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  • The first appearance of the flying war machines can be this, if one person knows what's coming, and the other one doesn't.
  • Getting somehow wrapped up in the other player's scarf. It will happen and you will find it funny.
  • If you don't know how to do it yourself, seeing another player trip and land flat on their face can be pretty amusing.
  • Pushing your partner around. Especially if they're meditating, meaning the player probably went away for a bit and will come back to find themself in a completely different place.
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  • Your partner(s) having a cheeky PSN username can turn the game's ending into this.
  • Rocket Death Match DLC Teaser.


  • The music video to Separate Ways, for being chock full of Narm. Steve Perry being a Large Ham, the band playing air instruments, including the keyboard. Overly dramatic staring at the camera. Pure hilarity.


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