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    The comics (main series) 
  • Kimber's reaction to seeing her dad's secret passage in the jukebox is to assume that he was Iron Man.
    Kimber: Was Dad that iron...guy.
    Aja: Iron Man.
    Kimber: Yeah. Iron Man. Was Dad freaking Iron Man? Why does he have a super secret technology cave?
  • The Hologram's reaction to seeing Jem for the first time is funny. Aja looks she's scared to move. Shana looks like she going to cry and toss her cookies at the same time. Kimber looks so overjoyed that all the kids in the world would call it overkill.
  • Kimber is so excited about the number of votes that the video has gotten that she rushes off to wake Aja up. Aja responds by throwing a shoe at her head.
    • Immediately before this, Shana points out that Aja and Jerrica were up all night editing the video and probably want to sleep. Kimber yells, "WHO CAN SLEEP AT A TIME LIKE THIS?!" Shana then points out that Kimber got ten hours of sleep and isn't exactly in a position to talk.
  • When Rio introduces himself to Jerrica, she asks how he managed to track her and the rest of the Holograms down.
    Rio: Well, I am a reporter.
    Jerrica: *glares at him*
    Rio: Your sister's Twitter feed.
  • When the other Misfits see Stormer having coffee with Kimber, they immediately decide that the best course of action is to go in and smash the coffee shop up so that no one sees Stormer consorting with a Hologram. While they are in the middle of yelling at Stormer and wreaking havoc, a clueless fan approaches Pizzazz and asks for her autograph.
    Clueless fan: Hey, you're Pizzazz! Can I get your autograph?
    Pizazz: NO. *smacks the tea out of her hand*
    Clueless fan: Aw, man! My chai!
    • Stormer's expression in the background. The best part is that this panel — Pizzazz attacking the fan, the look on Stormer's face — is the picture that ends up on the news later. Even funnier is Pizzazz's response: "They always get my bad side. Every time."
    • Roxy's sage take on the situation: "Stormer, it's like, bandmates before...dates."
  • When Jerrica goes to meet Rio at his place for their date, she finds him supervising his young neighbor Clara as she pretends to drive his motorcycle.
    Clara: Vrrrooom!
    Rio: Well, you definitely sound fast.
    Clara: I am fast, you should let me drive it, Rio!
    Rio: Maybe when you're older.
    Clara: I'll be six next month!
    • Jerrica evidently enjoys the situation:
    Jerrica: Friend of yours?
    Rio: I think we're going steady.
    Jerrica: Uh-oh. Should we cancel?
    Rio: Nice try, no way.
  • Kimber begs Aja for help with her latest romantic woes. Aja refuses, and for good reason:
    Kimber: Can you help me?
    Aja: Uh-uh. No way! The last time I got involved in one of your romantic escapades it ended in moderate violence.
    Kimber: Oh, yeah. Hahaha. That girl that pushed you in the pool. I forgot all about that.
    Aja: Of course you did.
    • Shana then comes in and asks what's going on.
    Aja: Kimber likes a girl.
    Shana: Must be Tuesday.
  • Pizzazz gets so pissed off when she finds out that Jem and the Holograms will be performing at the Starlight benefit that she smashes her guitar to pieces. The other Misfits stare at her in stunned silence for a moment, and then Stormer mumbles, "I am so glad Rio's not here."
    • The camera crew was watching as well.
    Camera guy: I wish we'd been filming that.
    Pizzazz: AGGGHHH!
    Camera lady: I think we should give her five more minutes.
    Camera guy: Good idea.
    • Pizzazz then proceeds to shove the food table over, sending the food flying everywhere. Roxy's quiet, horrified response: "Nooo. The bagellllllls."
  • Kimber attempts to explain the situation with Stormer to Aja and Shana without revealing Stormer's identity. Naturally, they ask for the mysterious girl's name. Kimber then attempts to convince them that it's Jane Doe.
  • Rio checks in with Jerrica to see what she thinks of the date thus far.
    Rio: So... Have I satisfied all your cliche first-date amusement park needs?
    Jerrica: Actually, no. In fact, I would like to lodge a formal complaint. My giant stuffed animal needs have totally not been met.
    Rio: Of course! I'm an idiot. How could I have missed it! Let us away to the nearest ring toss!
