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    House of X 
  • After Sabretooth is captured, he is brought forth to a court, where the prosecutor says the charges: "The defendant is being charged with felony breaking and entering, felony assault, felony theft, two counts of manslaughter and—I swear to God—if bad manners for something I could add to the list, I would." Which results in this line, when they ask how Sabretooth pleads: "Oh, I'm guilty, meat. Phtoo! I definitely got bad manners."
  • It's kind of hilarious that one of the Five — the most important mutants on Krakoa who are able to bring mutants back from death itself — is Goldballs. Goldballs. Whose mutant power is generated gold-colored balls of biological matter. Except it turns out those balls are actually eggs.
    • This quickly became a meme on Twitter, with multiple people declaring, "Have you accepted Goldballs as your lord and savior?
  • Other funny things about the resurrection: all of the X-Men who came back stayed nude during the ceremony. There's a lot of carefully placed bits of hair and Nightcrawler's tail.
  • When Storm asks how she would know it's really Monet, Monet replies, "No touching."
  • In the most subtle, hilarious way possible, Hickman resolves the legendary Xorn-Magneto Continuity Snarl by simply showing Magneto and both Xorn brothers literally in the same room for a single panel. One of them even waves at Mags as he walks past.

    Powers of X
Mister Sinister's love of capes begins.
  • The Skottie Young cover for Powers of X #2 showing Cyclops and Jean Grey discussing what uniform he should pick for the reboot - Jean's advice? "When in doubt, go with pouches."
  • All of Skottie Young's variant covers with dialogue in them, really.
  • Nimrod, the highly advanced killing machine, alternating between a typical monologuing villain and acting like a little kid getting that bike he really wants when he gets to do things his way.
  • In the Year 100, Xorn is fantastically depressing and loves it. In Powers of X #2, after he says an entire speech about how the world will just be swallowed up by the sun in the end, this conversation happens:
    Rasputin: You're fantastically depressing, Xorn. The perfect teammate for the end times.
    Xorn: Thank you, friend.
  • And in Powers of X #2, when Wolverine tells Xorn that they are going on a suicide mission, he responds, "I've never been more excited for anything in my entire life."
  • In Powers of X #4, before Mr. Sinister allows Professor X and Magneto to speak, he compliments Magneto on his cape and question his manservant (who is also a Sinister) why he doesn't have one. The manservant tells him that he always thought he looked good in one and sheepishly admits he never told him because it slipped his mind.
    Sinister: EXECUTE THIS MAN! (Guards proceed to chop him up)
  • And then Mister Sinister gets killed by another Mister Sinister with a cape mid-rant, who tells them that he's the Mister Sinister with the mutant gene. His mutant power? "Overthrowing tyrants and being absolutely fabulous."
  • Xavier brings Doug Ramsey to Krakoa. Doug's response? "Oh, cool. The secret island where mutants come to die. Fantastic. Excellent choice, sir."
  • Xavier sends out a telepathic message summoning all mutants on Earth to Krakoa. Sinister is shown receiving the message while casually working in his lab... surrounded by piles of dead Sinister clones.
  • Powers of X #5 has Xavier and Magneto convincing Emma to use her resources as head of the Hellfire Club to financially support Krakoa by running their drugs through countries that rejected them. They suggest she have Sebastian Shaw lead the operation for her. Her response, after a beat panel of an incredulous expression, is a simply "But I just got rid of him", expression unchanged.

  • X-Men #1:
    • A reminder that we are reading superhero comics from Cyclops:
      Cyclops: Be careful, they're sure to be savvy—all these apes have PhDs!
    • Behold: Gabriel Summers, Vulcan, former ruler of the Shi'ar steaks. Letting the fire inside burn them. Of course, Wolverine wants his rare. So Vulcan finally relents...medium rare. Wolverine almost fights him.
    • Young Cable wants to trade Raza for one of his guns. But first he yells out to his mom — Jean — if he can have permission.
    • Hepzibah asks if Rachel has spikes on all of her clothing or if this is a special occasion. She replies, "Yes."
    • The Krakoan dishwashing method: Krakoan goo is sprayed on dishes and it converts all of the leftover food and bacteria to gases, leaving the plate clean. Corsair says he might vomit. Cyclops says that it's better than before, when Krakoa tried to make them edible plates that improved their biological systems. The goo was a compromise.
    • The sheer fact that the Summer House has rooms for all of the Summers Family...and Wolverine. His room is right next to Scott and Jean, too, just reinforcing the fact that perhaps they've become a threesome.
  • X-Men #2:
  • X-men #3:
    • Edith mishearing things as accusations and denying them.
    • One old lady says that Emma "dresses like an s-word and has a serious p-word problem." She then tells her to wash herself.
      • Emma, Cyclops and Shaw's reactions are pretty funny, too: Emma's jaw drops and she's left in stunned silence; Cyclops looks away and remains stone-faced. Shaw is smiling and stifling a laugh.

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