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Even for The Joker, this is nutty.

  • After Captain Cold provides a desert community with water, he is later seen in a tent being waited on by several beautiful women, then quips, seemingly to the reader, "Who says crime doesn't pay?"
  • The fact that the only reason the Joker acts out to sabotage the Legion's because he's miffed he wasn't invited to join in.
  • In Justice #8, a mind-controlled Supergirl tells Lois Lane that she doesn't know what her cousin sees in her:
    Supergirl: I don't know what Superman sees in you, Miss Lane. And don't tell me "X-Ray Vision". I have, too. And I don't see anything.
  • Green Arrow thinking Black Canary was being kinky by wearing her wig for sex.
  • After rescuing Flash, Superman tells Captain Marvel to take him to an all-you-can-eat buffet in Paris nearby, so the extremely thin Flash can replenish his strength. Captain Marvel says it wouldn't be fair for the buffet.

Fan Fic

  • Chapter 17’s Omake collections has several gems:
    • “Reality Check” has Harley trying to beat her physical, and prove she has not gained weight, by visibly sucking in her gut during her measurements
    • In “Laugh Tale,” in Roger’s note that the true treasure of the One Piece is the adventures the pirates had along the way, he acknowledges that some people may not appreciate this. He also writes that he does not really care if they feel that way.
    • “Luffy’s Day Out,” a rattled and desperate Cheetah takes Luffy out to a restaurant where you eat for free if you finish the eating challenges, and tries to convince him to lay low. Not only do they get noticed, videos of him scarfing down food at an absurd rate get posted online. They are extremely popular, with thousands of comments only a few hours in!
      • Also hilarity in how Cheetah finds herself with a craving for alcohol, except that since she is disguised as a Muslim woman, the bartender kindly assumes she wants only non-alcoholic drinks.


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