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Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies here and all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

In the film

  • How legendary is John? When he shows up in Rome, the manager of the Roman Continental is worried he might be there to kill the Pope.
  • Abram Tarasov tells the exact same story his brother told in the first movie:
    Tarasov: He once killed three men in a bar with...
    Mook: A pencil, I know, I've heard the stories..
    Tarasov: With a fucking PENCIL. Who the fuck can do that?!
  • Abram's face as he's listening to what's going on in his warehouse.
  • John has Aurelio come over to inspect the damage inflicted on his Mustang during the opening chase scene. After going into detail on how the engine, chassis, and axle have gone FUBAR, Aurelio muses.
    Aurelio: What do I think? ...I can fix this.
    • John asks when he can expect it back.
      Aurelio: It'll be ready Christmas... 2030.
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    • The windshield is caved-in, with almost no portion that isn't shattered and John had to drive it by leaning out the missing driver side door.
      Aurelio: And I don't know if you've noticed, but you've got a crack in your windshield.
      • Rather fitting when you think of the fact that John loves dogs.
  • The last film had the iconic scene of John busting up the basement floor to retrieve his guns and coins, however, the sequel shows him calmly putting it back and fixing the floor.
    • Then later when Santino blows up his house, his guns are still buried under concrete plus the rubble from the house and that he is revealed to literally have one gun left in storage (a Glock 26). It's An Aesop with a dose of Black Comedy: "Don't leave your guns in places where they can be unreachable in times of crisis."
  • Jimmy the policeman shows up again when Wick's house gets burnt down. His reaction? "You working again?" When Wick just walks off, Jimmy again demonstrates more wisdom than about 99% of the criminal underworld with a succinct "Well, shit."
    • Seeing that John's entire house is on fire, Jimmy asks "...Gas leak?"
    • The best part is that their conversation is almost identical to the first movie, except for the "Well, shit."
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  • The reaction shot of Consummate Professional Charon staring at John's dog, and the dog staring back.
  • During the Lock-and-Load Montage, John purchases guns from the Sommelier who recommends them like they're bottles of fine wine. What really sells it is John asking for a knife.
    John: Dessert?
    Sommelier: [amused] Dessert?
    • Especially because the look on the Sommelier's face is just so happy that John seems to be playing along with the winetasting act.
    • Becomes even funnier if you know what a sommelier does in Real Life.note 
  • During a pause in the catacombs shootout, John slaps his (bulletproof) suit. At least half a dozen bullets audibly fall out.
  • Yet another during the Catacombs shootout, John is engaging a pair of mooks, only to run out of ammo and switch to his pistol as a third rounds a corner. In a hilarious bit of choreography, all three of them drop to the ground at the exact same time.
  • After John completes the hit on Gianna, Santino calls him to deliver a grand speech about Wick's acts and how Santino was forced to do what he did. Wick unceremoniously hangs up on him without even uttering a word about five seconds in the conversation. Santino is left visibly upset.
    • Extra hilarious, because this was exactly how the conversation with the first movie's Big Bad went. These crime bosses really shouldn't call John to justify their dickishness.
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    • In a related incident, the cosmic levels of Oh, Crap! written on Santino's face when he spots John Wick a few meters away from him during the climax is also something to behold.
    • Santino's sheer gall in saying he can't kill his sister because he loves her... which is why he's getting Wick to do it instead. Then he sends The Dragon to kill Wick because he can't let his sister go unavenged.
  • In a semi-meta example, while John is making his escape from Gianna's suites, his path inadvertently leads him to burst on-stage in the midst of a live concert - and he immediately guns down a guard in his path. The crowd bursts into cheers, thinking it's All Part of the Show - likely emulating audience reactions to the beginning of an extended action set-piece.
  • When John starts gunning down his pursuers in the middle of the crowd, he once shot two targets behind him. In a blink-and-you-miss-it moment, one civilian in a bob hat tries to check and lift them up, as if they just passed out unconscious.
  • The first post-fight scene between Cassian and John. They were tossing and tumbling all over the place, going blow for blow, and getting in some good shots, and then they settle down and have a couple of drinks with each other.
    • The lead up to this is just as good; watching the two realize that their fight accidentally threw them into the local Continental, the looks on both their faces just scream, "Of all the hotels we had to crash into, we crashed into this one?!"