    Jerrica: I could also eat more cotton candy...if pushed.
  • During load-in before the Starlight benefit, Shana remarks that they should get roadies to help them with their equipment in the future.
    Aja: Let's just all be holograms. A full-on hologram band including instruments. Everything nice and...light. *beat* Get it? Light?
    Shana: We get it.
    Jerrica: Keep your day job, Aja.
  • Kimber is late for sound check because of her meeting with Stormer. As she's dashing into the Starlight Center — barefoot, no less — all she can think is "Latelatelatelatesoooolate. Soooodead."
    • Then she runs into Clash, causing Clash's stuff to go flying everywhere. Kimber helps her pick it up, but somehow Clash's bolt cutters and wrench fail to arouse suspicion.
    Kimber: Here's your, um...bolt cutters...and wrench?
    Clash: Um...thanks.
    Kimber: I love your hair color.
    Clash: *grabs her stuff and rushes off without another word*
    Kimber: Weirdest waitress ever.
  • When Aja returns from helping the sound crew fix the audio, it takes about two seconds for Rio to endear himself to her:
    Rio: You must be Aja. Latte?
    Aja: *with a dead serious expression* You are my favorite person ever.
    • Then Rio and Aja ask where Jerrica is, putting Shana in an awkward position, since she can't tell Aja that Jerrica is busy transforming into Jem while Rio is there. Fortunately, Kimber arrives at just that moment.
    Kimber: *bursts in with a panicked expression* I'm here! I'm here! OMIGOD DON'T KILL ME I'M HERE.
    Shana: *looks relieved at the distraction* Kimber! Look everyone! Kimber is here!
  • Rio finds Jerrica right after she's put on the Jem hologram, and she's delighted to see him again. Unfortunately, though, she forgets that it's his first time meeting Jem and, as a result, acts like she already knows him. The resulting conversation is just as awkward as one would expect.
    Jerrica: Omigod. He thinks I'm a moron.
  • Stormer is late for a Misfits show due to her meeting with Kimber. Five minutes before the Misfits are scheduled to go onstage, Stormer bursts into the green room, looking just as panicked as Kimber did earlier, only for the other Misfits to immediately gather around to glare at her. They're all done up in their stage makeup, so they all look fierce as hell...except for Roxy, who is also holding a bagel and a knife with cream cheese.
    • Pizzazz then demands to know where Stormer was. Stormer's excuse: "Um...traffic?"
    • After Pizzazz storms off, Jetta and Roxy chide Stormer:
    Roxy: Storm, I thought you were supposed to be the reliable one.
    Jetta: Yeah, you're totally the sensible shoes of the group. Yet all of a sudden you're Miss Break The Rules, all the time.
    Stormer: Sensible shoes?! I'm wearing stilettos and fishnets!
    Jetta: It's like...a metaphor, Stormer.
    Roxy: Yeah, it's not like...literal.
    Stormer: Rox, I heard you use 'literally' wrong like eight times yesterday, don't try to use it correctly today, okay?
    Jetta: Bwahahaha. Burn!
    • While this exchange is going on, the bagel in Roxy's hand gets progressively smaller as she eats it between panels.
  • The Misfits' performance on the TV show goes well, and afterwards everything is fine...until the show's host innocently asks if the Misfits have met the Holograms yet and remarks that the Holograms are "very good". Pizzazz's face goes from happy to pissed off in approximately a tenth of a second.
    Stormer: *covers her ears* Oh no.
  • Aja's reaction when the rigging falls on her is a simple "ouch". Although, to be fair, she was groggy from being hit in the head.
    • Then there's her (and Kimber's) reaction when Aja is being loaded into the ambulance:
    Kimber: Ajjjjjjaaaa.
    Aja: You guys, I don't think this is necessary.
  • Pizzazz, as it turns out, doesn't actually care that the Holograms got hurt at the Starlight benefit; she's just pissed off that the incident made them more famous.
    Pizzazz: They're on the cover of the damn newspaper!
    Jetta: Who even reads a newspaper anymore?
    Roxy: For real.
    • Although Roxy's comment is Harsher in Hindsight following the revelation later in the series that she's illiterate.
    • Pizzazz then collapses to the floor in anger and buries her face in her arm. It would be more dramatic if she weren't wearing cute skull pajamas.
