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  • February 12, 1976:
    Garfield: Some name for a dog... "Spot". [holds Spot by his ears] I think I'll see if I can knock that "Spot" off.
    Jon: (off-screen) Garfield!!!
    Garfield: No jury in the world would have convicted me.
  • September 30, 1976: Jon greets a woman from behind a wall by saying "Surprise!" It turns out the woman has a buff boyfriend whom she announces as a "Surprise." Cue an Oh, Crap! look from Jon.
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  • December 1, 1977: Jon tells Irma that he's looking into a stereo for Christmas.
    Irma: My brother-in-law got one for a real steal.
    Jon: Really? What did he get?
    Irma: Two to five.