called "coulrophobia."
    M'gann: ...You know what? He's all yours. I'm getting a mochaccino. [gets up and leaves]
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  • Superman gets slashed pretty badly during a fight with Mano and his minions. Batman's response? To mention that Clark's "scuffle" attracted some attention.
    Superman: It's healing slowly and I'm in a fair amount of pain; thanks for asking.
  • Tharok complains that this whole mission is just so that Mano can get his girlfriend back and asks how Mano and Empress can even have a relationship when the former has a hand that destroys anything it touches.
    • This sets off Mano's Berserk Button and he threatens to use his hand on him, which reduces Tharok to begging for his life.
  • During their psychic tour of the Legion's HQ, Miss Martian is ecstatic that her statue appears among the League, then wonders where Batman's is. It's there, but due to the exaggerated chin and unfriendly scowl, Bruce insists it looks nothing like him.
  • Years of working with people like Dick Grayson, Wally West, and Miss Martian must be rubbing off on Batman.
    Mano: Batman, is it? I think I’ll disintegrate you slowly...
    Batman: Bring it, Skeletor.

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