    • Stormer, AKA the perpetual Token Good Teammate, asks if anyone was hurt at the Starlight benefit. Pizzazz's response is an irritated "they're all fine. Basically."
    • Jetta and Roxy ask why Pizzazz even cares about any of this, since logically she should be happy that something bad happened to the Holograms. Pizzazz responds, "Not if whoever does it is dumb enough to screw it up and also make them more famous in the process." Cut to Clash, the perpetrator, looking extremely awkward.
  • When Aja wakes up in the hospital the morning after the benefit, she sees her sisters sleeping at the foot of her bed. The speech bubble coming out of Kimber's mouth says "cute snoring."
    • Rio then comes in with coffee:
    Aja: How did you get this in here?
    Rio: I was very stealthy. They're letting you go this morning, though. I think it's okay.
    Aja: Good. 'Cause I was drinking it anyway.
  • When the Holograms arrive at the festival, Jerrica, Shana, and Aja are all concerned with loading their stuff in and finding a place for Jerrica to change into Jem. Kimber, meanwhile, has other concerns — namely, food. When Jerrica tells her to wait, Kimber's response is a heartfelt "But Jerricccaaaaa. I'm DYYYYYYINNNNGGGG."
    • When the Holograms check the trailer that they'll be sharing with the other bands, they find that it's full of people, which means that Jerrica can't change there. This leads to the following exchange:
    Jerrica: Well, we've got time. Let's come back in an hour and maybe it will be less crowded.
    Kimber: *dashes off* FOOOOOD!
    Jerrica: One hour, Kimber!
    Shana: Do not eat too much!!
    Kimber: No promisesss!
    Aja: Kimber, I will kill you if you puke onstage!!!
  • One of the bands sharing a trailer with the Holograms is the Limp Lizards. Yes, that's the Limp Lizards from the original cartoon.
    • It's later revealed that they somehow managed to place third in the entire competition. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome.
  • Aja is trying to play a shoot-'em-up carnival game and gets irritated when Shana starts drumming on the counter:
    Aja: Shana. Stop with the drumming. You're messing me up.
    Shana: Sorry. I'm nervous.
    Aja: I know, but I paid five bucks for this game. You're killing me.
    Shana: Jeez. Five bucks. You better win something.
    Aja: I know.
    • Jerrica shows up shortly thereafter and tries to get them to head back to the trailer. Aja, who is still trying to win something, finds a way to distract her.
    Aja: Here comes Rio.
    Jerrica: Where?
    Aja: Hey, Rio.
    Rio: Hey.
    Shana: How could you even see him?
    Aja: Eyes in the back of my head. Or there's a mirror. One of those two.
  • Aja's Meet Cute with Craig involves running into him because he's coming around the corner and she can't see him over the head of the giant stuffed animal that she won. Their subsequent conversation goes as follows:
    Craig: You okay?
    Aja: Yeah. You?
    Craig: Well, I might be hallucinating. Are you holding a really huge stuffed horse?
    Aja: No. This is a really huge stuffed unicorn. C'mon dude, know your basic fantasy creatures.
    Craig: Haha. *beat* Can I buy you one of those funnel cakes as big as your head?
    Aja: Yes.
  • Rio takes Jerrica for a ride on the Ferris wheel like he did on their first date,. He's pretty pleased with himself:
    Rio: I gotta say, I did a great first date thing, because now Ferris wheels are like "our thing" which is adorable of us.
    Jerrica: Yeah, you did good.
  • The Misfits make their grand entrance at the festival. It would be more dramatic if Roxy weren't chowing down on a piece of pizza at the same time. Jetta is also casually shoving a random person aside without even bothering to look at them.
  • The food fight. Holy crap, THE FOOD FIGHT.
    • It starts when Kimber confronts Clash about what happened at the Starlight benefit. When Pizzazz tells Stormer, who is trying to say that she wasn't involved with Clash's scheme, to shut up and not take another step, Kimber yells, "No! You shut up!" and hurls a pie at Pizzazz's face.
      • The Misfits' reactions to that. Clash looks panicked and has a little broken heart emoji over her head, for some reason, and Stormer and Jetta in the background have Blank White Eyes of horror as they realize what's about to happen. And then Pizzazz starts screaming.
