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Funny / JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Steel Ball Run

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  • Any dramatic tension is ruined whenever Gyro shows his carved/grilled set of teeth.
  • Stephen makes a horrible joke after going into a speech about a large block of ice holding the SBR trophy:
    Stephen: Well, I think those comments broke the ice, don't you think?
    Everyone: [Collective Groan]
    Lucy: [Supportive clapping]
  • The president of the United States shotgunning a beer.
  • Johnny screaming "What the hell are you?!" at his stand, this positively tiny, cute-looking fairy creature with a metal beak and shiny Black Bead Eyes. It actually looks sad afterwards.
  • Diego's joke about the cougars and rattle-snakes was pretty funny, if not cringeworthy.
  • Johnny the alternate universe equivalent of archaeologist Jonathan Joestar somehow doesn't know what a dinosaur is.
    • Archeology and Paleontology aren't the same thing, so perhaps its not TOO strange
  • After getting lost a few times, Johnny and Gyro meet Hot Pants, who moments ago tried to kill them. Hot Pants asks for cooperation. Their response?
    Gyro: Tell him to go eat shit, Johnny!
    Johnny: Tell him yourself.
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  • Gyro's out-of-nowhere song about cheeses. Best part? Johnny likes it. Maybe. Although, later on he's shown singing the song with Gyro, and suggests that they should start a band together.
  • Scarlet is chock-full of them:
    • Scarlet just playing with Lucy's nose, lips, and cheeks.
    Lucy: Scarlet!
    Scarlet: Ohhhhh!
    Scarlet: On my face, Lucy! I want you to squish me with that cute little butt!
  • Magenta Magenta and Wekapipo's introduction. It starts off with Magenta Magenta licking his hands clean of the phlegm he coughs up, then turning to show Wekapipo his 'Tears of the Himalayan Yeti' joke (which involves him pretending to cry chunks of ice). When Wekapipo ignores him, he's mildly offended...only to start babbling about airplanes. Wekapipo complains that with the invention of airplanes other people will take their jobs (as assassins...?) and Magenta Magenta pulls the most offended face and asks if he ever has fun.
    • On another note, although we can't hear his voice per se the translation team assures us that, due to the way his speech is written in Japanese, that Magent Magent sounds like "a more coherent Donald Duck or a male Fran Drescher".
  • Gyro's bad joke in "7 Days A Week." Or rather, the thrashing about he does during it.
    • On a meta level, the fact the joke got its own mini-chapter.
    • Gyro's jokes makes sense in the original japanese, but don't translate into other languages at all; as a result, translated!Gyro appears to have a completely nonsensical concept of "humor". Likewise, japanese!Johnny seems to genuinely appreaciate Gyro's jokes, while translated!Johnny passes for either a Deadpan Snarker, or someone with an equally absurd sense of humor.
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  • The "Like a winter catfish" guy.
  • When Valentine belts out a "DOJYAAA~N!"
    • Also worthy of mention is the Napkin Speech Valentine delivers in order to explain his motivations. It's just as brilliant and enlightening as it is absurd and ludicrously thought-out.

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