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  • This interview, where Rob and Glenn recall some of their "real-life Spinal Tap" moments, telling stories of injuries, overreactions and equipment malfunctions during concerts. All of them are pretty funny, but the best one is probably the tale of Rob, Glenn and the cardboard tube: a very early attempt at using props during a show that went horribly, hilariously wrong.
  • Another interview, where Rob, Glenn and Richie are asked about parts of their Wikipedia biographies, has several Crowning Moments of Funny courtesy of Rob. These include an impromptu metal wedding vow between him and the others, a Squicktastic story of what it was like to work in a porno cinema, and an absolutely spot-on Sir Christopher Lee impression. (That last one might have become a little Harsher in Hindsight after Sir Christopher's death, but by itself it's still pretty funny.)
    • After the interviewer gets squicked out by Rob's porno theater story, Glenn remarks, "Well, you did ask the question."
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    • Rob's hilarious overreaction to thinking that he's being asked about the "fucking Doris Day story". And it gets even better when Rob realizes that the interviewer was actually trying to ask him something else, but now that he's brought it up he has to give an explanation, and mutters "I wish I'd kept my mouth shut..." The actual story counts too.
  • In this video, Rob tells some stories behind classic Judas Priest photos, with plenty of self-deprecating humour. He even keeps making the interviewer laugh.
    Rob: And the greenhouse that I tried to grow pot in... and it just would not grow.
  • Rob's Instagram has many awesome and heartwarming photos; and plenty of hilarious ones too. Like this one.
  • The music video for "Breaking the Law" has been called one of the most comical videos in heavy metal, and for good reason. Every second of it, from the band holding up a bank with their instruments to a security guard dancing with a (very oddly shaped) cardboard cutout of a guitar, has to be seen to be believed. (Apparently this was done intentionally, but still - the sheer contrast between the video and the dark, angry lyrics is a thing of beauty to behold.)
    • has written a short recap of the video, which is somehow even funnier. Read it here.
  • While Rob coming out of the closet was a groundbreaking moment in metal history, and heartwarming in many ways, the way it happened is kind of funny; apparently, it was a slip of the tongue rather than something Rob had been planning to do at the time. According to him, he was being interviewed one day and he happened to say, "Speaking as a gay man..." - and the next thing he noticed was the noise of the producer literally dropping his clipboard in shock.
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  • The Madison Square Garden story. A 1984 concert there by the band ended with a riot breaking out, and the audience caused a lot of damage to the place, including destroying the seats. Judas Priest had to pay for the repairs, and were also banned for life from performing there again. Some time later, Glenn and K.K. decided to sneak in to watch a tennis match, wearing hoodies because they were still banned - but during a break one of the ushers walked up to them and whispered, "Thanks for the new seats".

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