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  • In "Fanboy Admission and Genetics", John parodies the style of CGI in Dreamworks animation by doodling Mickey Mouse in that style—the drawing in question gives Mickey lots of hair and pores, realistic eyes, giant human ears and a mustache.
  • "Happy Father's Day" has a great Bait-and-Switch gag where John's dad is about to tell him why he hated a Ren and Stimpy cartoon based on him ("A Visit to Anthony") and John assumed it was because he portrayed his dad as too rough in the cartoon, only for his dad to reveal that he hated it for the exact opposite reason—-he made him look too soft. You really have to read the whole thing to get the full impact of the twist.
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  • "Wally VS UPA 3: Walt Craves Respect" has John mock the design sense of films like Bambi and Lady and the Tramp (putting cartoon heads on realistic bodies) by putting Elmer Fudd's head on top of a photo of a real life bodybuilder, with the caption "May I Pwease have your wespect, Mr. Disney(?)"

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