    • Kimber then hurls another pie, this one at Clash. However, Clash ducks, so it hits Roxy instead. Roxy doesn't even look mad; she just looks resigned. Jetta, meanwhile, is laughing at her...until Aja throws cake at her. Then Jetta gets angry.
      • Aja is pushed to get involved because the slice of pizza that Pizzazz throws at Kimber hits Aja instead.
    Kimber: Omigod. Aja, I'm sorry.
    Aja: Kimber. Hand me a pie. *gets cake instead* Cake. Close enough.
    • The last three panels of the food fight scene. In the first two panels, the bands are glaring at each other in the moments right before the volleys of food hit. Then in the last panel, it is chaos: an all-out brawl has started with the bands shoving food in each other's faces, throwing food in each other's faces, and...well, you get the idea.
      • And throughout it all, Clash is just standing there, completely untouched, looking horrified by the "carnage".
  • In the first scene after the food fight, the Holograms, the Misfits, and Clash are all shown standing side by side in what is probably 5x5's office at the event. The band members are all completely covered in food...and Clash is still somehow spotless.
    • Special mention goes to Roxy, who takes it Up to Eleven by being barely visible underneath a mountain of frosting.
  • Kimber shoves Pizzazz out of the way so hard that the slice of pizza falls off of Pizzazz's shoulder.
  • Even though the scene is mostly sad, what with the Holograms' ejection from the competition and Kimber's apparent breakup with Stormer, there is something kind of funny about Kimber's dramatic sighing in the background as Jerrica explains things to Rio.
  • When the announcer at the competition informs the crowd that the Holograms have been kicked out of the competition, the crowd initially boos. Then the announcer adds that to make up for it, the Misfits have decided to play a full set following the competition. Cut to a view of the crowd, where one of the fans is so excited that they're practically tearing their own face off.
    • The single speech bubble from the crowd in that shot looks something like this: ">:( BO Ooo WWOOOWOOOO :D". Yes, including the frowny and smiley faces.
  • When the Misfits go over to investigate the Holograms' surprise concert across the street, they're "attacked" by a giant hologram of a dinosaur.
    Jetta: Gonna murder whoever made that dodgy blue dinosaur.
  • Issue 7 opens with Jerrica being stressed out about her workload. Shana tries to be helpful. Aja...doesn't.
    Jerrica: I don't know how to deal with all this.
    Shana: We can help.
    Aja: Speak for yourself, I got a motorcycle to rebuild.
    Shana: Shush. You know you're gonna help.
    Aja: I know, I just like to be unavailable and mysterious.
    Shana: You are the mysterious-est.
    Aja: It's totally on my business cards. Aja Leith. "Totally the mysterious-est."
    • Meanwhile, Jerrica is fuming in the background.
    • Aja's phone alerts her that she has a new message from Craig. She tries not to look interested, but she fails:
    Shana: You know we can see you looking at it, right? Should I sing the K.I.S.S.I.N.G. song?
    Aja: Only if you want to wear this bowl of cereal.
    Shana: Too soon. Noted.
    Jerrica: Guys, c'mon. Are you going to help or just be hilarious and cute?
    Shana: That feels like a trick question.
    Aja: Yeah, I mean how are we supposed to not pick hilarious and cute? You're setting us up for failure here.
  • Aja is horrified to discover that Jerrica, as a result of the Holograms' success at the competition, has over 600 new emails.
  • According to Aja, "a week of mourning equals like five years 'Kimber-time.'"
  • After Aja enlists Synergy's help in building the website, she checks her messages from Craig and then declares that she'll be leaving now:
    Aja: Whelp. I gotta go.
    Shana: What happened to "you have a motorcycle to rebuild"?
    Aja: I got a better offer.
    Shana: *in a singsong voice* Aja and Craaaaig sittin' in a tree K.I.S.S.I.N.G.
    Aja: I can stab you with things, Shana.
    • Jerrica objects to this new plan:
    Jerrica: I though you were helping!
    Aja: I did the website! Synergy and I are on it, yo! *leaves*
    Jerrica: *headdesk*
    • When Shana alerts Jerrica to the article that Rio wrote, Jerrica raises her head. She has a post-it note that says "GET IT DONE >:(" stuck to her face.
