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  • Yasuho's reaction when she remembers Josuke's "2x2 testicles".
  • Yasuho visiting Josuke (and Joshuu) at the hospital after finding him. He was laying under the bed.
    • Then he hugs her and unknowingly gets a boner...
    Yasuho: ...It's hitting me, It's hitting me, It's hitting me, It's hitting me!
  • While searching Yoshikage Kira's apartment, Josuke finds a naked woman in the bathroom. He shuts the door, and tells Yasuho, who immediately leaves the room after checking.
  • Yasuho being innocent enough to fall for Josuke's distractions so he doesn't have to beat the ever-loving shit out of Oujirou in front of her.
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  • Josuke's Genre Savvy comment on how everyone who goes to the second floor in a horror movie dies; and thus applying the logic to his situation.
  • Josuke "shaving", when he's really just using his bubbles to get rid of the hair and making them fall on Joshu and Hato.
  • Josuke and Joshu's reaction to good-looking woman.
  • Yasuho, for no good reason, licking her elbow.
  • The start of the Shakedown Road arc has Josuke talking about his overall inability to know where he belongs in the world, only to derail from that depressing subject when he sees that everyone in the household is wearing their swimsuit to breakfast. Why are they doing this? Because they want to emulate a proper poolside breakfast after Hato ruined their trip to Hawaii. All of them, that is, except for Joshuu, who refuses to wear his swimsuit because he doesn't believe in God. Josuke, possibly the oddest JoJo yet, is stunned beyond his capacity for words.
  • Josuke needs to send Yasuho a text with Joshu's phone, but Yasuho hates Joshu. How does he start his text?
    This isn't Joshu.
    Guess who~
    • He also signs off as "4 Balls", which Yasuho interprets as how much Dango he wants to eat at the restaurant he texted her to meet him at.
  • Norisuke on Stands:
    Your Stand is like your asshole. You can't go around showing it off to other people.
  • Norisuke again on examining Yotsuyu's body. Specifically, to see if the rock humans reproduce the same way humans do. In other words:
    The dick is very important.
  • Norisuke not understanding the relationship between Yasuho and Josuke.
    Norisuke: I see, so it's unrequited love...
    Josuke: Urgh... That's also kind of... Um... Well... I guess it's okay for you to think that.
  • Tsurugi, after convincing Norisuke of keeping the strange-rock-skinned-wild dog (that Yotsuyu "healed"), ended up naming it as "Iwasuke" ("Iwa" means "rock"). Tsurugi, being a kid that likes to use puns, it's no wonder why his grandpa and Josuke were not amused at it.
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  • After a long hard fought fight with Aisho and his Stand, Doobie Wah!, Yasuho finally meets Josuke again. They share a long knowing look and Yasuho's tear well up with joy that she can see her friend again. She runs into her arms...and Josuke walks past her to talk to Tsurugi.
  • Josuke's idea of a song for your crush: "I like large fries, I like large fries, I like large fries, but not fried chicken. Not fried chicken, not fried chicken, I just want those crunchies. I like large fries."
    • Even better is Yasuho's awe at the melody, not understanding the lyrics.
  • In trying to keep up with the facade of being Karera's friend, Josuke sees her lead an old man into another room. While he is content to simply wait at first, he hears noises and goes to investigate out of concern for her. What he is greeted with and his reaction are just hilarious.
    • To add to this theme of joke, afterwards she tells him that she wasn't being paid to have sex with him and shows exactly where she'd be if that was the case....complete with what appears to be Josuke flustering and nursing a semi.
  • Damo's introduction is one big moment of funny, not even considering the general awkwardness of a father meeting his daughter's boyfriend. First everyone is dumbfounded that Hato is dating a Gonk, the first one to appear is several years of publication at that, the near blind Daiya repeatedly asks if Damo is handsome while Joshu cannot resist laughing. Further awkwardness comes with Damo's deadpan reaction to everything around him, such a Hato fixing his combover, then Damo breaking a chair trying to fit in since he's fat, and Hato casually talking about the fact that they had sex in front of her father.
  • At the end of Chapter 55, when Vitamin C's effects wear off and everyone is shown to be okay, Joshu is seen climbing out of a manhole. The funny bit about this is the fact that this is the last page we see of this chapter, after a lot of Mood Whiplash and Wham Episode moments, as if Araki is saying "Oh yeah, we almost forgot about Joshu!".
  • The limelight chapter for Joshu has some pretty hilarious moments, such as him taking up 9 seats at a movie theater, just because he has the money to! There's also just something funny about Joshu of all people trying to avoid money.
  • How about a toddler Hato nibbling on a doll and trying to get her mom to eat it with her? "No thanks, mama doesn't nibble on dolls."
  • Jobin's entire meeting with Poor Tom. One is a hardened criminal and proven threat, the other is a chain smoking man-baby. It only snowballs from there with Tom asking if a woman's checking him out (and yes, she is) and unveiling what could probably be one of the most powerful stands in the part... that also looks like a lego set.
    • It gets even funnier when you realize that throughout the exchange Jobin is the one terrified.
    • Let's talk more about Ozon Baby, Poor Tom's Stand. Its ability is fairly standard: it alters the pressures of its surrounding areas, preventing those affected from moving between them lest the sudden pressure change kill them. That's not the crazy thing about it. The crazy thing about it is that it initially manifests as a Lego model of the White House that needs to be planted in the ground to activate it, and when its full form manifests, it's got a bag over its head with its name written on it, it moves around on freakin' wheels, and oh yeah, it looks like it has a dick. And you thought King Crimson was weird...
  • Poor Tom eating out the woman from the parking lot. It’s as disturbing and hilarious as it sounds.
  • There's absolutely nothing suspicious at all about the doctor Mitsuba visits. He even has THREE name tags with "doctor" written on them, so you can be thrice as certain that he's a real doctor and not a Rock Human or enemy Stand user.
  • Mamezuku's unusual obsession with the head doctor of TG University Hospital being 89 years old.
  • Jobin's reaction to Mitsuba's prosthetic nose. He thinks it's incredibly sexy, to the point where he practically drags her into bed and begs her to poke him all over with it.
  • The sheer fact that Ojiro of all people managed to single-handedly track down the new Rokakaka in less than a day when it's taken the other groups weeks with next-to-no progress.

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