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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to this page. Proceed at your own risk.
Its beginnings were mainly serious and filled with horror. Now, Battle Tendency cranks up the "bizarre" part of the series' title. And how!
  • Take note: Young and old, whenever Joseph utters Gratuitous English (be it "OH NO!" or "OH MY GOD!"), it's always going to be hilarious.
    • While the Engrish isn't present in the dub, it comes with its own bout of hilarity for Joseph: Benjamin Diskin voicing him with the exact same voice as Numbuh One. And it somehow fits.
  • During the opening, when the characters are silhouetted and doing fighting poses and moves, it ends with Joseph wielding the clackers, spinning them around, and tying himself up with them before falling over offscreen.
  • Joseph's Establishing Character Moment when a Corrupt Cop wipes a booger on his cheek. Joseph calmly asks for the reason:
    Joseph: That's curious. Help me understand, why would you do something like that? It's just such an unsavoury thing to do.
    Corrupt Cop: There is no reason! I do what I like, whenever I feel like it, ya fool! But, if when someone wipes a booger on ya face, then it probably means that— (CRUNCH)
    Joseph: You made the wrong move, you stupid pig!
  • Joseph asking Grandma Erina exactly what type of friendship she has with Speedwagon. Erina beats him with her umbrella for that.
    • In other versions of the same scene, he tries to insinuate that with Erina widowed and the ambiguous circumstances of the marriage, Jonathan perhaps had a relationship with Speedwagon instead.
  • Caesar's introductory arc gives us a scene where Joseph decides to test his new friend with a friendly game of cards. What follows is a masterpiece of two delinquents trying their damndest to hide that they're, well... delinquents.
    Caesar: I saw that, JoJo. Deal the cards right. Only cowards cheat.
    Joseph: Huh?~ Whatever do you— [Caesar grabs his wrist]
    Caesar: Deal the cards properly, Joestar, or play elsewhere! [Caesar shakes Joseph's wrist, causing about a dozen cards to start spilling out of his sleeve]
    Joseph: Huh... fancy that. Well, that didn't work!
    Caesar: Pathetic. You should be ashamed that you have to resort to cheating and gimmicks to beat me!
    Joseph: You really are serious about cleanliness... [he pulls Caesar's leg onto the table, where we can see something placed on top of his shoe] This mirror is spotless!
  • The now villainous Straizo decides to make it his first order to track down Joseph and kill him because he doesn't want to make the same mistake that Dio did with Jonathan. He ends up taking an innocent bystander hostage on the basis that Joseph, like his grandfather, couldn't bear to see an innocent get caught in the crossfire. Unfortunately for him, he underestimates the personality difference between Joseph and Jonathan.
    • And she promptly slaps him after the fight when he had completely forgotten he'd even made such a comment.
    • Prior to that, Straizo brags about how his scarf makes him immune to Hamon. Joseph inexplicably managed to pin a grenade to him. Straizo plucks it away, only to be informed that it was inexplicably attached to several other grenades. Words can't do it justice.
  • Joseph attempts to infiltrate a Nazi base in Mexico by crossdressing. The Nazis immediately see right through his Paper-Thin Disguise, which Joseph can't believe at all.
    • "Tacos!" Araki literally had the Nazis say this as they got knocked out solely because they were in Mexico.
    • In the dub while the line "Tacos!" was changed to "Ouchies!!!" note  we get this as a way to make up for it.
      Joseph: (in an exaggerated falsetto) All I got under my skirt is more tequila, big boy!
  • "Ha-ppy~! Joy-ppy~! Nice to meet you-ppy~!"
  • After Joseph was hit for the first time by Wamuu's Divine Wub- errr... Sandstorm. Due to being badly injured he decides to play dead, it somehow manages to fool Wamuu twice! Mind you that Joseph's body is in different positions every time he looks. For a guy with superhuman intelligence, he sure isn't the brightest...
    Wamuu: I must be imagining things...
  • Hell, ANYTHING that Joseph trolls at his enemies.
  • Esidisi's reaction to Joseph severing his arm. "HEEEEEEY!"
    Esidisi: You'll look like a lovely birthday cake, covered in candles, flickering with their merry little red flames!
  • The Joestar Family's Secret Technique: RUN AWAY!
    • Made better because Jonathan never used that, and he refers to it as if it was passed down the family line.
      • Technically incorrect: while Jonathan never used it, he did tell someone to flee in a dire situation: Erina.
    • When Joseph runs away from Kars, Smokey loses it, exclaiming he knew he'd run away like he always does. The English Dub makes it better as Joseph shouts "Run for your life!", with Smokey's shouting cutting straight to Kars shrieking like a madman.
    • Made even better when Joseph's grandson uses it in Stardust Crusaders.