  • Jerrica confronts Rio about the fact that he wrote a glowing review of the Misfits' concert despite the fact that they tried to kill the Holograms. Rio points out that it was never proven that the Misfits had anything to do with that, and then this happens:
    Rio: They deserved an honest review.
    Jerrica: Even if they're homicidal maniacs?
    Rio: I...I don't think that's who they are. *beat* Well, maybe Pizzazz.
  • Elise has to go to a meeting, so she leaves the Misfits alone in her office with Eric. Before she leaves, though, she tells Pizzazz not to break anything.
  • The second part of Aja and Craig's conversation after their dirt bike adventure:
    Craig: You ready to eat piles of seafood?
    Aja: Oh god, yes. I've been craving clam chowder ever since we passed it on the way up here.
    Craig: You gonna get the bread bowl?
    Aja: I'm planning to be buried in a bread bowl when I die, so what do you think?
    Craig: I think destiny and bread bowls may have brought us together.
  • Techrat walks into his apartment to find Eric Raymond sitting there like some kind of evil mastermind (which, to be fair, he kind of is). Techrat doesn't even bother to ask how Eric got in; he just tells Eric to go away because "you're boring."
  • Synergy's line "I am pleased that you are pleased" is equal parts endearing and funny.
  • Pizzazz and Stormer get into an argument about the song that Stormer wrote — Pizzazz likes it but thinks that it's too soft to put on the upcoming album — and Pizzazz tells Stormer that "it's not happening". Frustrated, Stormer yells, "Why do you always get to decide what's happening? You're not the boss!!!" There's a moment of stunned silence in which Pizzazz whips around to glare at Stormer, who suddenly realizes that she may have made a mistake, and Jetta and Roxy stare at Stormer in shock and horror. Then Jetta desperately shoves Roxy away, muttering "go go go go go go".
    • After Pizzazz and Stormer resolve their disagreement, more or less, the band receives a video call from Elise Harcourt. Pizzazz tells Roxy not to answer it, but she's too late, and Roxy answers the call just in time for Elise to hear Pizzazz say that she doesn't want to talk to "that harpy right now." Elise does not look amused.
    Pizzazz: Dammit, Roxy.
    Roxy: Oops. Sorry, Pizz.
    Elise: I know this harpy is certainly sorry.
    Pizzazz: Look, I'm sorry.
    Elise: Forget it. I've called you worse.
    Pizzazz: *Death Glare*
  • Elise informs the Misfits that Eric has convinced her to send them on a short tour. Her reason is something of a backhanded compliment:
    Elise: Yes, well, irritating as I find most of you...
    Roxy: Most?
    Jetta: Eh. Who bloody cares.
    Elise: put on a great show. But consider yourselves still on probation. I want sold out shows and minimum drama. I'd like to live in a reality where hearing the word Misfits doesn't give me an instant migraine.
    Jetta: Fat chance.
  • Jerrica, with increasing desperation, tries to solicit help from each of her sisters. Shana and Aja have valid reasons for not being able to help. Kimber...doesn't.
    Jerrica: Kimber!
    Kimber: *skips past with her earbuds in* Nope!
  • Aja hopes that signing to the same label as the Misfits will somehow enable the two bands to see each other less.
  • Pizzazz is hanging out at her house playing a video game against another player on line. Said other player is kicking her ass. Subsequent dialogue from Pizzazz reveals that her opponent is nine years old.
    Pizzazz: This kid, I swear. Do not test me, Pablo...I don't care if you're only nine, I will rip your—
    • Then the intercom buzzes and the gatekeeper informs her that Clash has arrived. Pizzazz tells them to let her in, but mostly because she just wants everyone to stop talking to her so that she can go back to her game.
    Pizzazz: Better be good, Clash. Pablo's mom only lets him play until six. *to Pablo* What did you...?! You little—your momma, Pablo. Your momma.
    • As it turns out, Clash does have a good reason for interrupting Pizzazz's game: she got her hands on an invitation to a party at the Holograms' house. As for how she got her hands on said invitation...
    Pizzazz: And just what is that ungodly thing?
    Clash: My cousin Video got this in the mail last week. I found it this afternoon in her room.
    Pizzazz: We'll skip over the fact that your cousin's name is somehow Video. Tell me more.
