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Impersonation & KYS Rant

  • While the video is a bit more serious then her usual work, Jaiden does still manage to fit in some comedy. Like in the intro, were she's checking off a to-do list or things for the video which include: "sigh", "say you didn't want to make this video", "have rant in the title", "have a parody checklist like all other parodies" and "be entertaining" which seems to be the only one not-checked.
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  • Jaiden's rant on Facebook.
    Jaiden: I don't have Facebook, but I realised there were multiple Jaidens around there just frolicking around without a care in the world. And that was frustrating because Facebook absolutely sucks and doesn't give a flip if someone is stealing your image or content! It literally gives you two options. Block them, which doesn't do anything, like...Heh, you're fake? Well catch this block! *presses a key on her computer, which dosen't affect the Fake Jaiden whatsoever.* Whoa man, I can just feel the guilt running down the conscious. That was brutal. Or kindly ask them to stop. What are we Facebook? Four? What are we supposed to do next, hold hands in the impersonation time out corner? I saw this mom blog post this one time and it was like "DIY Time Out Glitter Jar"! Shake the jar and make your little brat watch the glitter sink to the bottom while he thinks about his sins. Something like that. Hey, why don't you try that one next Facebook, YouTube! Mail someone a jar of water and glitter and tell them to turn off their computer and watch it all slosh around. That'll get people to stop doxing and swating each other! Go team KINDESS!!! :D
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  • Her insanely flat delivery of the following line.
    Jaiden: So this is my Facebook paaaaaaage! Follow it if you want but what's here now is what you get so don't expect aything else from it.

Things that Freak Me Out

  • The entirety of the video is based around silly irrational fears, but in the middle of Jaiden discussing her fear of time limits in video games she very briefly slips into existentialism for a single line that's so quick and out of left field that it ends up being hilarious, especially given her dry delivery of the line and the visual of the background fading into the cosmos as she says it.

My Opinion on Travelling

  • Jaiden mentions that she wasn't really paying attention to a girl she was talking to on the plane and hopes that she didn't say anything weird.
    Girl: Wouldn't it be cool if Satan struck this plane down mid-flight and we hurled down to the earth in a ball of firey terror?
    Jaiden: Hehe. Yep!

Living With Ari

  • Jaiden being incredibly salty about Ari being more popular than her.
  • All of Ari's antics. All of them.
  • This particular Twitter question:
    @waibo: Am I baka for having a crush on Ari? Me no baka, chuu~~!
    Jaiden: Yikes...
  • Jaiden compares getting a bird to getting a child and claims that while some people may impulsively decide to get a bird, they don't impulsively get children.
    Jaiden: Well, not intentionally.
    Test: It's an Ari.

Injuries and Being Sick

  • Despite being sick at the time of recording this video, Jaiden is having none of that.
    Jaiden: But you know what? Life stops for no one and I'm not gonna get left behi-(abrupt coughing fit)
  • Jaiden says that she's lucky to have a really good immune system and hardly ever gets sick, which is immediately followed up by another coughing fit.

Trying to Get Into Fitness and Health

  • Jaiden's not a fan of the cheesy hip hop music that plays in the background of home exercise videos.
    Jaiden: And don't play that dumb hip hop music while you work out or I swear to Hercules I'm going to run someone over with an exercise bike!
  • Jaiden describes the many activities that can help you get fit:
    Jaiden: There's plenty of activities you can do! Playing a sport with friends, walking your dog, a casual battle to the death... squats!

I tried to go to Canada but got stuck in Minneapolis

  • The over-the-top hyperventilating faces that Jaiden's mom makes whenever something goes wrong.
    • And Jaiden later admitting that she kind of blew things out of proportion for entertainment's sake.
  • Jaiden referring to her brother and herself as "expired children" (it was actually just their passports).

Making the Song about Jaiden’s Anorexia (Empty - BTS)

As serious as the subject matter was, Jaiden and Dave still managed to have fun.

  • The video starts with Dave sneaking up on Jaiden while she is in the zone drawing, to her fright. When he tries it again later, Ari ends up warning her, ruining the surprise.
  • When the two of them are goofing around at a grocery store, Dave asks Jaiden if, as a vegan, she's upset by being in the dairy isle.
    Jaiden: It's brewing. I'm stewing.
  • Ari interrupting the dramatic recording of the song. Repeatedly.
  • At one point, Dave notes how he didn't expect anything resembling death metal to come out of Jaiden's face.
  • Some parts of the video are basically blooper reels.
    Jaiden: This ordeal is becoming routine! Check: Arms, neck, back, F*** (everyone laughs)
  • Part of recording the video involved a smoke an apartment with a smoke alarm.
    Dave: (as the smoke alarm sounds in the background) This is a bad idea!
  • At the end of the video, Dave jokes about how annoying it'd be to find another YouTuber to watch if Jaiden had died from her eating disorder. He immediately regrets it and calls Jaiden to ask what he could do to make it up to her. Cut to him doing the outro wearing a Jaiden Animations t-shirt, holding a Jaiden mug and sitting with a Jaiden plushie in the background.

