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  • From it's brother comic Incorruptible, we have the Paradigm finding out the fact that Nebuchadnezzar and Loretta Grass' source of magick is 'sex' magick. Especially hilarious considering that Max let them rush in without telling them about it, including comments like "We'll be in and out, trust me".
  • Volt's frequent Leaning on the Fourth Wall, including his admission that being a black guy with electrical powers isn't exactly original.
    Gilgamos: I know you! You're Black V-
    Volt: That's... the other guy.
    Gilgamos: From Philadelphia?
    Volt: That's the other other guy. Look, I am solidly aware that an electromagnetic African-American Super is a total cliché. I didn't order this power off the menu, I swear.
    • "Why couldn't I have been a super-speedster? A black guy who runs really fast... that wouldn't have been too racist, would it?"
  • Tony hands a mob of supervillains a series of buttons which he claims function as his kill-switch, given as a peace offering. They're actually a self-destruct device for the cave they're hiding in, and they all press them instantly.
    • "Wow...I didn't even finish the sentence!"
  • A security guard empties his gun at Max Damage, even though it clearly isn't working. Max lays him out and tells him "That's for wasting ammo!"
  • There's a chilling scene where the Plutonian reveals he's known all along that Sam is actually Modeus. He lets his old enemy sweat for a moment before softening and saying "I could never hurt you so long as I look at you and see the face of my friend." Modeus relaxes for a moment - and then Tony burns his face off with heat vision. As he runs away screaming in agony, the Plutonian then sits down and helps himself to a Snickers bar, making the whole thing feel like some deranged commercial.


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