    • Made even funnier by the reveal in Jem: Dimensions #1 that Video is a hardcore Jem and the Holograms stalker/groupie and that at least one of her friends has a habit of stealing the Holograms' garbage. It's pretty likely that Video did not get that invitation in the mail.
  • Several days after Eric hires Techrat to hack the Holograms, he goes over to Techrat's place to check on him. He discovers that things are going...poorly.
    Eric: Techrat — how's it coming?
    A very disheveled, sleep-deprived Techrat: *complete gibberish*
    Eric: Uh. Are you okay?
    Techrat: NO! No, I am not okay, Eric! This system is impossible! I can't get in! I've tried everything! It's almost like it's A.I.! It keeps rewriting itself ahead of me. I'm. In. Hell.
    Eric: Well...what's the problem?
    Techrat: Eric, you wouldn't understand this if I spent a thousand years trying to teach you. *beat* Get away from me.
    • Eric's suggestion that Techrat quit working on the project is not received well.
    Techrat: I can't give up. This is my greatest challenge! I've never been happier!
    Eric: ...Thiiiiiiis doesn't look like happiness.
    Techrat: You don't know what you're talking about! I hate you!
    • Techrat's expression for that last part makes the scene even funnier.
    • When Eric visited several days earlier, Techrat's apartment was spotless, even spartan. In this scene, however, there are garbage bags, empty pizza boxes, and old takeout containers everywhere. Techrat has clearly been having a rough couple of days.
    • Look at Eric's coffee cup that he's holding when he walks in. The coffee shop employee spelled his name Erik.
  • Somehow, whoever's vetting the party guests at the Holograms' music video premiere fails to recognize the Misfits, who a) are very recognizable and b) have made almost no effort to hide their faces or their distinctive hair.
  • Stormer has some qualms about the Misfits' costumes, which are skeleton onesies to look like the bullies from The Karate Kid. Jetta and Roxy are less than comforting:
    Stormer: I'm still not sure why we're dressed up as the bullies. Why are we the villains?
    Roxy: Villainy is like, a matter of perspective, Storm.
    Jetta: Yeah, get over yourself.
    • Techrat has a costume too. He's dressed as a shower.
      • When he complains that the costume doesn't make any sense and that there were no skeletons or showers in the movie, Pizzazz gets irritated.
    Pizzazz: Ohmigod. Shut up. You clearly saw the remake. Lame.
    • And then Techrat tries to argue that his costume isn't stealthy enough:
    Techrat: Well...fine, but it's not exactly stealthy.
    Clash: Whatever. Haven't you ever heard about hiding in plain sight? Like, nobody is going to suspect the big funny shower costume.
    Techrat: Well, I hate it.
    Pizzazz: Shut up and go back inside your shower and do what you're here to do. *slams the shower curtains shut in his face*
    Techrat: *beat* It is kind of cozy, I guess.
  • Pizzazz is so irritated to find out that they missed the showing of the video that she pushes over the woman who told her while the woman is still talking.
    Pizzazz: When are they showing the video?
    Random party guest: They already did. Omigod. Did you miss it?! It was amazi—
    Pizzazz: *shoves her aside without even bothering to look at her*
  • Jetta's highly sophisticated plan for causing trouble:
    Roxy: What are we even doing here?
    Jetta: I think we're supposed to muck things up.
    Roxy: Like what?
    Jetta: I dunno. I see a pool, maybe we could push one of these wankers in?
    Roxy: Okay.
  • Stormer's reaction to seeing Kimber in an adorable shark costume:
    Stormer: *with heart eyes* ...Oh...oh my. *beat* Nope nope nope. Soooo not ready.
  • Aja and Craig both wore the exact same costume to the party without even planning it. They're delighted; Aja's recently dumped friend Holly is less so:
    Holly: Ugh. You guys are tenth level gross...coordinating costumes?!
    Aja: We didn't coordinate.
    Holly: Ugh. That's even worse. *storms off*
    Craig: Yikes. She was grouchy...sorry if I intruded.
    Aja: It's all right. She's recently spurned by love, so she's understandably a mess.
    Craig: That's rough.
    Aja: Yeah.
    Craig: And to someone recently spurned by love, we must be like salt in wounds.
    Aja: She'll be fine. But it is absolutely disgusting how adorable we are.
    Craig: I feel like we should probably make out.
    Aja: Agreed.
