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  • The characters' interactions can slip into this.
    Bowser: Urgh! Mario's bad enough, but don't tell me I'm gonna get beaten by Luigi now!
    Bowser: Hold up, (player)! No one's supposed to beat me but Mario! I mean—no one's supposed to beat me at all! GRRR!
    Bowser Jr.: (after warping) AAAAAGGGGGHHHHH! Ahem. That did not scare me at all.
    Daisy: (to Luigi) Oh, Luigi! You sure you don't want to let ME win? Hmph! After all we've been through together!
    Daisy: I know how this scenario goes… First you empty my pockets, and then you kidnap me! No way, Bowser!
    Toad: Bowser is going to win? Oh, the Humanity!!
    Wario: You're robbing me blind, Peach! How about I just give you a kiss and we'll call it even?
    Wario: That's it, Donkey Kong! I'm selling you to the zoo!
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  • Angelo's responses to Birdo's advances.
  • On some levels, when you bankrupt Dragonlord and he breaks down into tears.
    • Speaking of Dragonlord, one of his lines is priceless:
    Dragonlord: Ah ha ha hah! Mwah ha ha ha haaah! ...Ahem! My turn, is it?
  • Before his turn, Kiryl can sometimes be overheard trying to learn the correct times to cast Whack.
  • The characters have a limited set of responses based on select mechanics that can occasionally sound ludicrous when put into the wider context of the game. For example, you can get praised for raising the value of stock even if you have more stock than the praiser does in that district, admonished for crashing the stock price by selling stock to pay a debt to the admonisher, or a character may praise themselves for raising the stock price when they have no stock in that district at all.


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