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Funny / It's Thinking

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  • In the 90-second version of The Thief, Sonic loses his grip and begins to fall. A football player starts flirting with Sarah from Virtua Fighter, and then Sonic lands on his face and loses his rings.
  • The Sonic Adventure ad, where Sonic starts thinking about Speed Highway as he DJs really fast, and Tails starts dancing too fast that he trips and falls off the box he was standing on. NBA player Gary Payton (who plays for the Seattle SuperSonics no less) stops the turntable and yells, "Man, stay off the lightspeed!" "My bad."
  • SegaNet. The whole dang thing.
  • The NBA 2K ad, in which Allen Iverson consults Taka for training. Afterwards, it shows people playing the game, and one of them says, "Where'd he learn that?"
    • And then the text displayed after "Game and system sold separately", which reads, "and they don't learn from each other, hello."
  • B.D. Joe being scolded by Selene Strike at the DMV for his driving, and then getting attacked by an angry mob.
  • The NFL 2K ad, especially because of Rayman hanging out with football players.