  • Pizzazz decides that it's time that she and Jem finally had a one-on-one talk. To that end, she stalks Jem throughout the party and hides behind a potted plant outside her bedroom. Jem is in there for so long, though, that at some point Pizzazz somehow acquires a plate of food and starts munching on it.
    • While she's waiting, Techrat finds her, still dressed in his shower costume. She is not amused:
    Techrat: Pizzazz.
    Pizzazz: Get lost, Techrat. I'm doing a stake out-y thing here.
    • Techrat tells her that he can't find the source of the Holograms' A.I. Pizzazz tells him to check "the pool house thing":
    Techrat: What pool house?
    Pizzazz The one by the pool.
  • Pizzazz's reaction to discovering — while in Jem's bedroom, no less — that the Holograms will be opening for the Misfits on their West Coast tour:
    Jerrica, who is all the way downstairs: ???
  • Shana points out Jerrica and Rio, who are making out, and comments with some relief that they must have made up after their earlier fight. Kimber is also relieved, but for a different reason:
    Kimber: There's only room in this family for one nightmarish drama queen and I am that drama queen.
    Shana: Well, I'm glad you're self-aware, at least.
    Kimber: I am the self-aware-y-est.
    • And then she recognizes Stormer and dashes off to confront her. It would be more dramatic if she weren't still wearing her cute shark costume, which for some reason has legs.
  • The map of the party. The diagram is good, but the descriptions make it even better:
    • Pizzazz, AKA Phyllis Gabor: Current status: on her way out, enraged even more than usual.
    • Jem superfan: Swears she touched Jem and she will never ever wash her hand again,
    • Shana Elmsford: Thinking she'd better get back into the dating pool again.
    • Clash, AKA Constance Montgomery: Deciding how long she needs to wait before "accidentally" bumping into Pizzazz. Also, wishing Blaze was here.
    • Holly Black: Pining for her ex (and their cat, Mr. Paws). In six hours they'll all be back together and posting too many pictures on Instagram, again.
    • Craig Phillips: Making out.
    • Aja Leith: Also making out.
    • Kimber Benton: On her way to confront a party crasher... A seriously cute party crasher.
    • Stormer, AKA Mary Phillips: About to be confronted by the most adorable shark ever.
    • Grouchy guy: Still hates Rio. Will blame him forever for ruining his photo with Jem. Will become Rio's premiere troll, leaving crappy comments for him on every article he posts forever.
    • Jetta, AKA Sheila Burns: Still trying to find someone to push in the pool.
    • Roxy, AKA Roxanne Pelligrini: 20% interested in pushing someone in the pool, 80% concerned with the dwindling bagel supply on the refreshment table.
    • Jerrica Benton: So glad that she and Rio made up she's forgotten she sorta hates P.D.A.
    • Rio Pacheco: Really glad he came to this party instead of chickening out, which almost happened. Twice.
    • Techrat: Shed his shower costume six minutes ago, trying to get into the off-limits pool house. Also hoping Pizzazz didn't find out he took off his costume.
  • Not only does Jetta not get a chance to push someone into the pool, but Techrat is in such a hurry to flee the aprty after he accidentally trips the alarm that he accidentally knocks Jetta into the pool. Roxy then proceeds to laugh at her while eating a bagel.
  • Techrat tries to explain the Holograms' A.I. to Eric but gets a bit carried away with his metaphor:
    Techrat: There's nothing we can do, Eric. To whatever they've got running things...I'm like...a caveman to it. A genius caveman, but still a caveman. That thing is busy building the Parthenon and I'm still smacking my hand on the wall and discovering cave paintings.
    Eric: All right already. I got it.
  • Rio's entire interview with Roxy in the flashback in issue 10 is equal parts heartwarming and hilarious.
    • First of all, there's Roxy's reaction when she answers the door (while eating a bagel, naturally) and finds Rio there:
    Rio: Hey, Roxy.
    Roxy: Ugh. Rio. I am so sick of your face.
    Rio: That makes two of us.
    Roxy: You're sick of your face, too?
    Rio: ...Sure. Whatever.
    • Roxy is evidently less than thrilled about Rio's visit, since she proceeds to ask him what she can do to make him go away.
    • Roxy's hostess skills in a nutshell:
    Roxy: Sit.
