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  • Spike’s first flight lesson in Chapter 4
    Rainbow Dash: Hey Spike, you made a totally awesome splash when you hit the water!…At least you kept your rump up!
  • After his second attempt also ended in failure, we got this:
    Spike: You lied.
    Spike: You've killed me.
    Rainbow Dash: Hey, if you will insist on falling...
    Spike: Breaking News at Ten: Wonderbolts Star Finally Cracks. Crazy Pegasus Kills Incredibly Handsome Young Dragon Stone Dead.
    Spike: "Eyewitnesses Say; 'It Was a Pretty Wicked Somersault'."
    Rainbow Dash: "Additional Report: Dragon Blubs and Moans Just Like a Little Filly.
    Rainbow Dash: Dragon should get his backside back up that hill and have another go.
    Spike: Pegasus loves to see Dragon suffer.
    • I thought this was hilarious because both characters are pretty much Deadpan Snarking each other in third person.
  • And after trying again for a THIRD TIME, and failing, we got this:
    (Spike drags himself out of the water, and coughs up a fish. Dash takes one look at him and keels over laughing)
    Spike: Glad…it's so…amusing…
    Rainbow Dash: Sorry…ahahahah! Aha…ahuh…hummhmm…
  • In chapter 10, Spike finds out that Sapphire Shores wrote an overly sappy, sad song about him called “Full of Fire.” Spike’s initial reaction to this is, hiding himself under his wings forever to hide himself from embarrassment. But what really makes this so funny is Twilight and the others' reaction.
    • The chapter with the Gala includes Applejack and Rainbow singing the song. Very loudly. While completely pissed. The rest of their drunken arguments count as well.
  • When Spike is giving air-rides to some ponies, Scootaloo tell the passengers what the rules are. Needless to say hilarity ensues
    Scootaloo: In case of emergency, don't – and I repeat don't – jump off Spike. We have a unicorn standing by if he hits a sudden downdraft or something…
    Spike: I'm fine with downdrafts.
    Scootaloo:…but she can't catch all of you and a dragon, so just stay put. Keep your seat-belt on at all times, and the pilot better not tell you to take it off, otherwise he's lookin' at a tail-kickin'."
    Scootaloo: I volunteered. Now, shhh. Please keep your hooves close to you at all times, and please don't tickle the pilot mid-flight."
    Spike : Did you make all this up too?
    Scootaloo: I'm doin' my civic duty.
    Scootaloo: Cheering, whooping and yells of 'YEAH!' are strongly encouraged, and you may talk to your pilot as long as he's not bein' a grumpy-pants. Which he is, so don't talk to him.
    Spike: You are in so much trouble.
    Scootaloo: "Full of Fire,” Spike.
    Spike: I hate you.
    Scootaloo: I know!
  • When a newspaper article about Spike comes out, there's photo of his newly-hatched self, stuffing his tail into his mouth. His reaction to it is priceless:
    Spike: I thought I burned all of those! (talking about his baby photos)
    • Don't forget the others' reactions:
    Fluttershy:You're soooo cute. Widdle baby waby Spikey-wikey.
    Spike: Must you?
    Twilight: Well, you were cute.
    Pinkie Pie: Cute!
    Rainbow Dash: Sorry, Spike, you were cute (snickers)
    Spike: Oh, shut up.
  • In the epilogue, Spike couldn't get through the courthouse door, and his hindquarters were left sticking outside for the whole of Canterlot to photograph.
    • It doesn't help that, Scoop Headlines had won his third Ponitzer Prize that year, with an article featuring a picture of Spike's scaly rump.
  • The author puts rather hilarious disclaimers at the start of the chapters. One example, from chapter 7:
    My ponies! Muaahahah! Mine, all mine! M-my p-ponies! Mine? Please? Maybe one? Just one? Just a little one then? How about a background one? Aw dammit. Selfish Hasbro.
  • The Epilogue reveals that Twilight has spoken extensively with the Magician of Coal Crater, and was excited to learn that he is old enough to have personally met Starswirl the Bearded, one of her heroes. What the Magician has to say about Starswirl, however, is something of a disappointment for her…particularly the parts about him having an impenetrable lisp, and wearing his famous bells because he was paranoid about insects stealing his clothes.
  • Applejack and Rainbow get drunk at the Gala. Every part of their antics is hilarious, from Pinkie's announcement of their states…
    Pinkie: I found them!
    Fluttershy: Is Applejack…drunk?
    Pinkie: Of course not, silly. She's plastered.
    • Rainbow bawling over how "awesome" Spike is…
      Rainbow Dash: He's…so…grown-up...You are…you are, you're so awesome it totally and completely and totally and totally boggles my mind. You boggle. BOGGLE. Best dragon ever. Ever. You…you're the best…You're the besht.
    • …to Pinkie and Spike thinking up nicknames for their inebriated friends...
      Pinkie: Oh, oh, oh, I know! We've got Rainbow Splash!
      Spike: Appletanked.
      Pinkie: Rainbow Sloshed!
      Spike: Dash of Spirits!
      Pinkie: Applejack!
      Spike: (beat) I got nothin'.
      Pinkie: Appletini still works.
      Spike: I was trying for new material.
    • …to them disagreeing on how to say Sapphire Shores' name.
      Rainbow Dash: Hey, look, AJ! It's Sapphire Surely!
      Applejack: It's Shores, yer silly filly.
      Rainbow Dash: Oh, whoops. Sorry, Miss Surely.
      Applejack: Shores.
      Rainbow Dash: That's what I said! Your ears are drunk.
      Applejack: Mah ears ain't drunkerer than yer mouth.


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