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Funny / Jacob Marley's Christmas Carol

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  • When Marley meets the Bogle, who simply won't shut up, he grinds his teeth and starts to appreciate the idea of damnation.
  • While Scrooge gives Bob Cratchit Christmas Day off, he makes him take his work home with him and expects tons of legal documents on his desk the next morning, in duplicate. Bob is stunned at the workload, and Scrooge cheerfully says he's all heart.
  • Bob Cratchit finishes up work by making a rude gesture at Scrooge's portrait.
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  • The Bogle drops increasingly obvious hints about Marley using his spirit powers to affect Scrooge, with varying terms, but he doesn't get it until the alcoholic version of "spirits" is used and comments he could use a drink.
  • Marley's initial idea on how to scare Scrooge is as a bedsheet ghost. He's crushed when the Bogle says it isn't scary.
  • When Marley enters Scrooge's room there's a long, detailed, scary description of how he enters, chains clanking and pounding on the door... and when he enters triumphantly he finds the room's empty.
  • When Marley first appears before Scrooge, he charges at him with the fire poker but since he's a ghost it goes right through him. Scrooge tries again moments after, to no effect.
  • Scrooge mockingly compares Marley to "the ghost in some fourth-rate Hamlet".
  • This Gilligan Cut when the Ghost of Christmas Past first appears.
    Marley: Floating in the air above the old man's bed was a ragamuffin street-rat, a Cockney boy about eight years old, filthy, tattered, and missing a tooth. A shock of red hair hung down over one eye, and his grin was irresistible.
    Scrooge: Scrooge resisted.
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  • The Ghost of Christmas Past has fun scaring Scrooge with flying, doing loop-the-loops, barrel rolls, and a power dive.
  • When Scrooge sees the Ghost of Christmas Present, he promptly faints.
  • This production has Marley scream Scrooge's name in the door knocker at the loudest possible decibel, getting the biggest laugh of the entire show.


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