    Rio: Has anyone ever told you you're a great hostess?
    Roxy: No.
    • The first thing that Roxy does is ask Rio if he wants a bagel. When he declines, she mutters that she never understands people who don't want bagels.
    • As Rio subsequently points out, Roxy does not waste time:
    Roxy: So what do you want to know? What gets you out of here the fastest?
    Rio: You know what I like about you, Roxy? You don't waste time, you don't mince words, you say what you're thinking.
    Roxy: What does mincing have to do with anything?
    Rio: Never mind.
    • When Roxy is mad at Pizzazz, she calls her Pizza. Roxy thinks that this is hilarious.
    • The reveal that Jetta is Roxy's roommate.
    Jetta: *slams the door and enters the room* You gotta stop leaving the bloody door unlocked, Rox. We got lots of nice— *sees Rio and stops dead in her tracks* —crap.
  • The flashback to how Rio discovered that Kimber and Stormer were dating.
  • The Shout-Out to the infamous "Rio kicks a flowerpot" scene from the cartoon.
  • Kimber is still in her costume after the party:
    Rio: Kimber, I thought you said that costume was itchy and hot and driving you crazy.
    Kimber: What? No way. I love this thing. Never taking it off.
    Aja: She's just staying in it to avoid helping with cleanup.
    Shana: Yeah, she can't pick anything up so long as it's on.
    Aja: Thinks she's a genius.
    Kimber: What. I do love it. Buuuut I am also a genius.
  • The Holograms' Big "WHAT?!" when they find out that they're going to open for the Misfits on their West Coast tour.
    • Aja's subsequent reaction:
    Aja: Unbelievable. I should just drop a light rigging on myself now, save some time.
  • The Christmas special opens with the Holograms getting their Christmas tree. Kimber then drops it on her sisters' heads as they all carry it out to the car because she's too busy texting.
    Shana: Ah!
    Jerrica: Gah.
    Aja: Oh, hell! *beat* Kimber.
    Kimber: *typing on her phone* One sec.
    Aja: KIMBER!
    • Kimber tries to defend herself by saying that she was barely even holding it.
    Shana: Not helping.
    Aja: That's it! The tree can go inside and we strap Kimber to the roof!
    • When Kimber says "oof" as she lifts up the tree, Aja informs her that "that better be a 'strenuous oof' and not a 'boy, look at that new text oof', Kimber."
  • The Holograms' confusion over whether the event at 5x5 is a party or an office function.
  • The way Aja casually breaks Fritz the lumberjack's heart.
  • The Holograms' and the Misifts' reactions to seeing each other at the party.
  • The Secret Santa drawing. The Holograms all draw the names of the Misfits and vice versa, which they are all of course pissed off about. Then Greta comments to Elise about what a nightmarish coincidence it is that they all got one another, at which point Elise reveals that she rigged the whole thing so that it would turn out that way.
    Elise: They're going on tour together. I need them to not tear each other apart.
    Greta: You don't think this will backfire?
    Elise: Eh. It's fifty-fifty.
  • When the Holograms are at home complaining about the results of the Secret Santa, they end up getting into a debate over whether they were Rickrolled.
    • Kimber's reaction to said debate:
    Kimber: Ohmigod shuttup! I don't even know who Rick Ashley is!!!
    Shana: Astley. He's—
    Kimber: I don't care! I care that I have to buy stupid Roxy a present!
    • And then Aja suggests just giving the Misfits coal.
  • Jerrica tries to convince her sisters that they should take the moral high ground and put some thought into their Secret Santa gifts. Aja remains unmoved.
    Jerrica: I mean, we already got even, right?
    Aja: Even?! My hand still aches in the rain.
    One of her other sisters: No it doesn't.
    Aja: Well, it could.
  • Jerrica tells Kimber to do a little recon to find out what the Misfits want for Christmas. Kimber texts Stormer the following message: "Stormer. What should we get for The Misfits. Tell me. Be Specific!"
    Shana: That's no exactly recon, Kimber. That's just asking.
    Aja: Subtlety, thy name is Kimber.
    Kimber: Subtlety is dumb.
  • In issue 23, when the giant cake explodes and the Misfits are staring at it in horror, Fox takes a photo of the destruction... then turns around and takes a selfie in front of the destruction.

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