Anxiety is the Greatest! (jk it can go jump off a microwave)

  • The video opens with Jaiden being handed a megaphone, which will reach hundreds of thousands of people.
    Jaiden: (yelling into the megaphone) PEE IS STORED IN THE-!
  • Jaiden's initial description of social anxiety:
    Jaiden: I'm struggling with social anxiety, which means I hate myself and think everyone hates me, too! Woo! Ha. (Beat) Ugh!
    • She notes the misconception that those with anxiety are worried about people looking at them because they're great:
    Jaiden: I've seen people misunderstand anxiety like-
    Person: Oh, you think everyone's looking at you all the time? Get over yourself, would ya?
    Jaiden: When it's actually: "Oh, no, I don't think everyone's looking at me because I'm great. I think they're severely judging me because they secretly think I'm more worthless than a dead clam... Even though I have no proof that's what they're thinking and they've treated me very nicely ever since I met them. I-I just have a hunch.
  • Jaiden recounts one occasion from her senior year of high school during her English class:
    Jaiden: Once during my senior year of high school, I was in my English class, and we were all discussing how men and women are different, and sexism, and nhnnh... fun topic. There were a lot of good points brought up and I wanted to contribute, so I raised my hand... and almost immediately started shaking. My palms were sweaty, knees weak, arms heavy, vomit on my sweater already, mom's spaghetti. Which... why?! I'm consenting to participation here! No one's holding my hand up against my will! Why do I, all of a sudden, feel like I want to crawl into a ravine and eat rocks alone in the dark?
    • While she nervously speaks in front of the class about sexism:
    Jaiden: You're not sexist if you say to a guy, "Ha, ha, dude! You can't have babies!"
    • Which is made even funnier by the smug look on the pregnant lady's face as she says this.

I'm Too Awkward For My Own Good

  • Jaiden mentions being in a fancy restaurant where they have a fancy-shmancy name for "penne with tomato sauce".

My Horrible, Traumatic Skiing Experience

  • Jaiden talks about two strangely-named candles: "Man Town" and "Mmm, Bacon".
  • Jaiden calls the advanced ski slope the "You Will Die If You Try This as a Child" level.
  • When Jaiden brings up her dad, she observes that people have wondered if there's a deep, dark reason why she hasn't mentioned her dad. She clarifies that she simply hadn't gotten around to talking about him yet by showing off a cartoon version of her dad.
    Jaiden: My dad... Yes, my dad. I've seen a few comments saying "Jaiden, you haven't talked about your dad before. Is there some deep, depressing story behind that?" No, you're just looking too much into it. He's right here. Hi, Dad.
  • Jaiden's father wanted to give her an "I Survived the Wall" T-shirt, but she was too sulky.

Crazy Teachers

  • When Jaiden explained to "Mr. Yet-to-be-Thrown-Out Lemon" about her system about kids being called by numbers, he compares it to slavery.

look at this before i delete it

  • In a quickly made update between regular videos, Jaiden shows some of the merch she's been working on by tossing it un-ceremoniously onto her bed. And accidentally hits Ari with a plushie.
  • When she says that she and her store manager Sam are working on getting the merch ready, there's a picture of her hitting a shirt with a hammer.

What my trip to Japan was like

  • Jaiden downloaded an app that would allow her to visually translate the Japanese language to her leisure. However, one instance of it not working is when it translated a sign in a bakery as "Surprised Egg" as well as some of the bread's texture as "This Wife."
    Jaiden (shaking down the bakery's cashier): Who married this egg and why is she so surprised??
  • Jaiden assumes that she and her brother must have disgraced the entire gaming population of Japan while playing a dancing game in an arcade.
    Japanese natives: Oh god why are they here? They look Asian but they're white as crackers.
  • Her fascination with a drink in a light bulb. Definitely the most interesting thing of the whole trip, not like anything was happening in the background.
  • When she mentions going to a hedgehog cafe, you can see a guy at the side eating the hedgehog he's holding.

My Weird Trip To The U.K

  • Jaiden opens up her video, stating that she wants "quality stuff" and "just for you." Seconds later....
    • Even better, the captions seem like it's in disbelief as well:
      wait wut?
    • The fact that her losing her wallet did not make her freak out one bit, as at that point, she did so much stupid stuff that she feels emotionally drained, as if she’s not surprised she did another stupid thing.
  • On her list of top worst things to lose on a trip to a foreign country, "virginity" is the second after "wallet".

My Time at "Camp Operetta"

  • Jaiden explains how the Camp was mostly about reading picture books and adapting them into musicals:
    Counselor: What should we have the tiger say?
    Kid: Make him say the F word.
    • Jaiden later mentions that her class added an addition character to one of the books they were adapting:
    Counselor: And that was the cohesive moral story of acceptance and loneliness.
    Kid: Can we add a seahorse?
    Other Kid: Make him say the F word!

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