  • What terrifying weapon does Joseph use against Wamuu the vampiric Physical God? Why, the toy known as Clackers. As the cherry on top, it is thought of as completely silly and hilarious in-universe which is really saying something.
    Joseph (bent over and clutching his head): OH NO!
    • And of course, the Pillar Men's reaction to all of this nonsense:
    Esidisi: Well, that was fun.
    Kars: Let us keep moving. Apparently the human race has regressed rather than evolved.
    Wamuu: Quite an understatement.
  • After his Training from Hell, Joseph shows off his new abilities by challenging a mugger to stab him. When he tries to do so, he stops the blade with one finger, and then pulls out a container of mustard and squirts it all over the mugger's head. After about a page or two of suspense, Joseph admits that that last part was just to mess with him.
    • Everything after Santana's slip and fall with Stroheim is hilarious, if only for the fact that in the anime his voice actor screams every single line in varying degrees of pitch.
    • His big reintroduction is when Kars covertly tries to steal the Stone of Aja from their company and comes face to face with a new and improved Stroheim.
    • Similarly, after Kars is defeated and Joseph is presumed dead, Stroheim relays this information back to Speedwagon and co. Keep in mind, at this point, he's a torso. On an island. And the plane they rode in on is busted.
  • At the end of the Hell Pillar Climb, Joseph is about to slip off the wall. Caesar grabs his wrist... only to remember that he's exhausted, too. "Ten seconds later, and after saying 'Don't let me go!' another thirteen times, Jojo reaches the top."
  • In the anime, Joseph peeks in on Lisa Lisa while she's bathing. Later, in Lisa Lisa's epilogue, after a mention of her being his true mother, he can be seen with an utterly disgusted look on his face.
    Joseph: Niiiiice!
  • Kars's hilariously over-the-top henchman, Wired Beck, who appears for exactly one scene before dying. Everything from his mannerisms (in Japanese, he finishes every sentence with zura, meaning "OK") to his ridiculously camp prancing. Joseph finds him annoying immediately and Lisa Lisa makes very short work of him. His death is pretty funny considering what just happened in the story.
    Joseph: You see, you've just run out of time. Hamon is now running all through your body.
    Beck: Oh? Hn-hn-hn-hnn! Don't be ridiculous, I'm not - AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! OHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! [He explodes.]
  • Kars playing with an unconscious Lisa Lisa's legs like a guitar.
    Kars: Ween ween ween!
  • Kars, having obtained mastery over all life, shows off his power. How? How about by changing his hand into a squirrel, having it cuddle with another squirrel, and then going absolutely apeshit, devouring the squirrel it was cuddling with and then piercing through Stroheim and his Nazis?
  • Joseph showing up at his own funeral at the tail end of the saga. The sheer length of time it takes him to realize just drives the gag on home, and the audience suddenly realizes that our Idiot Hero tastelessly crashed a funeral without realizing it was his.
    • And the reason he showed up? 'Cause Suzie Q forgot to send the telegram informing everyone that he wasn't deceased.
    Joseph: Suzie Q, what the hell?! You had one job, woman! ONE JOB!
    • The Japanese version, while using a more generic dialogue, also manages to deliver the funny... because of Joseph is, again, using Gratuitous English.
    Joseph: GAAAHH!!! OH NO!! I can't believe this! What the hell was that woman thinking!? Wait!!
  • Esidisi putting out a dynamite stick by eating it is funny enough, but then you realize—AC/DC had a song named "T.N.T.". Not every reference has to be on the nose.
  • After Joseph knocks Kars down into the crystal spikes, it suddenly gives us a closeup of his face (with glowing red eyes) and he leaps into the air, startling everyone present, only to land on his face a few feet away.
    Stroheim:...He's trying to spook us.
  • After failing to get the Stone during his attack, Kars falls down a deep ravine and stands up...only to suddenly start laughing. It comes out of left field with no reason, and it's glorious.
  • When Joseph finally manages to defeat Kars though a convoluted series of coincidences, Kars demands to know if Joseph somehow planned all this out, like he has every other stunt he's pulled up to now. Joseph replies that of course he did, then thinks to himself "I just got lucky, but thinking I outsmarted him will drive Kars nuts!"
    • Made even better by this line in the dub:
    Joseph: “Let me guess, you're gonna say, ‘Did you plan this too, Jojo? Tell me.’”
    Kars: “How do you always know?"
    Narrator: For a moment, Kars was distracted by Jojo's arm and his cocky attitude! That moment was all it took! [Kars gets pelted by rocks] Scalding rocks he didn't see coming launched him higher into the stratosphere!
    Kars: (Yells in pain) "Did you plan this too, Jojo?! Tell me!”
  • In an illustration for the Ripples of Adventure exhibition, Wamuu was one of the old characters redrawn. Look closely, and you'll see that he, of all people, is wearing sneakers.

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