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  • Following Marc Antony turning Rome against the conspirators, a crowd falls upon Cinna the poet, who has the bad luck of sharing a name with one of the conspirators. When he identifies himself, they shout for his death.
    Cinnna: I am Cinna the poet! I am Cinna the poet!
    Rioters: Tear him for his bad verses! Tear him for his bad verses!
  • Act IV, Scene I: When Lepidus, a "slight, unmeritable" member of the Triumvirate according to Antony, leaves on an errand, Antony tells Octavius that it's probably best to have him be the errand-running workhorse of the three, to be "either led or driven, as we point the way." Octavius says that Antony may do as he wishes, "but he's a tried and valiant soldier." "So is my horse, Octavius," Antony retorts.
  • Antony's speech at Caesar's funeral is full of cunning yet florid insults, specially every time he says "And Brutus is a honorable man".
  • The 2018 National Theater production is set in the modern day, and opens with a rock band performing, before Flavius comes in and breaks it up. This leads to a previously unmemorable bit of dialogue becoming hilarious.
    Flavius: (to a musician) You, sir, what trade are you?!
    (Beat as the musician takes a very long look at his guitar, which he was just playing.)
    Guitarist: ...A carpenter.