    • After Cassian leaves, John notices Ares was also there, watching their conversation. "Be seeing you, John", she gestures. "Not if I see you first", he replies.
    • After being forced to stop fighting, John and Cassian both meekly walk to the bar, limping heavily. Cassian in particular rubs his neck in pain with an embarrassed look on his face.
  • One of the assassins who comes collecting for John's bounty is an enormous Sumo wrestler. The guy keeps whaling on John despite taking multiple bullets through the torso, and only goes down when John blasts him from the top of his head. Then, when John tries to catch his breath, the guy starts moving again, forcing John to put another round through his head.
    • Especially hilarious when you see the briefest "Are you freaking kidding me?!" look flit over John's face right before he administers the second shot.
  • During part of Cassian's pursuit of John in New York, the two walk parallel to each other in a subway station terminal (John on a lower level, Cassian on an upper level) and try to act casual while also shooting at each other with their hidden guns. Since they are both using silencers, no one else in the station notices as they pelt the walls with bullets.
  • Cassian and John are in a subway car, each glaring at the other. They wait for it to empty out as much as it can before they engage in a knife fight with the few passengers left just staring in utter silence. The car pulls into the station and as soon as the door opens, every passenger runs out.
    • Right before the train pulls up, Cassian and John share a brief stare down across the platform. The automated service message requests that guests report any suspicious activity as John rips his knife from another assassin's corpse.
    • Similarly, it's hard not to chuckle when the train station announces "End of the line" just as John finishes off the fight with Cassian and leaves him (presumably) to die.
      John: That knife is in your aorta. If you remove it you'll bleed to death. Consider that a professional courtesy.
  • Ares indicating she's got just one loose end to tie up, considering which finger she uses to indicate 'one'.
  • In a Call-Back to the first film, John once again runs out of ammo while in the middle of killing someone. This time he sighs, uses his empty shotgun to pin the mook to floor, loads another shell, and then kills him.
  • Pretty much every scene with The Bowery King counts, as his Large Ham tendencies are a perfect contrast to Wick's more stoic demeanor.
  • After John asks The Bowery King for weapons to fight against the army of assassins on his trail, the King decides to accede to John's request for a gun.
    • And only seven bullets for it, for the seven million dollars on John's head. When the time comes to finally use it, John spends all seven bullets in about two seconds and then glances at the gun as if he only just remembered then the limit he was working with.
    • There's a moment in the ensuing chase where he runs out of ammo. So he just throws his gun at the enemy mook to stun him.
    • During his pursuit of Santino through the art gallery, Santino is trying to withdraw with a little grace as he throws dozens of mooks at John to buy time for him to get away. Between shots of John mowing down dozens of men at a time, it keeps cutting back to Santino, looking over his shoulder as the gunfire continues and looking increasingly worried and annoyed as it sinks in how screwed he is.
  • Ares' failed attempt to taunt John. "Be seeing you." "Sure."
  • The Bait-and-Switch element of the first few scenes can be extremely funny in the right light. We're introduced to Viggo's brother gearing up for John, referencing many other movies where the sequel's main villain is hell-bent on Avenging the Villain of the first. However, this trope is immediately defied upon John finding Abram, and the plot goes on to be entirely different.

In the trailers and promotional material

  • To promote the second movie, they sponsored a parody trailer called "Dog Wick". It's the John Wick movie, but if John and his dog switched roles.
    "Idiot! You killed John Wick's dog's human! And that human was John Wick!"
    • The ad that played before the Super Bowl parody the ads for the movie it was competing against.
      Text: This Valentine's Day weekend, slip into something a shade darker.
  • The viral website "Continental Quarterly" (a magazine for hired killers) is amusing due maintaining the casual tabloid tone when dealing with things such as gruesome murder. One highlight is Winston commenting Ms. Perkins died "of an acute headache."
  • Corridor Digital recreating John Wick's Contract on the Hitman act with Nerf guns. It's equally awesome and funny.
    • The best part is that at the end, John finds a mook's cell phone, only to discover that the original $7 million contract has been upped to $150 bazillion... by Cassian.
  • A Tribute to Those Killed by John Wick hosted by Abram Tarasov and attended by assassins not killed by John Wick. Who knew one of the unfortunate victims saw a red panda being born in captivity and one of the men who was killed by a pencil was ironically also an artist.


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